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Earlier this week, the first Global Peace Index was released by the London-based Economist Intelligence Unit in Washington. It is the world’s first study to rank countries around the world according to their peacefulness and conditions that create and sustain peace. 121 countries surveyed around the world.

“Awww! Not another ranking shit again.”you say? Well, let me tell you what it means to be “listed and ranked” – The world will be looking at us in a different light, investors would have to think twice and tourists would have second thoughts coming. That’s why!

The 10 SE Asian Countries' Peace Ranking

1. Singapore29th in the world. [1.692 points] Small and stable countries which are part of regional blocs are most likely to get a higher ranking. And as I said before, smaller countries are easier to manage. Good for you Singapore! You have been saving our asses with surveys like this!

2. Vietnam35th in the world. [1.729] They are too busy making money. Vietnam’s priority is their economic advancements. Not much politics, not much drama and the people are open to change – which is good. Communism isn’t chic any more but hey, they're running the country smoothly. There. Take that!

3. Malaysia 37th in the world. [1.744] Same as with Vietnam and Singapore. Too busy making money for the benefit of their peoples. Happy people are peaceful people.

4. Indonesia78th in the world. [2.111] Indonesia fared well here! It’s about time! I miss Bali! Please, please lift the travel warning already! NOW!

5. Cambodia85th in the world. [2.197] Harassing and snubbing UN envoys visiting their country will not do them any good. Good thing the UN appointed people like Angelina to give it a dash of celebrity-pull. They have to learn to cooperate sometimes.

6. Philippines100th in the world. [2.428] Mostly because of the South, isn’t it? If I were them, I’ll stop opposing the current government and start cooperating for the benefit of the people. Too much precious time is wasted in opposing each and every plans the government has. The Arroyo government is redistributing opportunities to the South. She’s taking care of them now – which the governments before her never did. Show the South that you care and they will get the message.

7. Thailand105th in the world. [2.491] Thailand is sandwiched between Uganda and Zimbabwe – the 2 most notorious in peace. We got the same problem with the Philippines. The South is giving us a headache but WE UNDERSTAND their position – trust me, we do. (Bombs exploding all over the place down South at press time.) *sigh* Is this a tear in my eye? -- Oh shit! My contacts are still on! Dammit!

8. Myanmar108th in the world. [2.524] Here we go again. We all know why. It’s the Junta, of course. And I’m not gonna start again with: “HEY! YOU BASTARDS! FREE AUNG SAN SUU KYI NOW! One of these days, I'm going to hit you so hard on this blog, you'll send people to investigate me. LOL. Get your acts together Junta dudes!

The study is endorsed by individuals such as The Dalai Lama, archbishop Desmond Tutu, and president Jimmy Carter.

Peaceful countries often shared high levels of transparency of government and low corruption. So corruption goes hand in hand with peace, doesn’t it? Laos, Brunei (don't tell me you were expecting?) and Timor Leste are not on the indexgood for you! Or is it?

Rich and happy countries gets all the fun, don’t they? - NOT!

Southeast Asia is still the best paradise in the world!
And no index or rankings can break our spirits.

There. Take that!


Here's the full list!
(if you even care)

-- by Pisanu



I wonder how they come up with this list. Is it based on perception or actual number of violent incidents or both or something else? I'm a little bit surprised Cambodia is ranked higher than Philippines and Thailand.

Baklang AJ said...


They based it on 24 indicators including ease of access to WMD, level of respect for human rights (uhm, I think we failed miserably in this category), military spending, and local corruption. I don't really mind the 100th spot for the Philippines since the US is on the 96th! hahaha. Take That! CharoT!

Pisanu for BiSEAN said...

What's CharoT?

Baklang AJ said...

Charot is a pinoy gayspeak expression used as an alternative to "I'm just kidding."

Yakitori Girl said...

You are right with the re-assessment of reputations here. But the list is more usueful than harmful, if I may add.

diwata said...

On Philippines, Arroyo's kon ba!

Mihael Keehl said...

At least Arroyo's works are praised here. I accept the rank of the Philippines but I don't think peace in the south would be attained that easy. What do you think - should we grant them their own Muslim land?

Twisted Tomato! said...

You know, one doesn't really have to look at how violent a country can be from a macro-level point of view. Just do a little experiment. Try putting your LV bag on the ground beside you while waiting for a bus and see how long it will take to make it disappear! Hah! It's a good thing that I drive in Manila and seldom commute. My experience in the streets of Bangkok really gave me the creeps. I guess petty crimes is a common problem in our side of the planet. Sad, really.

MischMensch said...

Kinda surprise Burma is only 108 and not last. Haven't been to Brunei but heard it's an ok country. Considering they are kinda rich and do not require a visa to enter States

Bruneian said...

Why don't you add the Happiest nations in the world...An ASEAN country is up there in the top ten...

Anonymous said...

its not the Southern part of the Philippines the problem the real problem is the Philippines, the People

not just filipino muslim and cristian killing each other and discrimination of phil Ethnic groups but some people are lazy

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