Tuesday, October 09, 2007

OUR ICONS: 333 Beer

No other beer can represent the beautiful country of Vietnam in the beer drinking world other than the legendary 333 Beer. The iconic brand has managed to survive more than a century of regional conflict and wars having been first produced in 1893.

What makes 333 different over the rest is it is a rice lager beer. The taste could be a bit bitter for some but it’s definitely tastier than other SE Asian beers which have a chemi-after-taste. 333 is 5.3% alcohol.

When in Vietnam, you don’t order a “Three-three-three” beer, but a “Ba-ba-ba” (That's how it is properly called). The Vietnamese like their beer over ice – so don’t expect cans and bottles chilled. And if you are drinking with Vietnamese people it is considered polite to top up their glass before refilling your own.

Before the turn of the century, the beer was known as Beer 33 – it is said that when communists took over in the 70’s, they added another 3 to make it as it’s name today. Nobody knows the real reason for the name change but it is said that is was to shake off the colonial history of the brand.

333 made its Oktoberfest debut (the world’s largest beer festival ) in August 2006. It is exported to Europe, Australia, Singapore, Japan and the Americas.

The iconic 333 Beer is distinctly Vietnamese and there is no doubt about it. Its refreshing taste is as rich as its history witnessed Vietnam's modern transformation like no other.


*Photos by Herve

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Bjarne of Norway said...

Thank you for sharing Morgan. :)

Googoosh said...

what a very original name!

Erick Lau said...

congratulations morgna on your first post! what is this? after 3 months? lol. but i love it. 333 is a lucky number in vietnam?

Nam said...

With such a long history, no matter what the communist government does, the beer is still known by it original name 33 (called ba ba or băm ba), just like Saigon is still fondly and popularly known as Saigon and not Ho Chi Minh City.

Sanne Dee said...

I haven't seen this beer in Singapore before! I'm gonna dig for it. ;)

Carlos Javier said...

Yay! Way to go! This is one beer of ASEAN I haven't tasted yet, though i've been wanting to for a while. Its a b*tch trying to find it here locally in the R.P. Waah.

I'm aware you're part-Vietnamese Morgan, but may I ask, in your opinion how does 333 compare to say, Singha? (another lager) :)

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

Sanne dahlin', there's a Vietnamese restaurant along Old Parliament Rd., they serve 333. And I think most Viet rasto.

Hello Nam, hello Carlos <3 wait till Morgan logs in to answer you q sweties, orighty?

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

Looks good. But look at the second picture, I still prefer that beer behind the 3 "333" beers. San Miguel.

Sanne Dee said...

Thanks Sofia, I'll check it out. Hardly eat vietnamese in Singapore but I will now, for the sake of 333. AHHAA!

MischMensch said...

Uhhhhhh! But I have never seen this in Oktoberfest before or I was too drunk before moving to the next tent LOL.

@Morgan Is that your arm?

the dreamer said...

i don't drink beer or any other liquor... but im happy to know that they have there very own beer...

peace y'all...*wink

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