Sunday, April 29, 2007

BEST CLUBS in SE ASIA: Narcissus Club Bangkok

This place used to be the most exclusive club in the whole of Bangkok. I’m NOT talking about being expensive and all...

Narcissus Club is absolutely one of the best happening places in all of Southeast Asia. Located in the posh area of Sukhumvit 23, this place is NOT for the party poopers, party crashers, old aunties and uncles, balding yuppies, 80-year-old hookers, paddy field maidens, t-shirt wearing goat herders, blue-jeans wearing social climbers and alike. No, these kinds are courteously referred to another club down the road.

Narcissus is grand, flamboyant, and ostentatious where everybody is hands down GORGEOUS! The best place to display yourself and be seen.

I was just here last night. The place is grander, sleazier with a lot of ugh! But the crowd, sad to say has changed.

You see, long ago... this place used to have “Uglies No Entry” policy. Think Studio 54, where Ryan Philippe has to take off his shirt to prove he’s one hot dude to get in! That’s the policy, if the floor manager don’t think you’re hot enough – “move over please dahlin’”.

I used to bring people that I don’t like to Narcissus. People from school or some friends of a friend of a friend who "thinks" they are so hot; they raise their noses so high. I would conspicuously invite and subject them to the door keeper’s cruel scrutiny… most of the time, they get left out. Opted to go back home humiliated; LOL. You're not too hot as you think you are huh! LOL. Those were the days.

The main sound here is Techno-Trance to cater to pill poppers, mushroom chewers and powder sniffers. When the confetti’s starts pouring, and the laser lights beam in full blast; this is the time everybody goes fucken wild! Ledge dancers, cage vixens (and occasional go-go boys) will gyrate like hell prompting everybody to do just about anything on the floor.

One can cruise to the upper levels of the club. Narcissus is designed like a huge mansion and an opera theater put together. This is where I got my first ever kissing orgy. Every single person in the club is so fucken gorgeous that night, I french kissed them all! I ended up bringing home 3 babes and 4 dudes and had the best sex party at my place! Oh, it gets painful just remembering that night.

But sad to say the crowd has changed. The uglies can get in and the old aunties can hang around and order drinks at the bar (displaying themselves for what?) Ha!

And also nowadays, Narcissus has become a tourist destinationfor crying out loud! Japanese, Korean, Chinese tourists in knee-pants and Giordano shirts can get in and roam the club as they please. Somebody kill the tourist guides please! I beg you! And add the beer-drinking white trash tagging along their latest bitch from Soi Cowboy! Ugh!

I used to come here once week, but now the crowd has turned fuglies, I limit it to once in every three months. THOSE WERE THE DAYS. But Narcissus is still the best!

There! Take that!

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Post Note: I hope you guys are not assuming I took these pictures last night! What do you think I am? A fucking TOURIST? Ha!


Jeff said...

I have a friend that once went here 15 days in a row. I just saw him this weekend in Phuket and he was reminiscing about the "good ol'days" at Narcissus.

travelphilippines said...

i hope u will feature Embassy Club here in the philippines. its the place to be seen in manila.

Anonymous said...

you need to go back and write an update. Its much better again now.

Anonymous said...

this is the most pathetic blog post i ever read - by far! cheers alex LOL

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