Friday, November 30, 2007


If you’re into real serious people watchin’ and you think you’re the best dancer in the whole of Southeast Asia, well – have I got a place for you.

If you like hot babes and gorgeous dudes pass in front of you by the hundreds or you like sweaty strutters rubbing their skin against you, well – this is your lucky day (I mean night!)

Think 50cents, Timbaland, Timberlake, ABBA, Gypsie Kings, Armand Van Helden, Timo Maas, Paul Van Dyk play under one roof...

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…this is MOS Singapore. The “other” hottest night spot in the Lion City and one of the best in Southeast Asia! *those who disagree can go to hell. Ha!*

Ministry of Sound is divided into sections that plays different music genres. There’s the main dancefloor, the R&B room, Pure, Phuture and a lot more to whatever shakes your booty. And this place is HUGE! I mean HUUUGE! Even the “powder rooms” *ok, toilets* are effin’ huge!

If you ever went to a club and there are no people around, they are most likely at the MOS. Even hump days (Wed & Thu) this place is packed with clubbers! Please be warned that there are days that you can’t even walk around. *Wow! Just imagine how much “rubbin” and “friskin” are involved on your way to the bar! Woohoo!*

FABULOUS MUSIC in all capital letters! MOS resident and guest DJs rules! I wanna shake their hands and I really don’t know if they realized that they are the best in town. Well, if any of them is reading this – “Dudes! You rock! Hail MOS DJs!”

MOS is the best of Singapore clubbing. It has already passed the stage of “curious” clubbers. This is already an institution! So obviously, people would come here, right? So don’t be a big baby whining how the place is so crowded and all. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The best has a price baby.

MOS is located at Block C, The Cannery, along River Valley Road at Clark Quay. It’s just at the end of Canning Lane.

*These photos are courtesy of the MoS website Don't tell me y'all expectingme all dressed up carrying a f*cken camera? You gotta be f*ckin' me, right? Just murder me on the dancefloor!


Here’s the MOS official website


cateyes said...

Yeah...Fully agreed...MOS rocks!

Gee i miss being in Singapore.

재미 said...

My friend once had tickets for free admission and she asked me, and i turned her down.
I kinda feel this wee tinge of regret after reading this entry.

David Tennant said...

I have known BISEAN is written like this. Don't lose your falvour guys! Cheers!

Hiroki said...

Not just the best in SE Asia. This IS the best in ASIA! Love it!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Jae Mi (formerlly known as Manami)...try MOS! You'll loooove it sis! Bring ID, ok? You look lie you're 15 years old. =)

Anonymous said...

MoS is really cool- missed it. :) But I prefer the Attica crowd in Shanghai.

-Makati Boy.

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