Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Indonesia is the world’s ultimate surfer’s paradise. With more than 17,000 islands *whoa!*... who knows what else is out there!?

The island of Bali alone has more than 40 established surf sites! There are more than 150 surf sites in Indonesia known to the surfing circuit! Woohoo! Thank god for Indonesia!

Having said that…it would be quite impossible to rate the Top 10 Surf Sites in Indonesia. So I asked some help from a couple of friends who has visited most of these sites. Here’s what we thought…

1. Padang PadangSouthern-most tip of Bali. The Bali Pipeline. The most dangerous in all of Southeast Asia. For pros and kamikaze only. Power and fear. Epic 100-300m waves with 3-5m swells. The crowd makes it more dangerous. Left/Reef-Coral.

2. Uluwatu Southern-most tip of Bali. The most famous in all of Southeast Asia. Totally epic! 50-300m waves with 2-5m swells. Entry caves. Left/Reef-Coral.

3. ImpossiblesSouthern-most tip of Bali. Short 50m waves with awesome 2-5m swells. Left/Reef-Coral.

4. Bluffs – Bali. Hollow waves surrounded by rocky cliffs. Wave stats same as Impossibles. This spot is very hard to find. Right/Reef-Rocky

5. Bangko Bangko – Southwest coast of Lombok Island. The Aussies call it “Desert Point”. 300m waves with 2-4m swells. Tubes occur for 10-20 sec. Left/Reef-Coral

6. Bawa – Sumatra. Right/Reef-Coral
7. Asu – Sumatra. Left/Reef-Coral
8. Rifles – Mentawai. Right/Reef-Coral
9. Keramas – Bali. Left&Right/Reef-Rocky
10. Grajagan – East Java. Left/Point Break

This list is subjective to 26 seasoned surfers surveyed exclusively for BISEAN. Actual visits from 15 January – 10 March 2008. Total surf sites visited: 67.

I personally think the 3 sites in Sumba Island were overlooked. And they should’ve more Mentawai sites on the Top 10. But hey, this was a survey – nothing I could do with it.

Nevertheless, the list is ACTUALLY Southeast Asia’s Top 10 already.
So, there you go. Thank you, Indonesia.


*Special thanks to all 25 BISEAN surfers. Georgy, Mer, Bjorn, Hagar, Tommy, Hulda, Frog, Ton, Macky, Piss, Monsta, Boggs 1, Boggs 2, Jim A., Jim G., Jim L., Mary Antoinette (Queen of All Surfers), Henry, Beng-beng, Noel B., Noel D., Dave, Xtian, Mugger and TinyGiant. Plus the legendary Maui S! I owe you all trip to the Olympics…Now, get your asses over to the Philippines! New tasks were sent to your emails. =) **Thanks to Carl Page for the 2nd photo.


curbside_puppet said...

i actually don't mind if Indonesia actually has south east asia's ten best surf sites. being an archipelago of 13,500 islands embraced by two oceans, who could contest that!

Anonymous said...

The official island count is 17,000+... not 13,500. Oh my, this island group is another planet in itself!

Tommy said...

Non-surfers would not understand why this is SE Asia's Top 10 already. They just wouldn't understand.

Let's put it this way... the surf site on this list makes the waves in Malaysia and Thailand looks like a the Philippines, a kiddy ride. There. LOL

Doug Becker said...

What a list! Thanks for this! Narrowing 150++ to 10 is actually impossible. The first 5 is well-known but the Rifles should replace the Impossibles at No.3... but excellent list, over all! Cool and sweet!

Anonymous said...

what? you are sending the 25 bisean surfers to the philippines? lol. i don't know, but i'm a bit flushed. i hope and pray the philippine water gods would show your friends nice waves to ride. i really want a good review of philippine surfing circuit. i'm getting the jitters here dudes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! p.s. i sent you my email if you need assistance in the south.

matt benipayo

Daniel said...

this is unfair! you started the series with indonesia??? we don't stand a chance! heya! unfair!!!!

Noel B. said...

@ tommy, they make our waves look like a kiddy ride? lol. hilarious. but i agree.

why do you think the world comes to indo instead of other places?

curbside_puppet said...

my bad! whatever difference 13,500 has from 17,000! i agree with tommy about the philippines. i think majority of philippine coasts have calm seas. i guess the reason would be islands are so close together, bays, gulfs, seas and other water forms don't produce nice waves. and to think only our south china sea and pacific ocean coasts have decent waves, foremost of which would be siargao, a distant second would be hmmmm, pagudpud or san juan, la union?!

GitaChan said...

niceee review!

i'm surprised MENTAWAI is not in the top 5

there's this secluded island in Java forgot what it's called but it has some crazy waves...

anyways, Padang Padang! not surprised its numero uno!
bali surfers are some of the worlds best surfer...(Rizal Tanjung)

Jake Tornado said...

Good job! I would think that this completes the Top 10 and there should be no more appeals haha.

But I found a secret beach somewhere in Quezon, Palawan back in 2001 near a Tagbanua village where I stayed for 2 nights. The waves were really huge. It was the sea and me alone. It will be great if the 25 surfers would find it!

curbside_puppet said...

JAKE! I think i know what you were talking about. Was it in Southern Palawan? Near Brooke's Point? A friend once "sojourned" there and he let me die with envy after sharing with me pictures of jagged coastlines in that part of Palawan. I thought I saw big waves as well but it was raining that time and winds were strong.

Jake Tornado said...

Curb! It's a bit far from Brooke's Point. The beach I was referring to was on the South China Sea-side. Although I've been to the forests of Brooke's Point and lived there with the Pal'awan folks. I had the privileged to stay at the hut of their Pang'lima (village leader) and witnessed their burial practices! I wish I could go back again!!!

Poor child said...

great! thanks for sharing!

chase / chubz said...

i would love to learn how to surf.
but those waves are very scary

Ryan Tito said...

what a wonderful Indonesia :*

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