Wednesday, April 11, 2007

OUR LITTLE TREASURES: Ronald Doing the "Wai"

When the chilies are heating up your a**hole and all the basil leaves ruined your taste buds and all the lemongrass has clogged your sinuses, a trip to McDonald's is always a treat!

Foreign tourists are always surprised to see McDonalds for the first time in Thailand. Especially when they see this;

Ronald is buck ugly here and I hate looking at his buck ugly face! But something is endearing about him as he is doing the Thai “wai”. A "wai" is a Thai traditional gesture of greeting, show respect, yadda,yadda,yadda...Well ok, he kinda looks cool and I kinda like what he’s trying to do BUT he’s still buck ugly! --Take that!

Our Little Treasures is the topic for the day and I wanted to feature some other things but buck ugly Ronald doing the Thai wai is worth mentioning. No other Ronalds do this in other parts of the world!

Here’s a menu sample, written in both Thai and English…so don’t be such an a**hole going: “Oh my gosh, they don’t have any clue of what I just said in English! Blah, blah, blah!” drama. McDonalds in Thailand speaks English. Or at least mumbles what sounds to be like English. There!

Yes, you got it right at Value Meal No.1! A Samurai Pork Burger…whatever. I really don't get it. Was it death by samurai? Poor pig. I bet you don’t have that on your local menus? LOL! I don’t eat pork and I don’t plan to either but my friends say it’s horrrrriiiibbbblllllleeee par excellence! This horrendous burger is our equivalent to national signatures like McSpaghetti in the Philippines (yes, they have spaghetti, you didn’t know?!), or the McHuevo in Montevideo (that’s in Uruguay, baby and it means McEgg LOL).

I won’t even start with the Indian McDo without any beef on their menu, that’s understandable BUT I really don’t get the Samurai Pork Burger here. Shouldn’t this be in McDo Japan? Shucks!

(Thai McDo signage in Thai script and some "unbelievably amused" tourists.)

Isn’t it time for Malaysia to come up with a McLaksa? Or a McGado-gado in Indonesia? Or a McHainanese Chicken in Singapore!--wait, I think they do have that already? Why didn't the Filipinos came up with a McAdobo instead?... I would love to try a McPho in Vietnam! Yum-yum! Burmese McMohinga, anyone? That should be a hit!

Nonetheless, keeping with the main theme of this blog, here’s the compulsory tip on where to go and display yourself and be seen. These are the McDo branches in Bangkok with the most traffic of beautiful babes and gorgeous dudes: Ekkamai Town Center (because that's where I go and the nearest to me), CP Tower Silom, Amarin Plaza Rachadamri, Robinson’s Silom, Robinson's Asoke and Siam Center. Did I miss anything? Let me know.

Thai McDo is here to stay. But authentic Thai food still rules! --Take that!



oboids said...

damn that was stupid, didnt see the 'other' option. I thought I can only post a comment if i have a blogger account. Blogger is a lot friendlier than wordpress eh! Shet!

Mcdo rules! I think a McAdobo will taste funny, i wouldnt dare eat one. McSamurai Burger is funnier! What were they thinking naming mcburger as samurai burger, is it spicy, maybe it taste like a samurai eh. Well, how does a samurai taste anyway..drat! I'm talking nonesense.

[R][I][V][E][R] said...

FINALLY! A comment from Oboids, what's with the name by the way?

No, McAdobo would be great! Since you have those rice buns anyways, why not replace the beef patty with any meat and pour adobo sauce on it or however u wanna cook the damn thang? That would be sensational! Garlic is optional of course.

Nah, our Samurai burger is not even spicy. They say the taste is a cross between Teriyaki and dog poo. Hahahaha. Just poo is more edible. Nyahahahaha. They say Samurai taste sweet. There.

And according to that overly pornographic movie "BABE": "Pork is a nice sweet meat." Ewww.

As I said, maybe it was death by samurai...poor pig.


I think I'll be having nightmares tonight after seeing that creepy Ronald McDonald pic. Hehe.

wahdi said...

i still luv Singapore's Mc Donald...esp on thier special menu "Rice Burger"

Mariani said...

This is really funny. I have a photo with that Ronald too. I thought it was amazing. Very Thai.

[R][I][V][E][R] said...

Thanks Wadi for dropping by...that Rice Burger is already a staple. Most McDo around our region HAVE Rice Burgers.


That Ronald is pretty scary. But then again he's kinda scary anyways.

[R][I][V][E][R] said...

Thanks for dropping by ieat...what's a snowmanpoop by the way? Ice cream? LOL.

Yeah, all Ronalds wherever they is a pretty scary sight. I HATE CLOWNS! I once set fire on one of them when I was a kid at a kiddie party! Haahaha! Poor man! :-)

Cypocalypse said...

I've been to Thailand around 10 years ago. Looks like the Baht and the Peso still has the same purchasing power. I can see it from the Thai McDonald's menu.

Anyway, I'd like to go to McDonald's there when I get tired of those spicy Thai food. Still, Thai food are really good. However, some of them are ridiculously SPICY HOT, like all of their CUP NOODLES. Haha!

Jeff said...

I did know why that pork burger named Samurai burger. Do you want to know? Beg me, honey~ just kidding~

This recipe was first announced in around 2535-2536 A.B.(After Buddha, ha!)

And the thing that influent its name is... the sauce, an ingredient of that pork. It's Japanese tonkatsu sauce and yes! The Samurai did make this burger... in the spot ads to promote this burger.

He jump out into the screen then cut all the ingredient in the air and poof!! Samurai Burger, a happy meal for you! Eat them and supersize yourself!

Now you know.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hey Jeff! That's form the commercial! Hahahahahaha!

travelphilippines said...

yah i hope they'll come up with mc adobo soon.

Erique Fat Owl said...

I couldn't stop laughing at the "unbelievably amused tourists" pic!! Hahahahahaha!!

Hey, our McDonald's in Indonesia serve rice! I don't think any other McDs in other countries serve rice, no?

While localized McDonald's menu like the proposed McAdobo and McPho is great (boy, do I want to try those!), I think that will never happen in Indonesia. Why? Because to most people in Indonesia, McDonald's is as far as they can go tasting 'American' food. As you know, most American restaurants in Indonesia (Tony Roma's, Hard Rock Cafe, Lawry's, Black Angus etc) are geared towards the middle-upmarket and it's something ordinary Indonesians can never afford. So if Indonesian McDonald's start creating localized menus like the "McSate" or "McNasiGoreng", it would seriously drag their popularity down. People will say "why should I pay 30,000 rupiahs for a McSate in McD if I can get something more delicious half the price on street peddlars?"

Then, they would be forced to discontinue the item. So why waste the effort?

MischMensch said...

@Enrique, Malaysia used to have Nasi Ayam McD but I am not sure if they have it anymore. Hmmm Mc Nasi Goreng...... no comments. Well McSate they can pour Sate sauce on the patty. Mouth-watering. How about McNasi Goreng as in replace those buns with fried rice bun like those rice buns? Hmmm sounds so tempting!

Allen Yu said...

You should also try our McRice Burger Pisanu. Though it isn't much of a success when it was first launched. We still choose to eat rice on a plate. Not on wrapper. lol.

i didn't know each country has its distinct McDo menu. Now I know.

Hmmm... Do they have McSushi in Japan?

Allen Yu said...

To Erique...

Almost all fast food restaurants in the Philippines serve rice. though you ought to know that. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Well actually there was McRendang (Beef Burger with rendang sauce) in Indonesia McD, but I don't know if they were still available right know.

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