Sunday, May 27, 2007

Southeast Asia's License Plates

Have you ever wondered how our neighboring villages'
license plates look like?

Here they are.

From top to bottom: Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam,
Malaysia, Thailand, East Timor, Brunei, Cambodia and Indonesia.

I wanted to know the first ever license plates issued in each "villages" (country) so I sent emails to all National Transportation Offices (except East Timor) and up to now, no reply from them yet. Seems they don't know it too. Well, I can't wait for their replies so I'm posting this already



Morgan Heritier said...

Have you heard that Malaysia is planning to put a chip on their plates (or cars) to track down carnappers. That's cool!

Sanne Dee said...

Another interesting post! I like! :)

By the way, Singapore is also looking at implementing personalised car plates just like Australia.

Good luck :)

conan_cat said...

i see malaysia i see malaysia! XD and morgan whoa i live in malaysia and i don't know about the chip thing... lol. it's interesting to see countries of different languages to have different systems for their admins :)

Morgan Heritier said...

Hello Conan, here check this out:


Ariff said...

Indonesia! Indonesia! I think that's my car plate! LOL

Mihael Keehl said...

I don't think that Phil. plate is the recent one. Our plates today have the picture of Phil. icons. So dirty too that's why we should use a plate cover also a light... ah -

riain said...

New Philippine car license plates has a different shade of white with a picture of the Rizal Monument in the middle of the letters and the numbers.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

All of those plates are taken from 1996-2001. So no sweat dudes! =)

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