Saturday, November 17, 2007


Most people would think Bali is just made up of beaches, sand and surf. Well, it is not. There’s more to this island than what the magazines and the “all-knowing” people say. Let me tell you why I said “nothing comes close” to Bali on my earlier post.

Bali has it all. It is almost as big as Brunei and it’s actually a province. There is more than 11,600 km of coastline in all sorts of color – white, pink, powder blue, beige, volcanic gray, jet black, you name it. All kinds of beaches, coves, rock formations, everything! It's like a one-stop island for everybody.

The center of the universe. I wasn’t kidding when I said that... “legend has it when the gods of the universe gather together for a summit, they come to Bali”. No, it wasn’t a joke. The world famous Mt. Agung is located here and Gunung Agung is long reputed to be the center of the universe.

A distinct civilization. There are 2.5 million people living here. As much as the beaches are the main attraction of Bali, so are the people living in it. Bali is the only predominantly Hindu county in the whole of Southeast Asia -- A distinction that makes it unique from the rest of Indonesia and our region. They have their own language, their own rich culture, their own art form, their own architecture, their own “civilization”. It’s like another country, really.

Bali as a world travel icon. While other countries are struggling to reach a million visitors a year – Bali can manage to lure a million tourists in 6 months even after the 2002 incident. Think the importance of this tiny island compared to one whole country dreaming of a million visitors.

Oh, c’mon! With a resume as loaded as this – nothing comes close to Bali.
*So, give it up dude!*

Paradise is not just about beaches.

No comparison at all.


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caligirl said...


it has a twin sister too

"LOMBOK" << if you want more privacy go there soon. because it's getting more popular!

Carrie Puyat said...

I am from the Philippines and I saw the comments on the other post.

I think Pisanu is over reacting with the way the comments went. Some expressed their opinions and some reacted. It's all there is.

Others might find the comments insulting, but I don't.

It's good we are all exchanging opinions...there is nothing personal, right?

Marcus M. said...

See how Caligirl puts it? "One of the best". This is how a comment should be. Promoting her own without stepping on any. Way to go girl!

mark said...

@ Carrie and to All... Im from Kuala Lumpur... my advise when anyone post comments - try to choose the right words or at least the best way to say it without directly and obviously insulting a particular race or country, its uncalled for.

After all this blog is trying to create a harmoneous interaction between us people from South East Asia and the World.

Yes we have different good & bad traits, behavior and qualities Thats make us unique and interesting. One word RESPECT and never Generalize!!!

Jake Tornado said...

@ mark...I agree! I agree! I agree! Let's just put away all those trashy comments and let us all love another instead! Make love! Spread love! hehehe...Reading all these posts make me wanna go to the beach in the middle of November!

Anonymous said...

jake tornado,
how can you spread love if all you wanna do is go to the beach? how about sucking some dick?

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