Sunday, June 03, 2007


The citizens of the 10 ASEAN countries can travel freely without
a visa to other member states for 30 days (except Cambodia
issues 21 days and Laos charges $30 upon entry. Argh!).

How do ASEAN passports look like?

Malaysia is the first country in the world to issue a Biometric passport in 1998.

Singapore is the only other ASEAN country with a Biometric passport which
they first issued August 2006.

All ASEAN passports are Machine Readable
except the Philippines and Laos.



conan_cat said...

ooo passports! i'm going to get one next tuesday then i can finally fly outta malaysia!! :D

another interesting post here hehe... same category with your car number plates, i like that too! :D

Hanifa said...

that's why when you see lots of filipinos in line, change queue. their passports takes forever to check!

Cranberry Joos said...

Wow! This is cool! How did you think about all this? This is great!

Mihael Keehl said...

Great! It's the first time I saw passports not American or Philippine. Does the word "Passport" somehow manifest how we are influenced by Europeans. Look at Passeport of Cambodia and Laos. They show influence from French or British (Am I correct or this is just plain nonsense?)and Pasaporte of the Philippines from Spanish influence. However, I don't know where paspor and pasport come from.

riain said...

The Department of Foreign Affairs now issue Philippine passports that are now machine-readable- a booklet that uses biometrics on the laminated data page and embedded security images visible only by UV Light. On the 2nd Quarter of 2008, the DFA will issue Filipino passports with the more advanced chip-embedded passports. :P

That's why Hanifa, you would see lesser number of Filipinos queueing at the Immigration soon. As for me, I am still using the old one, I just had it renewed this May (I couldnt wait, I had to travel last July), and they issued the new ones this August. Darn it. And my passport photo was very nice. :P

MischMensch said...

But Malaysian passports are the most expensive. I don't know why, maybe cos it is done within 24 hours or so. Does the colour on our passports represents something?

Anonymous said...

I'm came from the Philippines. My name is Quezo (pronounce it as Keh-Zoh)

Passeport is the french word for Passport

"Paspor" is the Indonesian spelling for passport ; while "pasport" is the Malaysian spelling for it.

Pasaporte is came from the Spanish word for Passport.

"Pasa" means pass or enter and "porte" means port.

Erique Fat Owl said...

Actually, Indonesia has updated their passport cover design by June 2007 (the time you post this article). I think our new passport design is so European! Like something Switzerland or Germany would design.

dirtybungs said...

Malaysian passport cost alot (RM 300) because during asian financial crisis in 1997, government wants to discourage the locals from travelling abroad to limit the outflow of ringgit and boost domestic consumption by tourism. Prior to that passport only cost RM 60.

2 years ago it's the pain in the ass to get a passport you have to bring your birth cert and queue the whole day.

But not anymore. Now just bring RM 300 and show your myKAD, your passport will be ready in one hour. Talking about convenience eh? But i see government is not planning to lower the cost of applying passport even though financial crisis is now history since RM 300 for each passport seems to be a good business for a government agency!

Anonymous said...

FYI, the Philippines now issue machine readable passports. according to media reports biometric passports will be issued by the Q3 2008

Amelia said...

Yeha, anonymous. That's almost a year after this article was written by BISEAN.

MischMensch said...

Haha Amelia you are so observant

Anino said...

I've been to Laos and they don't charge 30$ to Filipinos and other citizens of South East Asia.

Bruneian said...

We now have biometric passports as well... Our daddy (Sultan) issued to us this year (2008)

Anonymous said...

Philippines, Now issues machine-readable passports

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Dear STUPID ANONYMOUS who don't know how to read blogs.... look at the date of the blog post... then look at the date of your comment...YOU ARE DISGRACING your country by going around the net with amazing stupidity.

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