Saturday, April 07, 2007

Q&A: Why would lesbians/gay men discriminate against bisexuals?

Because we are sometimes perceived as "hiding," a sense that some bisexuals use their bisexuality to look heterosexual at work, in straight social settings, to enjoy the "heterosexual privilege" that is part of the social norm. This has posed as one of the bigger issues that a bisexual has to deal with -- discriminated against by the gay community who we fought along with to fight discrimination. Ironic, isn't it?

Also, bisexuals are sometimes seen as blurring the issues and weakening the lesbian and gay movement. Naturally, bisexual activists disagree with this view! A further reason is that some lesbians and gay men also have sex with MOTOS* (while not identifying as bisexual). Often they can't admit this in the lesbian and gay communities, and see bisexuality as a threat to their safety and/or acceptance.



baklang AJ said...

it's because bisexuals are selfish! lol, kidding.

i think bisexual men are HOT!

i believe one of the reasons why some gay men discriminate against bisexuals is the lack of understanding of bisexuality's nature. add to that the fact that these guys can easily dump them (for a man or much worse for them, a woman!) because of the inability to satisfy them sexually.
just my two cents' worth

Anonymous said...

I am in the art world with a lot of bi men and bi women and they art not out to their gay and lesbian peers with few exceptions me being one of them. But I have gotten so much harassment from even my peers that it has brought me to depression. I am straight leaning meaning I fall in love with women and not with guys but value the loving sexual friendships I have had with men. For bi guys to be out of the closet makes life very complicated and you need a good sense of humor. But mainly among gay men too many use it as a phase towards acceptance of their gayness. For me most of my LTR's have been with women. But really the MOST insulting thing is gay men immediately assume that I am lying. In grad school it became a huge controversy until I revealed my sexual resume, mostly women in the art world (and over 20 of them). I am very safe and responsible in my sexual practices too. And monogomous in my LTRs. It really is not worth being out of the closet as bisexual if you are going to be harassed by so called liberal people. But if someone asks I tell them. There is usually a debate as to whether I am gay or straight so it comes up and I have dated openly men and women so people assume what they assume.

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