Wednesday, April 18, 2007

ROAD TO CLOUD 9: The Hoodlum Summit in KL

I just reached Kuala Lumpur and I'm here in my apartment. This is the flat I bought last year from a friend who needed some fast cash -- whatever he needs it for is his business. Today was one big summit of my Eurasian friends; I call them hoodlums because -- they can have anything they want without having to work for it - sounds familiar? Six Eurasian Hoodlum's quest for Cloud 9.

Here's what happened on our way there.

Suvarnabhumi Airport. I met Tommy, Sofia and Morgan at the check in counter. They are joining me for my quest for paradise. Tommy is Swedish-Japanese, Sofia is Thai-Danish and Morgan is French-Vietnamese. Sofia, as usual, came with her complete set Louis Vuitton luggage, a Starbuck's Blend on one hand and a litted cigarette on the other - LV luggages mounted behind her and all. What a show off! -- (There goes my budget travelling! Huh!) Who said she could come?

This is my 5th time in this new airport and it really looks amazing! Design wise and functionality wise. This airport is the new Asian hub for almost all airlines that fly to this part of the world.

We took the 15:05 flight of Thai Airways bound for KL to my disappointment! I forgot that this flight is operated by Lufthansa; the airline I try so hard to avoid…

On the plane to KL. Lufthansa is my favourite airline mainly because I grew up flying with them and they fly to almost any corner of the world. Lufthansa is the best airline for me. Anyways, why was I disappointed and why am I avoiding this flight?

Here’s a conversation with one of the air crew. She’s German and spoke to me in Deutsch; -- I’m going to translate our conversation in English; here…

Air Crew: “Long time no see, buster.” She greeted teasingly upon seeing me.

Me: “Good afternoon to you too.” I tried to conceal my surprise. Sofia, the Louis Vuitton girl is getting really bitchy by now because the aisle is crowded.

If you fancy a seat at the business class, I can arrange for it.” the Air Crew added.

No, thanks. I came with my friends.” I said without looking at her.

Oh, you got friends?” Hmmm...she won't leave me alone! I gave her a look that could shoo an elephant and continued to my seat. She’s really starting to annoy me.

I asked her; “Don’t you have some drinks to serve or something?”
“No. Not yet.” She teased. This is getting really uncomfortable.

Can you just go and prepare something or pamper the pilots?” I said putting my bag overhead. “Why would I do that?” She retorted and she's really starting to wind me up. She…is…really….annoying….me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“What do you want from me?!” I raised my voice. Every one in the cabin got silent and looked at my direction. My face turned crimson.

The Air Crew snapped in a much louder voice: “Your mother said you should come home to Europe and stop your non-sense!”

She was my Aunt Gertrude; my father’s distant cousin.

Jeez! Why did I take this fucken flight? Huh!

At KLIA. We landed around 6pm. I surely wanted to get off the plane because my aunt is being such an ass**** trying to talk me out of my life. KLIA is always a treat for me. Very cosmopolitan, very chic, very…airport like. This is how an airport should look. Period.

We took the KL Ekspres train to Sofia's disgust! Was she expecting a fucken limo? Whoever said she should come along must be killed this instance! I think it's Morgan -- trying to get into her pants. The train ride just fucken 35 Ringgit! ($10) from KLIA to downtown. Take that!

We were greeted by our friends who are living in Kuala Lumpur; Christian, he’s Malay-English and Farah, she’s Dutch-Indonesian. I don’t know if they are going out but I will ask later. They are the other hoodlums I was referring to. Well, of course I was with the other hoodlums from Bangkok! So, the Eurasian Hoodlums is complete! We can resume our quest for paradise.

There. Take that!



Baklang AJ said...

hmmm eurasian boys! Hot hot hot!

marc said...

fascinating site... well done, one of the few blogsite that has a purpose and deep meaning.

MischMensch said...

Haha deine Mutter sagt du solltest sofort nach Hause, in Europa fliegen! Ahaha funny aunt you have.

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