Wednesday, June 27, 2007


Contrary to popular belief, Saigon’s nightlife is actually relaxed and laid back. Nope, they don’t have super clubs with the likes of Zouk, Velvet, La Queen or Narcissus but they share a common denominator – white expats. What’s happening to our SE Asia youths nowadays? Where are they partying now? – at least here in Saigon.

Saigon has numerous bars and clubs with international standards in partying, but only a handful rise above the rest. Q Bar Saigon is the best club Saigon has to offer well, at least to my jet setting taste. The interior is classy but exotic, excellent taste in design, the lighting is awesome. This is where the local celebs go – but even if they did, I wouldn’t recognize them, would I? Ha!

Q Bar Saigon is located at Lam Son Square (on District 1) on the basement of The Opera House. The terrace double serve as a spot to relax, eat or just caboodle with your catch for the night. There would be lotsa dancing inside if you’re lucky. I guess we came on off-peak season, yeah? Oh, they serve the best drinks in the city -- try Cyclotini (gin, vermouth and absinthe) -- it's to die for!

We were told that QBar Saigon is actually the original QBar! David Jacobson is the creator of this cool place. The one in Bangkok and Singapore are apparently branches. Cool! And check out their website – its ultra interactive. -- simply the best bar website around.

The next good bar has to be Apocalypse Now where the young and rich Vietnamese go. Lots of stylish and beautiful people and lots of hustlers too.

The other good clubs would have to be Spaceship on Ton Duc Tang Street. This is the largest techno pop club in Saigon. The only one to come close to wild parties of Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur – this is their best bet.

The Catwalk downstairs (I’m staying at New World Hotel Saigon) is as boring as Charlotte Church singing 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'. Whatever you do, if you’re on a tight sked, don’t waste you time there. You can try The Blue Gecko on Ly Tu Trong St. – if you fancy Aussies and Kiwis playing billiards and boozing beers. I already forgot the rest. Honestly, Saigon nightlife needs some face lifting to do.

Take that!



MischMensch said...

Konichiwa, bitches! Lol
I just had to say this I dunno why

hung said...

This sad club is overcrowded and discriminates against its own people, the Vietnamese. Reportedly, it is operated and owned by Vietnamese American(s). How pathetic and un-American to discriminate against their own people. I was furious to see white foreigners with their whores walk right in without having to pay for cover charge while I was demanded to pay 150000 VND (~ 9 USD).

So, if one has any respect for human rights, equality, and decency, one should boycott this club. I am actually looking for any witness to this blatant discrimination to file a complaint against these Vietnamese Americans with the ACLU in the USA. I firmly believe that these people break the oath to uphold the US Constitution.

Shame on those expats who support the existence of such discriminatory practice of Apocalypse Now !!! Where is the pride?

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