Friday, March 30, 2007

Q&A: What is bisexuality anyway?

Bisexuality is a sexual orientation which refers to the aesthetic, romantic, or sexual attraction of individuals to other individuals of either gender or sex. A bisexual person is attracted to both men and women.

A bisexual may be more attracted to one sex than the other, attracted equally to both, or find people's sex unimportant. The strength of their attractions to men and women may vary over time. Bisexual people are not necessarily attracted equally to both genders.

Due to the nature of bisexuality as an often ambiguous position between homosexuality and heterosexuality, those who identify, or are identified, as bisexuals form a heterogenous group.

Some view that bisexuality is a distinct sexual orientation different from heterosexuality or homosexuality. This views bisexuality as something clearly distinct from these other two sexualities, with a clear attraction to both men and women required.


bjarne said...

this is so so true. i'm more inclined to women. i'm attracted to men, date them, have a nice conversation but having sex with them is way out of my league. but i kiss men. kiss only ok?

carl said...

I find your comments on bisexuality very informative. I am a gay man but I have known a bisexual young man for over 10 years. Sadly, he recently married a woman who is not tolerant of bisexuality and or homosexuality. In fact I stepped down as his best man out of "respect" for their future (or maybe not to be an accessory to a crime! :) ) This young man was truly bisexual...he was a romantic who truly loved individuals rather than categories. But sadly he is "adjusting" to a new reality...and thus becoming a new person. Sadly, his wife, who fell in love with the qualities in this young man that were the based upon his bisexuality is now destroying those expecting him to be "macho"
So, keep spreading the word...I have a tremendous amount of respect for bisexuals because I think they show true love rather than just lust.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Thanks Carl. We appreciate your comment -- your first here! It's always welcome.

"Love beyond gender" is the original theme of this blog. I guess it says everything there is to say about bisexuality.

It's good to hear a good response from a member of the gay community -- where most of bisexual discrimination come from.(sad to say)

"Love beyond gender". :-)

carl said...

Yes, my first comments...only because I am not tech-ee enough to figure out how to post a comment when you have to register. I found your site via Gayboythailand where I post as TAO.

I have never been all that popular within the gay community; and being out since 1978 I have always had issues with the demand for "equality" which I believe all of us deserve. But to demand equality means to give equality. If I want to be respected for who I am then I must respect others for who they are: Hetro, bi, or gay. Equality is not about becoming someithing that one is not nor is it about expecting others to become like you. The same holds true for sexual preference and or cultural heritage. Respect the differences rather than ridiculing them.

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