Sunday, April 01, 2007


Now pay attention. This one's gonna go reaaaalllyyyy fast...who says an F1 Race Car driver can't be sexy? Huh? Take this!

Presenting the most beautiful Malaysian dude I have ever seen...

ALEX YOONG is an English-Malaysian F1 race car driver. Born of an English mother Joanna Bean and a Malaysian father named Hanifah Yoong on 20 July 1976. He started racing when he was 16 and he is the first Formula1 driver in Malaysia. Bi-racial Asians are truly competitive in any field. He now races for A1 Team Malaysia and had a latest win in Mexico. Going to Shanghai on April 15 for the Shanghai International Circuit. TAKE THAT!

Pretty face, fast reflexes, and lean sexy body...what more can you ask for? -
- No! Don't answer that question!!! I know what you're thinking.


Yoong initially struggled to remain visible in international motorsports. A promising start in the American Champcar series in 2003 (9th in Mexico), his season was cut short due to the team's lack of funds, and Yoong failed to impress in his few drives in the Australian V8 Supercar series in 2004. He has remained an enthusiastic promoter of motorsports in his home country however, and has been seen doing media and Formula 1 commentating work for Malaysian television and ESPN-Star. He also co-presents Formula One live coverage at 8TV.

AND here's his pic taken years ago for British Vogue...Take that!

And of course, the obligatory posting of his website...although I know that if you click it, you'll leave my blog for the day...:-(




Makes me wanna rip that track suit off him to see what's inside. Hehe.

[R][I][V][E][R] said...

Eversince I saw Alex in Sepang, I prayed to all the gods to make him "bi" (at least!)...then voila! He got married!...(*smiling naughtily)...hmmm...that's a good sign! Come here Alex dude! Let's kiss. LOL.

Morgan heritier said...

WOW! Me and my girlfriend would love to have him for a night please. Thank you river. Send him to us.

reyna elena said...

WELL, is HE?! Com'on! Give us the scoop! He's really cute!!! Ugh! I love Malaysians!!!

Anonymous said...

haha...he already marry to arianna teoh, Miss Malaysia World 1997 and second runner up to Miss World on the same year..

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