Saturday, August 04, 2007

The SIMPOR: Brunei's National Flower

The Simpor (Dillenia Suffruticosa) tree has large bright yellow petals and large leaves. When fully in bloom, the petals spreading out like an umbrella.

The image of the Simpor flower is found on the Brunei one-dollar bank note. It is also widely used in Brunei in art design for traditional handicrafts. The Simpor is commonly found along the rivers in Brunei, especially the Temburong River, and also at swamp or white sand areas. Most parts of the tree have multiple uses, for instance, the treatment of wounds.


Southeast Asia’s National Flowers

--ASEAN Sec, Pisanu


Awangku said...

Bunga Simpur symbolises diversity of nature. The colour of the flower itself represents the monarchy rule of the sultanate since yellow is a colour that symbolises royalty in many parts of Southeast Asia.

The broad leaves provides shade for young plants growing near by helping them to grow: this hints the nation's tendency and dream to protect and preserve her natural treasures.

Brunei!!!! The green heart of Borneo and SEA

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