Friday, November 16, 2007

BALI: The Island of the Gods

Blogging from Bali, Indonesia
16-23 November 2007

Bali, Indonesia

Eleven-times larger than Phuket or Langkawi.
Five hundred forty five (545) times bigger than Boracay...
nothing comes close.

Legend has it that when the gods of the universe gather together
for a summit -- they come to Bali.


--Pisanu, Sofia, Morgan,
Tommy, Sucre, Farah, Xtian,
Akihiro, Michael, Vinh, Toby, Francine,
Petey, Misha, Harry ...BISEAN Summit in Bali.

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Jake Tornado said...

Bravo, Pisanu, bravo!

Freidreich said...

See you in 2 days. I'm coming!

Hanifa said...

Selamat datang Biseaners! Welcome to my country! I will not hope you will enjoy it because I am 1,000% confident you guys will.

Tongkat Ali said...

Your description is so simple yet, how do you call it?... imposing? Nothing comes close to Bali indeed.

Amelia Koenigsberg said...

Hahaha! Subtle statements like this is so you Pisanu.

"Legend has it that when the gods of the universe gather together for a summit -- they come to Bali."

And then you follow it with your names and "BISEAN Summit in Bali" LOL. Concealed message? Hahaha. Enjoy Bali guys!

eyron said...

whaa... very lovely and amazing. i hope i can i visit this island...

and attend the bisean summit. LOL said...

@ Amelia: Very astute observation! Haha! The Gods are meeting in Bali huh? A wee bit subtle indeed, but no one could miss it! LOL. :)

I miss Bali! Waah!

mark said...

People of the World ......



Carlos Javier said...

Okay guys, I'm back here to risk a lynching. LOL.

Having been to Bali, Bora and Phuket, I wanna say that while Bali is indeed many times larger than either Boracay or Phuket, in terms of quality of the beach/es (sand and sea), I would rank the 3 as follows:

1. Boracay
2. Phuket
3. Bali

However, in terms of tourism infrastucture, it would be:

1. Phuket
2. Bali
3. Boracay

For party atmosphere - to close to call. Heheh.

If you're a shopper, then its

1. Bali
2. Phuket
3. Boracay

I did get a plastic shopping bag entangled in my feet while swimming on Jimbaran Beach here, but Bali's atmosphere more than made up for that. I really do miss the island, and hope to be back.

Have fun Biseaners!

Amelia Koenigsberg said...

Oh really Carlos Javier? Well, get a load of this.

Ask 10 Europeans if they know what is Boracay, they won't be able to answer. They are going to think it's in French Polynesia if you show them the spelling.

Isn't it strange than only Filipinos, people married to Filpinos, neighboring countries have only heard of Boracay?

Boracay is never on a world list of best islands. Only in some biased blog or something.

AND! Thanks to Bisean, I get to know where Boracay is basing on his articles. Boracay is yet to be featured on this blog.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Guys, guys, behave! I appreciate your comments but please keep it civil. One more "nosy" comments, everything would be deleted.

But Amelia got a point. THAT IS WHY...we need to promote Boracay too. Not many Europeans know where it is. Trust me. I know. Hello.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

By thw way dudes and babes, thank for all the comments. Sorry we are only online once in a while. We appreciate it.

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Well, Boracay is nice. But it's too small for me, sweetie. I like my island huge.

I say this because paradise islands are ranked not just about the beaches or tourist friendliness. It's about the "completeness"...cultural or biodiversity.

Tommy said...

But I tell you...the best island in our region is not those 3. It's not yet discovered. It's somewhere around and it's our job to find it.

Morgan H. said...

Amen Tommy! The best island is somewhere in the Andaman side of Southeast Asia.

Myfanwy said...

The Andaman is part of Southeast Asia. We should take it back from India!

Sucre said...

No, no, no! The best paradise island would be somewhere in Celebes Sea or Arafura Sea!

John Halcyon von Rothschild said...

Ah! Bali! I've always wanted to go. As for the best island, well, I'm not saying. My favorite island is remote, secluded, yet boasts the *BEST* fine powdery sand...even better than Boracay! I'll never ever tell. It's a secret amongst locals. They say no white man has set foot on it yet.

Carlos Javier said...

@ Amelia: Hi there, and thanks for the input. I just thought i'd put forth my opinion on the relative merits of Boracay, Phuket, and Bali on here since I figured I have actually been to all three islands. Just asking now, but have you? ;)

Hi Sofia! I agree with you on that point. Boracay is just too small to compete on the scale of Bali and Phuket. There's simply no room! And despite everything, I really loved Bali's atmosphere - its completeness, as you put it. And I said so in my previous comment, didn't I?? xoxo

riain said...

Heya all! I was born and raised an hour away from Boracay, and apparently Amelia, you havent been to Boracay yet. But if you read quite a little more bit first, you would have known that Boracay was virtually unknown in the 70s. Unknown, except to some European backpackers. It would be interesting to note that the film and book "The Beach" was actually inspired by Boracay and Palawan (another Philippine island that you probably havent heard about but Ill bet travellers and Hollywood superstars know about. Boracay was thrust to fame, when Elizabeth Taylor once wore a necklace of puka shells- puka shells that were from that island. I wont sit here and tell you about the several world acclaim that Boracay has been gathering for years. And no, the Philippines doesnt have money to bribe BMW Magazine, Association of UK photographers and many other institutions that has hailed Boracay or Bora as we lovingly call the island to be the best beach in Asia as well as ranking it as top ten best in the world. But of course you will call me biased and such, and maybe before making any comments try to research a bit okay, because it aint pretty putting one's foot in one's mouth.

Just recently, Yahoo Travel listed Boracay as one of top 10 best beaches worldwide. You should get out of your cave more hunny. Maybe you should come by and visit. ;)

Amelia Koenigsberg said...

We don't have much caves in Holland, Riain. Maybe you should invite me to yours?

No Carlos, I haven't been to Boracay. Why should I go there? When foreigners opinions are attacked by Filipinos online. (I did a little reading). Even if I go there, wouldn't let any Filipino know. It's still Alia Napa, Ibiza, the Balearic, Phuket and Bali.

The movie "The Beach" was inspired by Boracay nad Palaoan? Backpacking was invented in Thailand by the Brits.

You research too much to the point that you only research what you want to see, honey.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

I DON'T LIKE WHERE THIS SECTION IS GOING. Any comments after this (mine) will be deleted without mercy or remorse. Let's shut it, ok?

Jake Tornado said...

Just a bit of comment Pisanu (hard-headed as I am)...I know of this islet off the coast of Palawan where Hollywood A-Listers go in secret (I heard Michelle Pfiffer went there...). It's name is Amanpulo. But hey, I agree, there's no point comparing one island with another here in our side of the world. Let's just wish our leaders luck on the 13th ASEAN Summit in Singapore. Go on rocking!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

THIS SECTION IS FOR EDITING. Amelia and Mariani, consider yourselves warned.

Lea said...


can you send me those online forums with "NO FILIPINO" policy? if you don't mind my asking. thanks!

Lea said...

SOUTH EAST ASIA beaches ROCK! EACH has its DISTINCT taste. All of the abovementioned beaches are BEAUTIFUL. So visit all of it here in SOUTH EAST ASIA and experience it yourself. :)

Lea said...

Sucre, i'm surprised, how did you get to know Celebes Sea? National Geo recently went there, a lot of unknown species were found. really interesting. :)

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

OK. Since Jake and Lea didn't listen to me when I said no more comments on this post...*i'm giggling*...let me just apologize to the Flips (I mean Filipinos lol) for the decorum of Amelia and Mariani.

These two girls are childhood friends of mine. So I know them personally quite well. I'll give them a good slaping in December.

If you wanna find them yourself, and send them to the guillotines -- they are living in Ibiza. There. Find them. Hahahaha!

My apologies again.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

BTW, hows your little angel, Lea? How old is your baby? =) Encourage her to travel when she grow up. I can be her "ninong" if you want.

("Ninong" is godfather in Filipino, for those who don't know)

Lea said...

pisanu, was asking for the links out of curiosity, didn't mean anything. that's why i gave out my e-mail add so Mariani can send them to me personally.

and BTW, i don't have a baby...ow, how i wish! :)

Lea said...

and yes, your blog is really really interesting and i read all the entries with always a happy face. even shared this link to a lot of backpackers:) i only have to make a voice here NOW, as the comment posted is really NOT FUNNY at all. and seriously, i would want to have those links so i could check them myself. thanks again.

mark said...

@ Lea... from Kuala Lumpur here. Yes it was not funny to me and im not even from the Philippines. I support you all the way!

@ Pisanu... It's so mature of you to apologize for your friends. Respect you man!

Spread the love everyone!!!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Lea...sorry my sister. I have confused you with Janna. But of course I'm familiar with you wanted us to check out the T'Boli in South Philippines. We'll go there in December. One big sweep of South Philippines! I

I cant wait! - CDO, Iligan, Marawi, Zamboanga then Valencia, Davao, to Zambaonaga again then end it (fly) to Palawan Island at Calamian and Calauit, end it at El Nido --- then back to Europe for Christmas! So many invitations from South Philippines!!!! Yipeeee!

Jake Tornado said...

@pisanu...woweeeeee! You'll sure have a good tan bro! Enjoy the hot bikini bodies at El Nido...and the guys too! hehehe...I once had a beer battle with two German guys in a remote Palawan beach and guess who won? a little brown flip like me...people at El Nido are friendly and the scenery is so breath-taking (no wonder it was the featured site of Amazing Race 4). Oh be sure to visit the Kayangan Lake at Busuanga Island, you can hire a local Tagbanua guide. :)

@ lea...hiya there sis!

Anonymous said...

when my daughter grows up, i will advise her to visit this blog. i'll tell her that her "ninong" is one of the authors. hehe.. wish it is still available when the time comes..

- Janna -

Lea said...

pisanu, good for you! i miss that part of my country...South Phil. but will be there this Christmas.

mark from KL, i have worked in KL for quite some time, been missing Bukit Bintang. :)

and hi to Jake.

and to all the READERS and WRITERS of this blog: personally, i felt very DISAPPOINTED with the comment posted. and i don't want to just pass it on LIKE NOTHING HAS BEEN SAID. it's even a surprise to me that at this point in our history, racists still exist...and yet indeed we hear them right in our neighborhood, and sadly even in our own homes. i just have to make this statement, and i do hope only this time, to make it clear to everyone that such an outlook is offensive and culturally degrading.

Sofia for BiSEAN said...


Lea and others who are new to BISEAN...

If you have been reading this blog since the would understand why the friends of the BISEAN bloggers are quite hostile. Let me share it with you...

Since the beginning, this blog was insulted, maligned, rediculed and as Pisanu puts it; "outright atacked" know who, and it all came from 1 country.

The comments left here a few months ago was almost personal, insulting Thais to be "illiterate" because (they said) we cannot speak English properly. And even calling us "prostitutes" generally.

Malaysians, Indonesians and the Vietnamese was not spared too as those commenters learned than some bloggers of BISEAN are from these countries.

We received HATE EMAILS, insults, calling us names and calling OUR COUNTRY names -- backward, 2nd rate, can't speak proper English, sex addicts, promiscuous, prostitutes, mongrels, etc...

All of these was let go.

The authors of this blog even hired a techie and an editor so to delete the hate comments before the authors read it. And record the IP address of haters too.

If the BISEANers are affected, we would hit on 1 country only. But we never did. But we cannot control the feelings of our friends.

Now, the friends of this blog was a little [understatement] agitated too. I would not, in any case, blame Mariani or Amelia (which are close to us and seen what Filipino commenters left on this blog before). They have fought for BISEAN.

Now what I would suggest is,
don't let any of their comments affect you. Because you would justify the demeanor of some of your countrymen. It's not personal.

Let it go. As we did. As if nothing happened.

We still write about the Philippines lovingly (especially Pisanu) despite the really bad attacks from that country.

Please don't make us post this issue on the main page. Nobody would like it.

Janna said...

yeah. that's right. grow up guys.


Jake Tornado said...

@Sofia...whoa babe...that's a mouthful...but I can't blame Amelia and Marianni if some uncool Flips attacked this cool site before...such a shame for my good ol' country...Anyway, I hope we leave everything in peace. This will be my last comment on this topic...I'll pretend this discussion never happened. Hang loose kiddos! :)

GitaChan said...

i hope you do a post about "BUNAKEN ISLAND" in North Sulawesi, INDONESIA. famous for the coral reef and marine life

you should also do Raja Ampat in Irian Jaya... :)

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Sawasdee Gita! Looks like this is your first ever comment here on BISEAN, yeah? Cool!

We would like you to know it's always welcome and appreciated.

We'll take a look at our scheds, and wil definitely ask around who can take us to Bunaken. If it's not possible within till Friday, we would definitely set a tour there.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

*Mariani's comment: DELETED

Bjarne of Norway said...

Deleting Mariani's comment and not the one calling Amelia to "get out of her cave more" is THE preposterous part.

Study the flow of the comments...from Carlos posting his list, to Amelia's sharing what Europeans think, to Riain's "personal" attack on Amelia (just for voicing out her opinion).

Giving way to pressures like these make this blog a weakling. And the people who are petitioning to delete Mariani's coment are outright BIASED!

This is what I think and people who would appeal for MY opinion can go to hell.

Brent a.k.a. yourkidatheart said...

It personally hurts me to learn that the one who "anonymously" attacks/attacked this blog is a Filipino.


Anyway... Bali, Indonesia. Hmm... Interesting legend. ^_^

Perhaps one day a new legend regarding the best island in South East Asia will be created based on word-of-mouth.

It's almost summer in our region! Best time to go to the beach/es guys and gals!

Gilario Alberto said...

This blog, I have to say is the most informative blog about South East Asia. I visit this site almost everyday to check out new post. Its sad to hear though that a fellow Filipino has insulted our neighbours. To all non-Filipinos out there, please instill in your minds that we are not like that. He is a disappointment to our race. This blog is not just about lifestyle and all that jazz. This represents an effort to unite South East Asia. To have our own identity. To compete with other world giants.... and at the same time... have a lot of fun.

Keep it up. Come to the Philippines and you'll know that whoever that Flip Racist is, he is not represented.


danyhael said...

hahahaha. LOL. i love this article with word-wars going on. i wonder who are those filos who attacked the blog back then. hmm...

keyno said...

My Hunny Bunny say Bali means 4 Word in Indonesia

B = Bersih = Clean
A = Aman = Safe
L = Lestari = knowledgeable
I = Indah = Beauty

B = Beauty
A = Amazing
L = Luxury
I = Incredible


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