Wednesday, August 01, 2007


A reader sent me an email asking why my blog entries are "behaved" for the past few days. -- Is it? Trust me, all my blog entries are as "behaved" as it can get!

Maybe because I'm under "house arrest". No - that's over acting. I cannot be under house arrest - I'm not a politician. I was just advised by my lawyer (as requested by the police) not to leave Thailand in the next 30 days -- because of my row with some fellas last week.

Plus, all my friends are in Europe at the moment. Sofia left last week and Morgan left yesterday. They are both in Paris. Other friends are with their families abroad so, basically, I'm all alone here. Ha! -- that's over acting again. *sigh*

O'right -- For me not to be too behaved, which some of you seem not to like... I'll go out tonight and pick a fight with the first dude who will give me the look. *kidding, but possible* I'll even throw in a little car chase on the side to maximize the danger potential! Woohoo!

Maybe I'll go out on a date tonight -- I do need to get laid, seriously. Or find my cat that's been missing for 2 months now. Or maybe I'll just do a little snooping on my neighbor's panda. Stay tuned.



savante said...

Hi! You wanted me to link to ya? Which site?

travelphilippines said...

ohhh you have a cat.. thats cute.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Savante! That was fast! This one please -- B I S E A N

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Travel...yup, her name is Hugs. I don't know where she went but her passport is with me so I guess she's still in Thailand. :-)

aries said...

i'd like to see(or hear) someone like you bake hehehe

aries said...

hey heard about your youtube ban before...i'd be sad at work if not for youdtube's funny vids

*btw, youtube is the hideout i was talking about

Friedreich Bosch said...

Any news? I'm waiting.

conan_cat said...

woot, the panda is still there?? what's all the police doing = =" swt... so did you got laid hmm?

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Aries...why would you want to see me bake? You mean cakes and cookies? Waaaahhh! I can't even fry an egg!

@ Friedreich...danke. Ja. Bis balt.

@ Conan...I'm not sure if it's still there. I'm sure it's already big!!!

Australiasian said...


Yeah, it would be hilarious, Bernadette is so hot, I reckon she'll kick arse in the sequel, as least I hope! and she should get her own bumble bee too I think!


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