Wednesday, September 12, 2007


This is a story about a kind and quiet man named Timmy. He lives in a village where all his neighbors are rich and have big lands. Timmy’s house is small but his land is lovely with lots of trees and animals roam free.

One day, a stranger came to Timmy’s house. His name is Joao and he is a merchant trader. He said he is looking for a place to stay while gathering some stuffs to trade later. And because Timmy is a nice guy, he let Joao stay at his small house for a while.

Many days passed, Joao is still not leaving. He took Timmy’s bed, used Timmy’s belongings and claimed everything in Timmy’s house as his own. Timmy and his family eventually have to build a small hut in the backyard for them to sleep in.

Timmy has two neighborsIbu and Matilda. They are both rich! Ibu’s house is a hundred times bigger than Timmy’s and Matilda’s land is big as far as the eyes can see. Timmy asked for their help to speak to Joao and leave his house. But Ibu turned Timmy away and Matilda ignored him. So Timmy went home disappointed and full of misery. Days had passed, and then months, then years – Timmy had given up that his fortune will ever change.

One day, Timmy woke up to see Joao had left! He was ecstatic! He finally can move back to his own house and don’t have to sleep in the small hut any longer. He gathered his family and ran to his house – he was so excited!

When he opened the door, he saw Ibu inside. He asked why – Ibu said the house and the land is already his. And because Timmy is a good-natured guy and doesn’t like arguments -- he let his rich neighbor occupy his house. Timmy and his family went back to the small hut in the backyard.

Lady Fortune finally smiled at Timmy. One fine day, Ibu left the house and Timmy’s small land completely. Timmy looked around in uncertainty but Ibu had really left! This is the happiest day of his life!

Timmy got a lot to do. He needed to refurbish his house because Joao and Ibu didn’t take care of it and he needed to replenish his land because Ibu had chopped all his trees. But Timmy did not mutter anything. He was still the kind and quiet man he used to be.

Timmy was fishing in the river that runs through his land, he discovered something – his riverbank got black gold! This is Timmy’s chance to get himself out of poverty and make his family happy. He started to dream of a better life. He needed to get the black gold and sell it in the morning. He was so happy. He went home and told his family the news.

When Timmy came back in the morning, Matilda had built a fence around the riverbank. Matilda said it’s hers and the black gold belonged to her – even her land his far, far away from Timmy’s river. But Timmy will not take anymore bullying this time. Timmy will fight back and will take what is rightfully his. He will fight the greedy Matilda.

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Friedrich said...

THIS IS THE STORY YOU WROTE YEARS AGO! Wow! I saw this first on the journal of Timor advocates. It's nice you posted it here. FREEDOM FOR TIMOR!

morgan heritier said...

lol. yeah, freddy. didn't pisanu won something for this short story? this may not mean a lot today but in those days, this article was gold. hey pisanu, post your tibet essay.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Friedrich...yup dude, the journal. You still remember it? I just posted this for souvenir.

@ Morgan...I think my blog would become a little political if I include Tibet here. I'll settle for "The Lady" and the plight of the Sun bear for now. And of course, the AEC.

Anonymous said...

A very serious issue written like a children's story. I kan'a like it. Very good.

Anonymous said...

We owe our freedom to ordinary people who never forgot our nation.

The Timor issue is so political, big and small nations turned a blind eye for decades.

Thank you, my brother.

Erick Lau said...

oh ok timmy is east timor! i didnt catch that. im so slow. huhuuh.

aries said...

we should have articles like this on our broadsheets

Arunny Chantou said...

How can a story be written so simple, can create such awareness to people who didn't know? Simply wonderful, Pisanu.

Timy is East Timor, Joao is Portugal. Ibu is Indonesia and Matilda, whoelse? Australia. Nice!

danyhael said...

@arunny hey hey hey... how come australia sounded like they're villains?... hmm...

r u sure matilda is australia?

@aries, do you even read our broadsheets? coz if you do you'll find some.

bathmate said...

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bathmate said...

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