Wednesday, July 04, 2007

OUR TREASURES: The Jurong Bird Park

The world’s largest bird park by number of birds and the world’s second largest by land area – the Jurong Bird Park of Singapore is truly our region’s pride. No visit to Singapore is complete without experiencing this free-flight aviary and it’s a great way to educate people of conservation and protection.

Our Lonely Planet guide book says we should take the MRT to Boon Lay Station and find a bus or something to reach the park (SBS Bus 194 or 251). Since taking the bus would horrify Sofia to hell, we took a cab from there.

Upon reaching the park, Morgan went on a panic – turns out he's keeping a secret from us that he is actually birdophobic – birdophobic? Wait -- how do you call a person afraid of birds? – I don’t know about you, but I call them “pussies”. There. Take that!

Anyway, since Morgan won’t go in, he has to wait for us at the gate. It meant that me, Sofia and Akihiro must cover the whole goddam 20 hectares in a rush! Ha! The admission fee is Sing$ 16 and if you wanna take the monorail to see the whole park on an air-conditioned train (highly recommended) add Sing$ 4 more. The visit here is worth the time and effort as if all 8,000+ birds are saying “Happy to see you!” every where you turn! Chirp! Chirp!

The park is divided into 16 sections – of course, our main attention went to the Southeast Asian Bird Aviary. This is where to see the great and beautiful birdies of our great region. Our birds are beautiful, colorful and seem to sing clearer than other birds. Everything is wonderful except for the Hornbill tried to terrorize us by blocking our way and wouldn’t let us pass! Shoo! Shoo!

The park is, of course, is not exclusively for birds only; it has reptiles, meerkats! And other cutie creepers. And you don’t have to love birds to come here. The gardens are superb and well maintained and the toilets are immaculate!

You can hoochie-coochie here if you want but make sure the children won’t see you – this is a family oriented park but romantic at the same time. Be a responsible hoochie-coocher, ok?

Here’s their official website.



Anonymous said...
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markymd said...

ornithophobia - fear of birds
pogonophobia - fear of beard
frigidity - fear of a different kind of bird

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Oh! Ornithophobic! Morgan is ornithophobic! But he's still a pussy. LOL

Sanne Dee said...

Frigidity! LOL! Mark is funny!

The Biseaners seemed to have covered quite alot of Singapore within the few days. Well done!! :)


Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hello Sanne, actually we covered more than what we featured here. If we feature them all at once, this blog is gonna look like an obvious travelogue hahahaha!

And besides, I go there every month anyway, so no rush. Left S'pore this morning, I was a litle sad :-)

Erique Fat Owl said...

I love this place so much!! Been visiting Jurong Bird Park since I was 5! (and that's like, 18 years ago)! Thanks for posting this, Pisanu!

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