Monday, June 18, 2007


I was out all day and all night yesterday (and just about everyday, anyway) because it’s “Let’s Go Broke” day for me and my friends. It’s what we do once a month as a group to strengthen our bond *me, making faces* and enhance our self-indulgence with our already over-bearing attitudes. Ha! Lol.

What we do is – EACH of us can ONLY bring $1,000 and try to spend it within the day we’re all out together. Whoever spends the least money at the end of the day LOSES and buys dinner. Lame you say? Yeah, whatever -- you got better idea?

Anyway, if you’re thinking this is easy – NO IT’S NOT! Let me tell you whyFirst, we are carrying cash –something we are not used to. Secondly, credit cards are taken away for the day, so if we go to a shop that is “cards only”…we’re fucked! Thirdly, 32,000 Baht to spend within the day is NOT easy, why?We usually spend more than that! There – you made me say it. Take that!

Morgan, Tommy, Sucre, Sofia and me met up at Bar Italia in Gaysorn Plaza just before lunch yesterday. Usual chit-chat about nothings and about my blog. Yeah, we talk about my blog and we talk about YOU – our readers. But that’s another story. I’ll tell you all about it another time.

We dudes played a little trick on the babes – we voted 3 against 2 to be just like everybody else and go to Chatuchak Market on a Sunday! Sofia and Sucre turned pale and tried to protest, but hey, the council has decided. Chatuchak it is!

“Let me go to the pharmacy first and buy poison to kill myself!” Sofia bolted.

“I’ll go with you and let’s buy poison for two.” Sucre said blankly.

“C’mon guys! It would be fun. Just think how much stuff you can buy for 32,000 Baht in Chatuchak!” Morgan teased the poor babes.

Sofia stood up, hands on waist --“Let me tell you what, you asshole! First, it’s almost 1pm and we are too late! Do you know how many people go to Chatuchak?! Secondly, we are carrying too much cash! You moron! And thirdly you nitwit – I AM WEARING AIGNER TODAY! *the “Aigner” part echoed through the Middle East and stopped the bombing for 3 full minutes.*

We dudes are all having the day of our lives. *Whaddaf*ck?!* We’ve never seen Sofia this upset to the point of losing it in public! LOL. And Sucre, on her Munchu outfit -- forking her Kwanpen bag trying to make it bleed. LOL

This went on for hours! Five overly bearing Eurasians with the longest legs in SE Asia, didn’t know what to do with the drama at hand but munch on anything the waiter bring us.

So, to tame the Aigner-wearing Sofia and the Munchu-sporting Sucre, we just headed off to Siam Paragon and shopped our wits out.

And of course, we all lost the game –ended up using our cards after spending $1,000 in just 30 minutes. *sigh* But hey! I made mine last for at least 2 hours! Take that! Ha!



frostfire said...

Bustin your $1,000 in chatuchak would have been more challenging (and funnier)!

Would love to hear it if you do decide to go on with it! =)

The Lost Boy said...

What did you guys buy?

Anonymous said...

I could spend $1,000 in one minute by giving it to a charity helping gay people with HIV-AIDS. Ian

Preya said...

Hot Eurasians? This is like so my cup of tea. Woo!

Fa said...


I am so going to Chatuchak next November!!!

More on shopping place, please....

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Pisanu flew to Saigon today so you guys have to put up with MOI!

** think so? but i was not properly dressed (read as: no, i really don't wanna go there). Don't worry, for the sake of a funny post, we'll try another time.

**the lost boy...I got new shoes and a new set of trinklets from LV, Sucre got new Dior sunglasses and a lot of new shoes, Pisanu got a...i don't think he'll appreciate if I broadcast it here, and Tom and Morgan too. :-)

**Anonymous Ian...WHEN WE HELP...WE DON'T BROADCAST IT. We maybe self-indulgent but never hypocritical. YOUR SUGGESTION: Been there, done that. WE HOPE YOU DON'T HELP JUST FOR THE SHOW?

**Preya...Woohoo! :-)

**Fa... Yeah, Pisanu said you'll be coming over on November. Can't wait ot meet you.

Thanks for coming you guys.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Ooops! Sofia was a bit harsh there Ian. We admire your virtue. But when I help, I make sure nobody knows about it.

Thanks for droppin' by Ian. And all of you guys!

MATT!!! How's the Phuket gig so far?

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