Saturday, March 31, 2007

Can you name them all?

These are the colours of our region.

The proud and beautiful people of Southeast Asia.




Kuku said...

Cool pics! That's amazing.

Marcus said...

The colors of the flag of East Timor is so dramatic! Do they share the same colors with the Australian Aboriginal flag?

riain said...

The only flag in the world that can tell whether the country is at war is the Philippine flag - the red field is up when it is and the blue field up when it is at peace. The Philippine flag design was influenced by the Cuban flag.

riain said...

Btw I have the entire collection of the flags of the SE Asian countries. :)Too bad I dont have flagpoles to fly them. ;) But I carry the Philippine flag everywhere I go. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey I feel insulted the way you pictured the Malaysian flag....c'mon show some manners !

hazirah said...

i'm not Malaysian and i thought the one representing their flag was kinda cool, but yea, not very appropriate. however the rest are very nice photos of flags and they look great together! good job!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Anonymous...thousands of Malaysians come here everyday, but they never cmmented as you did.

Someone else's art may be someone's else's trash.

Something's telling me, you're not form Malaysia at all. Read the 2nd paragraph...Someone else's art maybe someone else's trash.

You gotta learn to open up. You're too uptight.

MischMensch said...

Yeah anonymous, I am a Malaysian or partly Malaysian some people would say it but i felt a little offended but I think it is artsy or something. I love Malaysia cos it truly Asia :P

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

FROM THE AUTHOR: Ok, let's enumerate it one by one on why all of these photos are "potential" insults...

1. Why is the Cambodian flag out of the frame?

2. Why is the Malaysian flag printed on a used plastic glass and on the ground?!!!

3. Why is the Burmese flag taken with a temple. It takes off the focus on the flag!

4. That's not the flag of Indonesia! Those are just 2 lights swooshed together!

5. Why is the Thai flag cut off the frame? The yellow one is in the center?

6. Why is the Vietnamese flag all worn and torn? Don't you have any new ones?

7. Why is the Singapore flag inside out? And half of it is cut out off the frame!

8. Why is the Timorese flag only at No. 8?

9. Why is the Philippines flag cutt off the frame?

10. Why is the Laotian flag depicted just like that? Don't you have any other photo?

11. Why is the Bruneian flag taken with that kid? The focus is on him, not on the flag. prove to all of you that there are no favor to any of the flags.

AS I SAID BEFORE...Someone else's art is someone else's trash.


MischMensch said...

Lol earlier I thought it was taken from the Spanish embassy in Thailand cos I thought it was the Spanish flag beside the Thai flag and was wondering where are the red lines

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Misch...that's the flag of our king. The flag of King Bhumibol. Queen Sirikit's flag is light blue.

Erique Fat Owl said...

Contrasting on what riain said...

"The only flag in the world that can tell whether the country is at war is the Philippine flag - the red field is up when it is and the blue field up when it is at peace"

In Indonesia's case...

When the red field is up, it's our national pride, "Sang Saka Merah Putih" (The Lofty Red-and-White), but when the white field is up, it's....the POLISH FLAG??

Hahahaha...just a little joke, everybody...

Whitelighter said...

Dont get me wrong Im not an over zealous, I like this blog really but I cant help from feeling a little insulted looking at the Malaysian flag depicted like that. I guess everyone else with the sense of patriotism and pride will feel the same. I hope you would replace the picture if it is not too troublesome.

danyhael said...

the issue here is not the art of photography; it's how the malaysian flag was depicted and unfortunately for the author it is definitely insulting.

a flag in a trampled plastic cup on the ground. maybe you didn't mean to be insulting or anything but it's really not good so i don't know what to understand about the following statement really:

"Someone else's art maybe someone else's trash. You gotta learn to open up. You're too uptight."

Rothima(Cambodia-កម្ពុជា) said...

Oh dear, Pisanu and team!!!
All the flag's color in each country was great, but just take a look to Malaysian one!!!
It's terrible, why don't find a better picture one.!!!
For example follow this link:

Malaysian Flag

Can u update this page a bit!!
Just a good will for you guys!!!
Pls consider it!!
Nice blog though!

azroy said...

please delete the picture flag_my3 .jpg at OUR TRESURE OUR COLOURS it make my country memebers feel sad/angry. who sent it pleasa tell me!

azroy said...

please respect our beloved country. MALAYSIA

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Azroy, send us a better one. Thanks for the comments.

That photo was sent in by a Malaysian. It was taken in Malaysia after the Merdeka party, printed in Malaysia, cup-straw-and-all made in Malaysia. It just goes to show how Malaysians treat their flag.

But ok, we will edit this IF, only IF you send a better photo. Deal?

bisean at gmail dot com

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