Saturday, June 30, 2007

PERFECT SPECIMEN: Oliver Poupart | โอลิเวอร์ พูพาร์ท

Oliver Poupart is one of the most recognizable faces on Thai television.

Oliver made a handful of movies including the epic "The King Maker" where he sported a really bad hairdo. LOL. He has also endorsed big products inlcuding the recent Nissan Cefiro campaign. He was one of the most photographed celebrities in the 90's.

More pics here...

Oliver Poupart. Perfect specimen.


Friday, June 29, 2007


Every often-visited country in the world has famous streets that are instantly recognizable and absurdly become a symbol of the country itself. To name a few -- there’s Rodeo Drive, Silom Road, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Champs Elysee, Gran Via, Roxas Blvd., Jalan Jaksa, Abbey Road – and who in the world haven’t heard of Orchard Road?

In the 1800s, Orchard Road was an alley with pepper and fruits plantation on either side – this is where it got its name. But full scale modernization and commercialization started only in the 1970s.

This road is synonymous to shopping. The largest, the most modern, the busiest shopping malls are located here. Ngee Ann City houses Louis Vuitton and other luxury brands and the largest bookstore in Southeast Asia (Kinokuniya). There's also the Scott’s, Wisma Atria, Plaza Singapura, Singapore’s very own Tang’s, the Paragon, the Centerpoint, Raffle’s Place and Lucky Plaza -- where Filipinos meet on weekends! So many shopping malls here that seasoned professional shopper Sofia have to stay for more than a week to cover it all! Intellectual Morgan, with his elite IQ -- took the challenge of counting the beggars we come across -- he counted 17! Don't mind them; chances are, if they're Singaporeans, they got more money than us.

This historic road is not exclusive for shopping, entertainment and begging -- Down the road is The Istanathe official residence of the President of Singapore! This has to be the most beautiful building in this area.

In the 1860s, a part of land along Orchard Road was acquired by King Chulalongkorn (Rama V) of Thailand and this is now our Royal Thai Embassy! Woohooo! Thailand boleh also lah!

Orchard Road is a one way street, ok? –remember that. But since I’m quite sure you won’t be coming here by driving yourself, any taxi will do –they are one of the most honest ones in our region, so don’t be afraid to take a cab. If you’re using the Metro (Subway, Tube or whatever you call it), get off Dhoby Ghaut Station. Please remember NOT to get off Orchard Station because it’s actually on Scott’s Road. Ha!

No need to say a lot about Orchard, it's better to see it for yourself.

Take that!


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We are staying at the Meritus Mandarin, which is located on Orchard Road. It's not the best of the best but still a good deal for SGD 360 a night (Executive floor) but no complaints --this hotel is closest to the action! And that is what we came here for! So shut up.

Speaking of Dhoby Ghaut Station on my earlier post– we met a new friend at a party last night at Zouk, her name is Abby she’s everything a local should be when hosting visitors how? – by giving us information we don’t need to know…

**we, getting off the Dhoby Ghaut station from Marina Bay, still deep down the tunnel***

“Did you know that this station used to be a cemetery?” Abby, in her charming Singaporean accent.

Nobody said a thing. Then maybe she thought we didn’t hear her – she said the same exact thing again – only louder.

“DID YOU KNOW THAT THIS STA..." I cut her off --“We heard you Abby, so shut up.” I said calmly. I guess she sensed that Sofia, Morgan and I are pussies.

By this time, we already found our Exit B to Plaza Singapura. Sofia needed more arms to carry her shopping bags – I won’t help her – I already have mine! Ha!

Abby, again, broke the silence…”AND Ngee Ann City…” she directed to Sofia “…used to be a cemetery too.”

“It’s okay; there are other LV outlets around Singapore, honey” Sofia keeping her cool, still struggling with her loots. I so need nicotine and caffeine by now.

We kept walking and THERE IT IS! The light of day just above the escalator …Ha! Abby and her cemetery stories, pffft! – I regained my ground, gathered my machismo and said;

“So Abby..." I teased her "...any more of those cemetery places around here?”

“Oh yes lah, Meritus Mandarin.”




The recently concluded International Children's Games in Reyjavik, Iceland was a success. It was held on 20-25 June. Over 900 athletes for 36 countries participated. And the brother of our blog mates Aidil & Shaz won a bronze! Congratulations again to your bro, Shaz!

Games like these are good training grounds for our young athletes and we must continue to support them anyway we can.

All in all, our region got a total of 30 medals --
12 Golds, 14 Silvers and 4 Bronzes.

Here they are:


[Gold] Nurul Jannah Bte Mohd Zulkifli - Singapore (Longjump girls)
[Gold] Team Singapore (4 x 100m girls)
[Gold] Team Singapore (4 x 100m boys)
[Silver] Nuttapong Dara - Thailand (100m boys)
[Bronze] Sharir Mohd Anuar - Singapore (100m boys)


[Gold] Team Thailand
[Gold] Prinyawat Thongnuam - Thailand (boys single)
[Silver] Pisit Poodchalat - Thailand (boys single)
[Bronze] Jiayi Koh - Singapore (boys single)
[Bronze] Team Singapore


[Silver] Ariya Jutanugarn - Thailand (girls)
[Silver] Korntawach Julamool - Thailand (boys)


[Gold] Ketin Nuttapong - Thailand (200m Medley Boys)
[Gold] Bin Mohamed Kamal Dzulhaili - Singapore (100m Fly Boys)
[Gold] Chan Kelvin Wai How - Singapore (50m Breaststroke Boys)
[Gold] Team Thailand (4x100m Freestyle Boys)
[Gold] Ketin Nuttapong - Thailand (100m Breaststroke Boys)
[Gold] Hirunvichit Puttipong - Thailand (100m Backstroke Boys)
[Gold] Team Thailand (4x100m Medley Boys)
[Silver] Pang Sheng Jun - Singapore (200m Medley Boys)
[Silver] Hirunvichit Puttipong - Thailand (50m Backstroke Boys)
[Silver] Pang Sheng Jun - Singapore (50m Breaststroke Boys)
[Silver] Team Singapore (4x100m Freestyle Boys)
[Silver] Pang Sheng Jun - Singapore (100m Breaststroke Boys)
[Silver] Bin Mohamed Kamal Dzulhaili - Singapore (50m Fly Boys )
[Silver] Lim Amanda Xiang Qi - Singapore (100m Freestyle Girls)
[Silver] Lim CleBoyst Yong En - Singapore (50m Freestyle Boys)
[Silver] Sontana Punyawee - Thailand (400m Freestyle Boys)
[Silver] Team Singapore (4x100m Medley Boys)
[Bronze] Chan Kelvin Wai How - Singapore (100m Breaststroke Boys)

The 2008 Games will be held in San Francisco. The 2009 in Athens and the 2010 in Manama, Bahrain.

Cheers to our young atheletes! Cheers to ASEAN!


Thursday, June 28, 2007

Southeast Asia's EMBLEMS and COAT OF ARMS

A national emblem or coat of arms symbolically represents a nation.
These are the proud emblems of our region.

Malaysia and Singapore shares the tiger (not the lion) as part of their national emblems. Both Thailand and Indonesia chose a Garuda. The Philippines, also has a lion (in Hispanic style) and still bears a Bald Eagle on it's coat -- the symbol widely referred to as the United States. Burma has 2 Singha lions and East Timor's coats are all deadly weapons. The Cambodian emblem is the emblem of the Khmer Monarchy. Laos and Vietnam bears the symbols of communism.

The countries with mottos on their coats are Singapore --"Majulah Singpura" (Onward Singapore), Malaysia --"Bersekutu Bertambah Mutu" (Unity is Strength), Brunei -- "Always in service with God's guidance" in Arabic script, Indonesia -- "Bhinneka Tunggal lka" (Unity in Divesity), Laos --"Peace, Independence, Democracy" and "Unity and Prosperity." The rest just bears the official name of the country.



Many people are 100% gay or lesbian, and are drawn sexually and emotionally only to partners of the same sex. Others are completely heterosexual, bonding in sexual and intimate relationships only with people of another sex. But what about everybody else? A significant percentage of people do not fit neatly into either of these categories, because they experience sexual and emotional attractions and feelings for people of different genders at some point during their lives. For lack of a better term, they are called bisexuals, although many people prefer to call themselves "pansexual," "non- preferential," "sexually fluid," "ambisexual," or "omni-sexual."

As you can see, there is no simple definition of bisexuality, and bisexual people are a very diverse group. There are several theories about different models of bisexual behavior. J. R. Little identifies at least 13 types of bisexuality, as defined by sexual desires and experiences. They are:

Alternating bisexuals: may have a relationship with a man, and then after that relationship ends, may choose a female partner for a subsequent relationship, and many go back to a male partner next.

Circumstantial bisexuals: primarily heterosexual, but will choose same sex partners only in situations where they have no access to other-sex partners, such as when in jail, in the military, or in a gender-segregated school.

Concurrent relationship bisexuals: have primary relationship with one gender only but have other casual or secondary relationships with people of another gender at the same time.

Conditional bisexuals: either straight or gay/lesbian, but will switch to a relationship with another gender for financial or career gain or for a specific purpose, such as young straight males who become gay prostitutes or lesbians who get married to men in order to gain acceptance from family members or to have children.

Emotional bisexuals: have intimate emotional relationships with both men and women, but only have sexual relationships with one gender.

Integrated bisexuals: have more than one primary relationship at the same time, one with a man and one with a woman.

Exploratory bisexuals: either straight or gay/lesbian, but have sex with another gender just to satisfy curiosity or "see what it's like."

Hedonistic bisexuals: primarily straight or gay/lesbian but will sometimes have sex with another gender primarily for fun or purely sexual satisfaction.

Recreational bisexuals: primarily heterosexual but engage in gay or lesbian sex only when under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.

Isolated bisexuals: 100% straight or gay/lesbian now but has had at one or more sexual experience with another gender in the past.

Latent bisexuals: completely straight or gay lesbian in behavior but have strong desire for sex with another gender, but have never acted on it.

Motivational bisexuals: straight women who have sex with other women only because a male partner insists on it to titillate him.

Transitional bisexuals: temporarily identify as bisexual while in the process of moving from being straight to being gay or lesbian, or going from being gay or lesbian to being heterosexual. Many of these people might not call themselves bisexual, but because they are attracted to and have relationships with both men and women, they are in fact bisexual.

While literally millions of people are bisexual, most keep their sexual orientation secret, so bisexual people as a group are nearly invisible in society. Gay men and lesbian women have long recognized the need to join together, create community, and to organize politically. Long years of hard work have led to significant gains in political and human rights, as well as a visible and thriving gay and lesbian community. Bisexual people have been much slower to come out of the closet, create community, and form political and social networks to gain visibility and political clout. Many bisexual people have spent decades working in gay and lesbian organizations, and in recent years, bisexuals have become more accepted as part of the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender community. However, the rigid dichotomy between gay and straight has caused many bisexuals to feel alienated and rejected by gay men and lesbian women, and in recent years many independent bisexual political and social groups have sprung up.

Many bisexual people complain that they feel like outsiders in both the straight and gay/lesbian worlds, and that they can't fit in anywhere, feeling isolated and confused.

Many gay men feel that bisexual men are really gay, that they are just in denial about being Gay, and that they should "just get over it." Many straight men are homophobic and hate and fear both bisexual and gay men, often victimizing them with harassment and physical violence. Many straight women reject bisexual men out of misguided fears that they have AIDS, and admonish them to "stop sitting on the fence and make up their minds." Bisexual women are often distrusted by lesbians for "sleeping with the enemy," hanging onto heterosexual privileges through relationships with men, and betraying their allegiance to women and feminism. Straight women often reject bisexual women out of fear they will make sexual overtures and try to "convert" them to being bisexual.

Some people see bisexuality as inherently subversive because it blurs the boundaries, confronting both heterosexuals and gay men and lesbian women with sexual ambiguity. As a result, bisexuality challenges concepts of sexuality, traditional relationship and family structures, monogamy, gender, and identity.

Bisexuals cannot conform to the ethics of either the gay or straight world or they would not be bisexual. Instead they must re-invent personal ethics and values for themselves, and create responsible lifestyles and relationships that serve their needs even though they don't fit anyone else's rules.

Some researchers have note that being bisexual is in some ways similar to being bi-racial. Mixed-race persons generally don't feel comfortable or accepted by people of either ethnic group, feeling that they don't belong or fit in anywhere, as their existence challenges the very concept of race. Like bisexual people, they spend most of their lives moving between two communities that don't really understand or accept them. Like biracial people, bisexual people must struggle to invent their own identities to correspond to their own experience. Forming a bisexual identity helps bisexual people to structure, to make sense of , and to give meaning and definition to their reality.


Take that!

--Kathy Labriola

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

OUR TREASURES: Changi Airport

There’s only one airport in Southeast Asia that keeps winning just about any “Best Airport” awards in the worldSingapore’s Changi Airport. What makes this little enclave so magnetic anyway? Whose idea is it to give this place almost a hotel like feeling to it? Why does everybody – from airport-dwelling backpackers to seasoned travelers only have good things to say about this airport?

Their secret? – UPGRADING. While we go ga-ga over other airport's internet cafes, prayer rooms, shopping, and good eats; Changi upgraded it all -- free mobile charging, free tours of the city, alarm clocks on the chairs, a swimming pool and Jacuzzi, massage and spa facilities, live bands, extensive gardens, a special "official" napping corner, and free movies. Is there any airport like this around our village called Southeast Asia? Or even the whole world!?

One of their add-ons is the Free Singapore Tour. If you have five hours to spare between connecting flights, you can register for the free 2 hour Singapore tour, which will take you around the river area, and includes a 20 minute bumboat ride. Available from 10am to 7pm with the last booking available at 6:30pm. Seats are limited though.

Changi Airport was officially opened on 29 December 1981 although it was operational since the 1st of July -- The very first flight it accommodated was Singapore Airlines flight SQ 101, carried 140 passengers from Kuala Lumpur, touched-down at 7:00 am on that day.

Is there such as thing as a “five star airport”? – If there is, Singapore’s Changi Airport is one of the world’s few. Absoloutely one of Southeast Asia’s treasures.


--Pisanu in Singapore


Contrary to popular belief, Saigon’s nightlife is actually relaxed and laid back. Nope, they don’t have super clubs with the likes of Zouk, Velvet, La Queen or Narcissus but they share a common denominator – white expats. What’s happening to our SE Asia youths nowadays? Where are they partying now? – at least here in Saigon.

Saigon has numerous bars and clubs with international standards in partying, but only a handful rise above the rest. Q Bar Saigon is the best club Saigon has to offer well, at least to my jet setting taste. The interior is classy but exotic, excellent taste in design, the lighting is awesome. This is where the local celebs go – but even if they did, I wouldn’t recognize them, would I? Ha!

Q Bar Saigon is located at Lam Son Square (on District 1) on the basement of The Opera House. The terrace double serve as a spot to relax, eat or just caboodle with your catch for the night. There would be lotsa dancing inside if you’re lucky. I guess we came on off-peak season, yeah? Oh, they serve the best drinks in the city -- try Cyclotini (gin, vermouth and absinthe) -- it's to die for!

We were told that QBar Saigon is actually the original QBar! David Jacobson is the creator of this cool place. The one in Bangkok and Singapore are apparently branches. Cool! And check out their website – its ultra interactive. -- simply the best bar website around.

The next good bar has to be Apocalypse Now where the young and rich Vietnamese go. Lots of stylish and beautiful people and lots of hustlers too.

The other good clubs would have to be Spaceship on Ton Duc Tang Street. This is the largest techno pop club in Saigon. The only one to come close to wild parties of Bangkok, Singapore or Kuala Lumpur – this is their best bet.

The Catwalk downstairs (I’m staying at New World Hotel Saigon) is as boring as Charlotte Church singing 'Hit Me Baby One More Time'. Whatever you do, if you’re on a tight sked, don’t waste you time there. You can try The Blue Gecko on Ly Tu Trong St. – if you fancy Aussies and Kiwis playing billiards and boozing beers. I already forgot the rest. Honestly, Saigon nightlife needs some face lifting to do.

Take that!


Tuesday, June 26, 2007

THE RAIN TOOK IT'S TOLL: Saigon to Singapore

Sorry, I can't take it anymore. If I wanted to stay all day all night in a hotel room, I should do it in Oriental Hotel in Bangkok -- Asia's finest hotel, mind you. From Saigon to Hanoi, Hanoi to Saigon, Halong Bay, Ben Thanh, QBar and all -- RAIN! ALL RAIN! NOTHING BUT RAIN! *sigh*

We'll cut our 10-day adventure here in Vietnam to exactly 7 days and fly to sunny Singapore tomorrow. Vietnam Airlines Flight VN741 leaves Saigon at 10:35am, arrive in Singapore 1:25pm. This is so me -- if anything goes wrong or didn't come out according to plan -- fucken FLY AWAY! Ha! Take That!

Morgan and I will meet Sofia, who's been on a shopping pilgrimage in Singapore for a week now. She got us tickets to a piano festival on Thursday *omg! just kill me!*, a food festival somewhere and *hold your breath while I kill myself*-- Christina Aguilera's concert on Saturday. Ha! She said she also met a couple of nice Chinese peeps who invited her/us to a Dragonboat festival or something. We'll see when we get there.

No time table yet but maybe we'll stay for a few days over there. The first thing I'll do is get my arse down Siloso beach and sunbathe the day away. It's one of the most happening beaches around y'know, so shut up.

Tomorrow, 早安 Singapura! Wooohoooo!


PERFECT SPECIMEN: Ananda Everingham | อนันดา เอเวอริ่งแฮม

Born of true love.

Ananda Matthew Everingham is a Lao-Australian actor who made it big in the Thai film industry. You may recognize him from his role in the 2004 Asia-wide film phenomenon "Shutter". He was born in Thailand on 31 May 1982 and attended school in Bangkok and Australia.

If you have seen the 1983 NBC Telly movie "Love Is Forever" about an Australian photojournalist who swam the great Mekong River to rescue the Lao woman he loves --here he is, the fruit of an eternal love between a man and a woman. It was in 1977 when America ruthlessly bombed Laos just for the heck of it.

More pics of Ananda...

Ananda recently starred in 4 movies this year including the controversial "Me...Myself" about a man who had amnesia and thought he was gay -- or something like that. The movie created a stir in the gay community claiming that the movie gives misleading notions about being gay and didn't give justice to gay life in "reality". --yeah whatever.

Ananda has become one of our region's superstars -- he'll do more movies in the future that will go beyond the borders of Southeast Asia.


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