Sunday, February 17, 2008


Foreign Direct Investment reflects the confidence of foreign companies/enterprise that their investment is safe in our country.

The ASEAN acquired a total of almost US$52.4 Billion foreign direct investments in 2006. A total of 89% came outside the ASEAN and 11% came within the association.

Where did their investments (89%) go to?

1. Singapore
US$ 22,917,700,000
2. Thailand
$ 7,933,900,000
3. Malaysia
$ 5,591,900,000
4. Indonesia
$ 4,031,700,000
5. Vietnam
$ 2,178,100,000
6. Philippines
$ 2,440,600,000
7. Cambodia
$ 327,700,000
8. Brunei
$ 423,800,000
9. Laos
$ 176,800,000
10. Burma
$ 115,200,000

And where did we invest (11%) among ourselves?

1. Thailand
US$ 2,822,100,000
2. Indonesia
$ 1,524,500,000
3. Singapore
$ 1,137,700,000
4. Malaysia
$ 467,800,000
5. Vietnam
$ 181,900,000
6. Cambodia
$ 155,500,000
7. Philippines
$ 95,600,000
8. Burma
$ 27,800,000
9. Laos
$ 10,600,000
10. Brunei
$ 9,700,000

It all boils down to foreign confidence – our government’s policies to attract them, our discipline as a people, our geographical location, facilities, etc. etc.


*Data source: ASEAN Secretariat. Data as of August 2007.


curbside_puppet said...

hey! just wondering, if vietnam had $2.1 billion and the philippines had $2.4 billion, how come vietnam's on top?

you might have made some mistake in here, either with the numbers or the ranking.

zhao an pang yao!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Nope, JK. It's correct. I just omitted the Total Net Inflow disparity of the Philippine's report. Vietnam's report added up on the TNI, the Philippines didn't.

If there is a mistake should be that the Philippines should be at the bottom of Intra-ASEAN below Brunei. But with the available formula... it was at 7.

Akhyari said...

Pisanu, economy is my world. I am just wondering about the data, which year did you take? If we talked about 2007, Indonesia attracted $ 10.34 B.
but anyway, thanks a lot. I can compare with neighbors !

J. de la Coruna said...

Apa khabar Akhyari. It's on the article -- 2006. Hello from Vancouver! I love this blog!

carranza, antonio y magno said...

This is a bit off topic. I admit that Thailand had more FDI's than the Philippines and based on your data it's more than 8Billion USD.......too bad for our country.

I commend Thailand for all the efforts to come up with better environment for business. I hope the Philippines could follow suit.

I hate it that everytime I go to SM and buy toothpaste, all I see are the ones manufactured in Thailand........

Buying those things is like buying unemployment for my people.

But if I may add.....if you are to look into the amount of remittances in the country ($14.1 Billion in 2007 alone and expected to reach 16 Billion USD this year)
then you would realize something else...............

Anonymous said...

everytime i see products made somewhere else in the globe not here in the philippines,and im using it.its saddening.ijust hope that diz big companies such as unilever,pamolive -colgate,procter and gamble.,etc.would invest to us

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