Saturday, July 14, 2007

THREE THUMBS UP: The Philippines’ Green Bag Project

The Philippines is the second country in SE Asia to call for environment-friendly shopping. It’s promoted by the Philippines’ largest department store company called SM. The green shopping bag is reusable and an excellent substitute to plastic shopping bags that are harming the environment.

The bag is available for FREE upon purchasing 500 Pesos ($9 / 300 Baht / 30 Ringgit) worth of groceries. And a perk of 2 points to your Advantage (? I’m not sure) card whenever you shop and use the bag! So, what are you waiting for? Go to SM, get the bag and be an environment-friendly shopper!

Singapore’sBring Your Own Bag Day” proved to be a very successful project with the support of the government and other private agencies.

Although the Green Bag Project is solely promoted by SM for the time being, we hope it would be successful enough to obtain endorsement from the government to encourage the greater public.

Protect our environment. Keep our Southeast Asia green!



Nam said...

This is a wonderful idea, and Singapore and the Philippines should be commended for introducing this environmental friendly idea. Thailand should be implementing this too. People here are using far too many plastic bags, everything from shopping at supermarkets to buying fruit on the streets.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Yeah, I sent an email to our environment minister long ago. But I think they replaced him after the coup. I don't know.

I agree, there's just too many plastic bags produced. In Madrid, we have our own shopping bag with 2 wheels. If we want to copy, this should be it! :-)

Steve & Becky said...

An interesting link that goes well with this

Ban the plastic carrier bag, that's what I say.

the dreamer said...

wow! i didn't know about this till now.

that explains the bags in Rustans Supermarket...hmmmmmm

thanks alot, ill tell my mom to use the reusable bag...

peace y'all! *wink

bayan-ni-juan said...

Its good that the Philippines is trying its best to save its environment.
I hope that the Philippines and the Singapore will be a great example for other countries to follow.
This is a good start for saving mother earth...

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