Friday, July 27, 2007

BEST CLUBs in SE ASIA: Q Bar Bangkok

If you’re stunningly chic and gorgeous and want everybody to see how fabulous you are, here is where you must go. Q Bar Bangkok is an upscale New York-style lounge and the first international night club in the city.

There are 2 bars – one upstairs with a terrace where you can mingle, flaunt or just chill out and one on the main floor where the main dance floor is. It can get really crowded on weekends and navigating your way to the bar or to the loo is seemingly impossible.*ha!*

The music is up to date (electronica, hip hop, you name it) and the sound system is state of the art. International DJs spin here monthly and the in-house ones are the best in Bangkok *DJ Joeki rules! Sean rocks!*. Check out their website below to see which guest DJ is in town.

Bar opens at 8pm. Entrance cost is between 600-800 Baht, depending on days and events. It would usually get you 2 drinks. Booze selection is huge but we would recommend their wine list.

Whether they admit it or not, Q Bar’s biggest attraction is the crowd. Bangkok’s finest, moneyed, slim-gorgeous, just-got-off-the-catwalk young people populate the club *except for some "spectators"*. Designer-label is the only way to go but I have seen jeans-wearing, Giordano clad people managed to get it. *frowns*

AND (for christssake) whatever you do, never come on your sandals – even if you managed to trick the doorkeepers and got in, your toes would be totally mutilated on the dance floor when the crowd starts dancing on their Blahnik, Dingman, Prada or Ferragamo shoes.*consider yourself warned*

Located on the posh Sukhumvit Soi 11, practically any taxi jockey knows where it is, so don’t fret. I don’t think you’ll be taking the bus or the train to get there so let’s spare the blog space shall we?

Q Bar Bangkok has raised the standard of clubbing in Southeast Asia. There is simply no other place like it – one of SE Asia’s best clubs.

*photo credit: Q Bar Bangkok



aries said...

are those the blog authors? hehe

Friedreich Bosch said...

This is my favourite bar in Bangkok.

MischMensch said...

Is that Sofia and Pisanu?

Joe said...

An intl night club? There are only farang. lol

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