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Mountains make up most of our sceneries. They are the source of our folklores, myths and legends. Southeast Asia has gone gaga over Mt. Everest lately, sending mountaineers to summit the Highest Peak in the World. They did it alright but have they conquered OUR tallest peaks?

What is the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia anyway? – lots of people would know how to answer this. The Internet is full of information about it and they all recognize Mt. Kinabalu in Malaysia as the highest point in our region. Is it really?

1. Hkakabo Razi
5881m, Burma

2. Puncak Jaya
5030m, Indonesia

3. Trikora
4751m, Indonesia

4. Mandala
4701m, Indonesia

5. Mt. Kinabalu
4094m, Malaysia

6. Kerintji
3809m, Indonesia

7. Rinjani
3727m, Indonesia

8. Semeru
3677m, Indonesia

9. Mt. Fansipan
3143m, Vietnam

10. Mt. Agung
3142m, Indonesia

Mt. Kinabalu as the tallest mountain in SE Asia is the product of novel and excellent marketing of tour agencies. These are the tallest mountains in our region and Burma and Indonesia will not tolerate it any longer. Let this list correct all the misconceptions and errors of any list out there.

And don't give me the crap about political, geographical, continental plates whatever...the fact that these mountains are IN Indonesian territory, it means they are officially in Southeast Asia. Anything within Indonesian territory is technically in SE Asia, ok? All mountains in the Indonesian territory are counted and so as the mountains in Burma, no matter how far they are.


The tallest mountain in Laos is Phou Bia (2819 m). The tallest mountain in Thailand is Doi Inthanon (2565m), the tallest mountain in the Philippines is Mt. Apo (2954m), Phnom Aural (1813m) is Cambodia's tallest peak. Bukit Timah (164m) is Singapore's highest.


conan_cat said...

oh my, i never knew that! @_o so the tallest peak is at burma... now i know! now all malaysian geography books need to change already... lol. XD

Sanne Dee said...

The view of Rinjani looks magnificent!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Conan...yeah, they need to change that. The 4th tallest is 700 meter higher than Kinabalu. LOL

@ Sanne...I like Mt. Semeru. Looks so menacing and wicked!

Anonymous said...

You blog is really a renegade. There are informations here that contradicts what we already know. Thank you for enlightening us.

Anonymous said...

Puncak Jaya, Puncak Trikora and Puncak Mandala are all located in Irian Jaya - the Indonesian part of the island of New Guinea ( the other half is Papua New Guinea ), which is in fact geographically AUSTRALASIA ( a different continent ) and NOT ASIA ! Check that out in your geography books.

Which means, Mount Kinabalu is the second highest in SOUTH EAST ASIA after Hkakabo Razi in Myanmar.

Which is still, literally speaking - " the highest " mountain in SEA.

Ha ha ha ha

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

I would appreciate it if you would have the balls to leave a name and a link.

It's you who need to study geography, baby. IS AUSTRALASIA A CONTINENT? Are you XXXXXX or just plain XXXX?

The fact that it's in the territory of Indonesia, which is obviously a Southeast Asian means that whatever they have is included in SE Asia.


Sarawak and Sabah is not originally a territory of Malaysia -- so does it mean that Mt. Kinabalu is NOT a Malaysian mountain?

Think before you speak (I mean type!)

But thank you for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Nice blog I found here! Thanks for the "enlightenment".

My dear Pisanu, geographically New Guinea is not part of Eurasia Plate, hence Asia Continent. The island, and some islands in Maluku located in Australasia Plate. This is then become a political thingy jeopardizing Indonesia's territory. So, geographically, Anonymous is correct. But your def. of SEA as collection of the 11 countries makes your list correct too!

About the Mt. Kinabalu myth you may trace back to older def. of SEA which sometimes excluding Burma (Myanmar).

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hello Panjee. We're glad you liked our blog. I think this is your first time to leave a comment -- we would just like you to know that it is appreciated and always welcome.


Anonymous said...

Well i agree with this blog. The chances of the highest mountain in SEA being in Burma are very high since they are in mainland Asia. The others, however just like the Philippines, are tiny archipelago (w/ the exception of Indonesia) and others are just... what do you call them? - strips? (I don't think so) But Indonesia's superiority in mountains are real proven by their earthquakes. (what does that have to do w/ it) Anyway. I wish there would be huge earthquake (gentle though not to kill) that would make the Philippine plate rise making a huge island and yay! new territories and highest mountains.

Unknown said...

I am just glad our beloved Apo made it. ;) Hehehe, tho, Sabah is a part of the Sulu Sultanate, I personally dont recognize it as part of Malaysia. Sorry my Malaysian friends, but historically you dont have any right to Sabah.

Unknown said...

So funny, I told my Malaysian friend about this.. She was so distraught. LOL. :)

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@! Of course she would be! Malaysian school textbooks indicates Kinabalu as the tallest for decades. And suddenly they will find out that they have been lied to all along! LOL!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't bother me as much about which is the tallest, because I do in fact acknowledge that Kinabalu at 4,095m ( has NEVER been the tallest in SEA.

What bothers me is how you can blindfully potray Sabah and Sarawak as "not original territories" of Malaysia, in a manner of saying "Carlifornia is not originally a territory of USA", when we factually know that there never were any "original territories of Malaysia" before Malaysia came into being. What you might be reffering to is 'Malaya', which does not include Sabah & Sarawak. The article then turns in a misleading sense, turning towards the Sulu Claim as if to fully discredit any reference or recognition of any form made to Kinabalu to date.

I feel rather disappointed that an article with excellent talking points like this should be written with such acute racial overtones and bigotry. I take this article as an insult to Sabahans, particularly the way that it suggests that the Sabahans voice do not have any weight at all in the Sulu claim.

Facts will hold the test of time, and any wrong reference made about Kinabalu as the tallest has slowly been corrected.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

I appreciate your input anonymous and it is very insightful.

But I think you looked at my article in the wrong angle.

I pointed out Sabah because of the fact that many commenters here (which we deleted for nasty words) are disclaiming mountains in Indonesia particularly in the Irian Jaya territory.

They say that these Indonesian mountains are NOT Southeast Asian mountains but Australasian. I have to site them an example that any mountain in Indonesian territory are part of SE Asia.

Same as with mountains in Sabah are Malaysian mountains.

I hope this clears the air.

Thank you for your insights. It is always welcome and appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree with you that Kinabalu is not the highest mountain in SEA. In fact, Kinabalu should be recognized as the "highest climber-friendly mountain in SEA".

That is why I put the above statement in my website here:

Any more comments on this? I am open to suggestion.


Unknown said...

More acurately Mount Kinabalu is the highest point of the Sunda tectonic plate located somewhat in the middle.. most of Thai, all of Cambodia, part of Vietnam and Laos, most of Philippines (about half Luzon), very little of Celebes/Sulawesi, none of New Guinea.

Anonymous said... you really think real people would give a shit about tectonic bullocks?

In the REAL world...we call territories by country NOT tectonic bullshit.

Anonymous said...

indonesia is a country that spans two continents, asia and oceania.

the three mountains mentioned are in oceania, so they are the tallest mountains in oceania and indonesia but not in south-east asia.

the tallest mountain in south-east asia is Hkakabo Razi.

there are other countries which spans two continents, i.e. Turkey, which is partially in Europe and partly in Asia. Russia too has its european part and its asian part.

geography is geography. political borders are not permanent and can change from time to time and it is not scientific to claim otherwise.

Anonymous said...

eg. Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake by volume in Russia. It is also the largest freshwater lake by volume in Asia.
But it is not the largest freshwater lake by volume in Europe for the simple fact that it is not in the European part of Russia.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Anonymous, don't be such a smart all the comments on this thread. IS THERE SUCH A CONTINENT CALLED OCEANIA?

By the sound of are a BIG FAN of beauty pageants. Especially MISS WORLD. Wahahaha!

Don't educate things you yourself don't know.

Anonymous said...

Uneducated people resort to name-calling when challenged.

Anybody who went ever went to school knows there are seven continents:

1) Asia
2) Europe
3) Africa
4) North America
5) South America
6) Antarctica
7) Australia (Oceania)

New Guinea was connected to Australia before the last ice age, before water level rose and created the Torres strait that divided it from Australia.

Anonymous said...

this is my first time i hope i dont spark a fight ... im sorry to say pisanu but anonymous is right...technically the right term for the australian continent is oceania...because of the small islands that are now recognized as countries and lies somewhere east of the mainland australia..i learned that from school i hope its fair to say im correct...

Anonymous said...

Again...where's Brunei, we're starting to feel left out in all the action...yea..we know were a boring peaceful country...haha btw, how could've you known the tallest mountain in Brunei when even I'm not sure... I think its Bukit Teraja in Belait district at around 1000+metres...

Anonymous said...

Pisanu, thanks for setting the record straight.

The arguments on here are so silly. Since when was Indonesia (the country) part of Australia (the only country in the world that is a continent)? Myanmar not part of SE Asia now, huh? So do we tell our leaders to eject them from ASEAN?

In Indonesia we have been taught that Mt Jaya is the tallest peak in SE Asia. But now we know the truth.

Congratulations to Myanmar!

And to our brothers in Malaysia, the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia is not Kinabalu. Period. Why be defensive? You should change your Truly Asia adverts making that untrue claim.


Anonymous said...

@ bruneian

i thought bukit pagon in temburong is taller but mate this is the top 10 tallest mountains in SEA post.. our mountains arent tall enough, get over it!! if u want something to whine about refer to the raja who lost us >90% of our country in the first place ye.

btw- its a great topic but it suddenly turned so factual.. Basically its comparing who has the biggest lump of pointy rock and people are getting so worked up about it! i get the general feeling that eastern malaysia is neglected by the mainland anyway! (just an observation yea, + most of my malaysian friends agree). how many of the malaysians damning the other big pointy rocks have even visited their own? anyway kk is such a splendorous mountain as it is and u cant take that away from it.

p.s. love the blog!

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,

If you are interested in Geography, please research more how many moutains from Burma is in between Mt.Hakaborazi (tallest in SEA) and Mt. Kinabalu (5th mentioned in this blog). According to some credible sources, there are are several mountains to which no foreigner have ever stepped on.

Enjoy with your exploration.

Anonymous said...

hiyaa all,

I accidently got to your site and wow!! what an invigorating debacle... kudos to all those who kept it real...

just to add in on why

MT.Hakaborazi was not reckoned as the tallest mountain in Asia,

well it was not documented and gazeted till Takashi Ozaki scaled it in 1996. Prior to that... the burmese region of the mountain was known to be a black area ...filled with land mines and communist skirkishes. Hence it was never properly explored. Anonymous is right.... in that region there are many other mountains yet to be gazeted.

Due to the unfortunate location of the Borazi..she was denied the title...

p/s: im a malaysian .... climbed KK twice.... loved it... but Borazi is still the tallest in SEA!!!

cheers all..


Anonymous said...

The second highest mountain in SE Asia seems to be in Burma as well. It's called Ganglang Razi(5834m).

shengwei said...

conan_cat said...
oh my, i never knew that! @_o so the tallest peak is at burma... now i know! now all malaysian geography books need to change already... lol. XD

Wois said...

yeah i m very agree this ur sentence "Mt. Kinabalu as the tallest mountain in SE Asia is the product of novel and excellent marketing of tour agencies. "

in fact Kinabalu Mt is not the highest peak in Southeast Asia.

but the height of Kinabalu Mt u given is wrong. Kinabalu Mt is 4101 meter.


Anonymous said...

wow, there is really a big debate going on in here and i think its heating up. Anyways this is a very good write up on the tallest mountains in South East Asia. I'm not really good in geography and the dividing of continents and such. I'm a Sabahan myself and i dont take any prejudice to the new findings for the tallest mountain isnt our Mt. Kinabalu.

However, i have to say that what RIAIN mentioned about Sabah not being a part of Malaysia is utterly nonsense. Before you can convince others on your point, please make sure you recognize the states within Malaysia, and then go deeper into this topic. I would understand why your malaysian friend too much offense to your statement because i felt the same way when i read your statement.

Nevertheless, PISANU i must admit this is really a good write up.

Anonymous said...


Why don't you look up your history books? The government of Malaysia is paying rent to the Sultan of Sulu (which is a Filipino) for Sabah and the Malaysian government KNOWS about this. Before the creation of Malaysia, the British rented Sabah from the Sulu Sultanate. Sabah was a gift by the Sultan of Brunei then when the Sulu Sultan helped him quell a rebellion in his kingdom. THIS IS A FACT that Malaysia tries to hide. Up until now, the Philippines still has a pending claim on Sabah. When the Brits left, instead of returning Sabah to its rightful owners, the Brits gave it to the newly created Federation of Malaya-which is now called Malaysia - a horrible act of which was tantamount to stealing an entire territory. You did not know that didn't you? The way Sabahans treat Filipinos in Sabah is abominable, unacceptable and inhumane.

Before making any such comments, please do read your history well, and look it up in an independent source. I do not want to discuss everything here, because this is off-topic already.

While I do not want to provoke enmity between Malaysians and Filipinos- I have many good Malaysian friends- it is best that you study or research your comments very well before making them.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,
The debate over highest mountains in South East Asia would not end with this list. Here is a list of mountains and their approximate heights. Most of them are located near Hkakabo Razi. I'm afraid to say they would push Mt. Kinabalu to further down to the list.
• Hkakabo Razi 5881m(19296 ft)
• Ganlang-Razi 5867m (19142 ft)
• Mt. Pangram (4,655m)
• Mt. Phonyin (4,560m)
• Mt.Phone Kan Razi (3655 m)
There are still many mountainous areas in Burma where the mountain heights are never been measured.

jad adrian said...

1. Hkakaborazi, 5881m, Myanmar
2. Ganlanrazi, 5834m, Myanmar
3. Dindawrazi, 5464m, Myanmar
4. Sheankalarazi, 4998m, Myanmar
5. Puncak Jaya, 4884m, Indonesia
6. Trikora, 4751m, Indonesia
7. Mandala, 4701m, Indonesia
8. Pangramrazi, 4655m, Myanmar
9. Phonnyinrazi, 4560m, Myanmar
10. Mt. Kinabalu, 4094m, Malaysia

But i got some argument here;

1) Mount Kinabalu is STILL THE HIGHEST in South East Asia in term of PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY.
* Three peaks in Irian Jaya, Indonesia (Puncak Jaya- 4884m, Trikora- 4751m, Mandala- 4701m) are BELONGS to the Bismarck Range of Papua New Guinea (Oceania).
*While SIX more peaks in Myanmmar are BELONGS to Himalaya range where the highest peak 8848m (Everest.
*So, the NINE peaks which surpassed the peak of mount Kinabalu (4095m) are not actually BELONGS to either Indonesia and Myanmmar. Another story for mount Kinabalu which is the highest peak of the the crocker range which is within the boundary of Sabah, Malaysia.

2) In term of POLITICAL or BOUNDARIES Mt. Kinabalu at the 10th.

Yet, politic is changes and changes.... and physical geography as well (a thousand years ago)..........


Hijjaz said...

But the most dangerous effect mountain eruption goes to Tambora Mountain in SUMBAWA, INDONEsia
check out!

lilis indriyani said...

look like, malaysian still argue that the mount of kinabalu that thay promoted well as the highest, now known very low in southeast asia .. if malaysian claimed it , i think they have to reflect , that that must be filipinos'... and whatever the the arguments about , we still argue that although its in the same mountain to himalaya , but as territory , its in southeast asia! you have to know also about tambora (sumbawa-indonesia) . before erupted , it was 4270 meters.. so , before it also , kinabalu still nothing.. SO, MOUNT KINABALU IS NOTHING.... NOTHING THAN MOUNTAINS IN OTHER REGIONS... CONGRATULATIONS FOR MYANMAR!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I dont know why Malaysians are really disgustingly arrogant.
M. Kinabalu, by the fact, is not the tallest in Southeast asia.
Myanmar and Indonesia have taller mountains. If u count Papua/Irian Jaya is not the part of Southeast Asia, well, at least Myanmar still has many higher peaks than Kinabalu.

Please my friend, dont act foolishly, dont be a hypocrite, accept the true fact. Forget all ur teacher said bout that hoaxxxx.

non-conformis said...

Dear all,
I have accidentally found this site when I was searching for tallest peak.
It seems everyone just listens to what they want to hear.
They are mixing Geography with political border (with lots of emotions).
From the data presented, i can savely say the following:
1. Mynmar has the tallest peak among the countries member of ASEAN.
2. Geographically, the New Guinea Island is part of Oceania and hence not part of south East Asia.
(pls don't confuse this with ASEAN, which is a political body and has nothing to do with geography)

as of the Sulu claim over Sabah, what about the voices of the Sabah native?
Had they not given their vote in the 1963 referandum to join the Malaysia Federation?
Is this not enough as a democratic resolution to show what the Sabah natives want?

If the logic of a piece of land belonged to some kingdoms should be re-claimed, regardless of the wills of its natives, then the decendents of Manjapahit can claim large part of current Indonesia, Sulu may claim part of current Philipines and becomes a independent country etc...
how's that?
can you swallow that?

Have a nice day


TRA said...

this is good one and visit for more about mountainsummits

Unknown said...


omni said...

hello All!
listen here...

i am burmese, and iam very happy here as i just know that mountain Hkakabo Razi 5881m(19296 ft)in my country are the highest in South East Asia! congrat to all burmese!!

i know too that my country just joined ASEAN a couple of years ago. but however the location of our country is still in SEA.

the lack of exploration in my country's highland region make this uncover untill malaysia declared that his country has the tallest mt. in SEA. thats true i think. but now not anymore as we all are know the new discovery.

for Mt. in papua, indonesia i accept it as the highest in their country. but doesn't mean for SEA.
even though Papua New Guinea is in their effort today to join ASEAN, but they still included in Oceania as many other small islands of P.N.Guinea (in east coast) are considered pacific/Oceania

And FYI, Oceania are Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea Island and the pacific islands such Fiji and Samoa etc.

so CONGRATS to Indonesia for have a such Transcontinental country that span in Asia and Oceania Continent, such like Russia.
and DYN, where is Europe Continent?
its best describe as Eurasia actually! Europe just a fake continent and only region in fact!

i think, southern region of Sulu in Philippines should be separated as people there don't want to be in Philippines anymore as many of them are Muslim (descendent's of Malay Sulu sultanate)and they claimed for independence. in this case, Philippines actually steal their lands to form the Philippines..

this is similar to what happen on southern Thailand where Malays region are captured by Thai in 1909 treaty without agreement from sultans.

-Geography and history needs each other-

Unknown said...

Your exhaustively researched list somehow missed Taiwan's Jade Mountain, or Yu Shan, which is 3,952m tall.

James (Jeffrey) T Wang said...

some good reading material.

James (Jeffrey) T Wang said...

Taiwan's not geologically nor geopolitically part of SEA, it's part of East Asia.

meme said...

damn man. i climbed kinabalu and though i was on top of south east asia. thanks alot man.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud that puncak jaya or cartenzs is one of 7 summit,right?

James (Jeffrey) T Wang said...

Are Papuan? (melanesian)
If so you have every right to be proud.

If you're not, & you're prepared to learn/acknowledge the true history of West Papua's integration into Indonesia...

Then you wouldn't be so proud.

Anonymous said...

papua is not in all mountains in Papua is out of the league...

Previously Mountains at Burma not yet gazette hence their height unknown until now....

So the term tallest Mountain used by Kinabalu is correct previously, but now new facts should be change..

James (Jeffrey) T Wang said...

Correct, technically most islands east of Lombok in Indonesia are part of a different continent.


Anonymous said...

Mountaineers regard the Seven Summits as one of the holy grails in mountain climbing. And what are the Seven Summits? The tallest mountain in each of the respective Seven Continents:

1) North America - Denali
2) South America - Aconcagua
3) Africa - Kilimanjaro
4) Europe - Elbrus
5) Antarctica - Vinson
6) Asia - Everest

and *drumroll*

7) Oceania - Puncak Jaya a.k.a. Carstensz Pyramid

Which supports the point that Puncak Jaya, Trikora, Mandala are all in Oceania and not in Asia, much less South-East Asia.

James (Jeffrey) T Wang said...

^ This ^

Downsouth said...

I live in Indonesian part of Borneo. I am proud that Borneo as an island and Indonesia as a country have world respected peaks regardless of geopolitical and geographical arguments that has been posted over the years.

But as an Indonesian I never perceive Indonesia as a country that spans two continents. I would consider Indonesia as Archipelagic Asia as oppose to Continental Asia, but not as Oceanic.

James (Jeffrey) T Wang said...

"But as an Indonesian I never perceive Indonesia as a country that spans two continents."

Well the simple fact is it does.
Both geologically & biologically.

Just because this may offend your nationalistic sensibilities, doesn't mean you should ignore these simple facts.

Why is it so terrible for you that Indonesia straddles more then one region geologically, biologically, & to some extent geopolitically?

It's quite unique IMO!
But remember...

Plz ensure your military, pm, & police don't treat Papuans like shit just because they're different to people from the eastern-half of Indonesia.

Then the world will gradually 100% accept your claim to that region.

Rene said...

The statement about Mount Kinabalu being the tallest mountain in Southeast Asia is also written in Malaysia Truly Asia tourism commercial.

Indonesians have long raised the issue accusing Malaysia of somewhat claiming some of their cultural heritages. I'm not saying that I agree with the above statement, nor do I condone the bashful behavior of Indonesians towards Malaysians in the internet. But facts are facts, and therefore such claims can not be published without further explanation. Therefore, Malaysian geography syllabus needs some reviewing.

Politically speaking, Indonesia is NOT a country which spans two continents. Its people feel that they are fully a part of Asia, more specifically Southeast Asia. It's not a member of any political organization or bond strictly for countries in the Oceania region, therefore making it fully a part of Asia.

Talking about plate tectonics, it is true that the 3 Papuan peaks are in another tectonic plate. However, Hkakabo Razi is in the same tectonic plate as the rest of Southeast Asia, therefore making it completely eligible to be compared with Kinabalu. It being in a mountain range connected to countries in other political regions (India and Nepal in South Asia, and China in East Asia) doesn't make it any less part of Southeast Asia, as it is in Myanmar, a Southeast Asian country.

And to Jed:
Our military forces treated East Timorese like shit, but never Papuans. The fact that our government pay more attention to international investors that dig up resources in Papua than to actual Papuan people is also happening to people in the Indonesian part of Borneo. And that does not make people in Indonesian Borneo less Indonesian or less Asian, thus the same goes with Papuans. Plus, we don't have a PM. Please get your facts straight before you comment.

James (Jeffrey) T Wang said...

"Politically speaking, Indonesia is NOT a country which spans two continents."

I never said "politically speaking".
Politically speaking, whether a country spans two continents or not generally has little significance.

"Its people feel that they are fully a part of Asia, more specifically Southeast Asia. It's not a member of any political organization or bond strictly for countries in the Oceania region, therefore making it fully a part of Asia."

I'm not sure what point you're making here.
I don't see how you can speak on behalf of such a massive demographic.

"Our military forces treated East Timorese like shit,"

Respect for ackknowledging this, "tips hat!" :)

"...but never Papuans."

You are kidding me right?
You're either very naive, or very nationalistic/racist.
I hope to God it is the former :(
May I suggest that you read/watch much more than just local content.

"The fact that our government pay more attention to international investors that dig up resources in Papua than to actual Papuan people is also happening to people in the Indonesian part of Borneo. And that does not make people in Indonesian Borneo less Indonesian, thus the same goes with Papuans."

I agree with most aspects of this.
It is true that the govt's overly centralised structure (despite promised reforms), & the dominance of the military in many sectors, coupled with rampant corruption/nepotism, has caused alienation in many parts, not just WP.

But in making the point that people elsewhere in Indon. are alienated because of similar reasons to WP... You've conveniently left out many extra facts why Melanesian WP's are alienated.
Perhaps you are honestly unaware?

"Plus, we don't have a PM. Please get your facts straight before you comment."

By PM I meant para-military, I'm well aware you don't have a PM, I am a citizen after all ;)

James (Jeffrey) T Wang said...

Dual citizenship w00t!

Indon. is awesome, but it has many deep flaws, and I want her to come to terms with them...

Everything should be put on the table.
Even the 60yr lynch-pin concept of a unitary state.
Let justice & human rights for all prevail.


James (Jeffrey) T Wang said...

I'd love to stick around & explain what you might not know in relation to Indonesia's history, & Jakarta's relationship with it's easternmost territories.
But I fear it'll turn into nothing but a massive flame-war, & I simply don't have the time for that these days, so regretfully I'm unsubscribing :(
I would just beg that you try to keep an open mind on history/facts, & "always" question the "official account" of events...

All the best.

James (Jeffrey) T Wang said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
James (Jeffrey) T Wang said...

"Dual citizenship w00t!"

Correction, technically I'm not dual, but In practice I am :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the list and information with it. It's very enlightening. And yes I agree with you. Good job.

Anonymous said...

everybody knows that Malaysians are STUPID :D

Anonymous said...

im sabahan and i always knew about this. the text book is spouting crap just like the current government. they(umno government) literally trying to rewrite history and changing the obvious fact to they liking.

Anonymous said...

Theres something wrong the information here. Yes indeed Mount Kinabalu is not the tallest mountain in South East Asia, but it is actually the THIRD tallest in South East Asia with (4,093 m) not FIFTH as mentioned above.You should correct your fact and you can check wikipedia on tallest mountains in south east asia if you dont believe me. this is the link :)

leoarmada said...

This is cool... Hkakabo Razi is indeed the tallest. I read this fact in an encyclopedia (Americana by GRolier) sometime in 1997. Already 16 years but still no revision on our text books. I always had to reiterate this fact to our fellow friends. Our text books are really outdated : and the only revision they would make is facelift and re-write to their interest :-)

john said...

Mount kinabalu is the tallest in geograohicak south east asia. Simple as that. Mountain is a geographical issue, not a political issue.

Okay what about this, simple fact.

in fact, those who follows the wikipedia list, do read the chinese version here, which explains exactly what is the difference between political and geographical boundaries

another simple exammple.
80 years ago, burma belongs to Britain. Britain is a European Country. So by political argument, Hakkabo Razi is the tallest mountain in Europe!

immagine is China decides to join the ASEAN(Asean is a community and they can join, just like Burma), The tallest mountain in South East Asia is now Everest!

Unknown said...

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