Sunday, April 15, 2007

Velvet Underground Singapore

Velvet Underground is a nightclub that you will never forget (what’s the name again? Haha!) Chic, hip and artsy…tastefully decorated. This is one of the 2 hippest night club in the whole of Singapore (well, at least at the moment) and a visit here is a MUST. Think the 60's, think big loungy sofas and chill out sounds to pump your blood and fuel you to go up and about to display yourself for all the equally gorgeous people to see.

This is obviously a very exclusive club. But of course beautiful people like us are most welcome there. Velvet also serves as a display cabinet and hunting ground of local celebrities, models and wanna be starlets.

The sound is generally House, garage house or progressive house on the dance floor. But you will also hear other genres on some nights. The main room of the Velvet Underground is where most people will gather and the dance floor is always crowded in this club.

Here's some of the gorgeous crowds...

(I know what you gonna ask me -- his name is MAX. )

Velvet Underground is located at 17 Jiak Kim the same complex with Zouk Singapore and Phuture. I featured Velvet because their music fits me best. Zouk and Phuture plays more on the Hip Hop/Trip Hop genre with a really boom-boom bass! Cool stuff! This complex is a one stop shop for party goers. More venue, more people to watch, more area to display yourself. You can't go wrong with this place. -- TAKE THAT!



La Luna said...

No. I'm not going to ask his name. I want his number. lol

Narida said...

Been here!

Anonymous said...

what? armani exchange? sorry, i don't find that exclusive. and please tell me those guys are not hot. next.

Sofia said...

Who said anything about Armani? You got something against Indians honey?

Anonymous said...

ZOUK Singapore is nice as was Ministry of Sound. However, ZOUK KL is much better than either clubs especially due to having far more cute girls. Singapore does have the largest number of ugly girls I've seen of most any city I've ever been to.

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