Saturday, May 26, 2007


I'd like to think that my statement here last Friday has got something to do with the demonstrations to free Aung Suu Kyi today. Her supporters usually go out to demonstrate around 2nd week of June in time for her birthday. Did I just made a "statement"? I'd like to think that way but nah, how I wish.

Most of the major newspapers in the region has reported demonstrations today against the Burmese (Myanmar) government to free pro-democracy leader Mrs. Aung -- Bangkok Post, Jakarta Post, The Strait Times, The Star to name a few.

But who is Aung San Suu Kyi anyway?

For those of you who's not familiar with the name; welcome back to Earth! How's Mars? LOL

Kidding aside, Mrs. Aung is a Burmese pro-democracy leader who has been under house arrest for 17 long years! She is the world's most famous political prisoner and is a Nobel Peace Prize recipient in 1991 for her peaceful and non-violent struggle against the military rulers of Burma. -- Whew! Did I just write that? :-) I'm so grown up!

What is it for us citizens of the ASEAN anyway -- you ask? Well, a lot! Economic reasons, mostly (according to most people).The United States, the EU and other economic blocs won't give us their full trades UNLESS we do something about Burma's human rights situation. And what's for us to do? The ASEAN has a rule of non-interference with each other's governments, we can't just violate that! -- We don't want our neighboring countries snoop and drive our own vehicles, do we?

We have done everything we can to persuade the Burmese Junta to ease their military rule or at least release "The Lady"(as Mrs. Aung is known internationally). We even came to the point of denying them the chairmanship of the ASEAN! Too childish, if you ask me.

"The Lady" comes from a very noble family. Her father, Aung San, negotiated Burma's independence from the U.K. in 1943 just to be assassinated the next year by his rivals. Politics, politics, politics. *sigh*

I freed Mrs. Aung last Wednesday night… that's why I wrote something about her last Thursday... I went to Rangoon to party... It lasted till dawn... On my way to my hotel I passed by Mrs. Aung's house. I rang the bell... She opened the door. I introduced myself. She invited me in for coffee... She was gracious and gentle... I asked her if she can come with me and my friends to Bangkok. She said she would love that... Then everything went cloudy... When it cleared, I saw Mrs. Aung with me in a day spa... I was having a massage and she's having her nails done... She smiled all the time, but her eyes, still sad... I asked her why... she said she's thinking about her people back in Burma... I cried with her... Then I woke up from a beautiful dream.

A person like Mrs. Aung comes once in a lifetime.

Let's not forget about her.

You see, it's not just her freedom. It's not just the economic advantage of our region.

It's the freedom of a nation.


Our 100th post!


Farah, the girl with no blog said...

uhm, mars was a little freezy! lol. just kidding. i heard that her house arrest was extended again for another year? that's sad.

Rodrigo said...

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Ferris said...

She's the new Gandhi.

KoCho said...

My friends, your blog has become a significant mounth-piece of the SEA bloggers.

Well done mates, well done!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Thanks KoCho! I really feel strongly about your country's situation. Do you have a link back?

MischMensch said...

Damn those juntas!

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