Thursday, May 31, 2007


There's this tiny little German brewery pub on Ram Inthra Road attempting a publicity stunt. What's with the crap of banning smoking in their pub? Are they trying to set a trend in Bangkok? It's all over the papers! Goddamit! And I hate to see and hear rubbish like this! I really hope they are not wanting to set a trend!

If Thailand adapts something like what Ireland, Norway and Bhutan is doing, this tiny little pub is gonna hear from me with all my smoking wrath!

I also heard from one of our blogmate Sanne, that Singapore is going to do the same stunt. It gives me the creeps imagining myself in my favorite weekend destination, partying like hell, boozing like a fish AND CAN'T f*cken SMOKE? Waaaaaah!


If something like this happen here, I'm gonna move to Malaysia en sequida! At least they would only kill me with the prices of their cigarettes. OH! Oh! Better move to the Philippines! Cigarettes there are f*cken cheap and they don't have this shitty-no-smoking-in-pubs bullshit! YEAH! I'm moving to the Philippines!

Why are they suddenly being cruel to SMOKERS? We f*cken pay taxes too! Do we ask money from non-smokers to buy OUR cigarettes? Do we steal and rob the banks to buy our f*cken cigarettes? Do we smuggle people for illegal labour just to have money and buy cigarettes? No! This is my lungs and I would do whatever I want to it! F*cken out! I'm really pissed now!

I'm not gonna even start on responsible smoking issue. Hell no! I'm a long time smoker and I know the etiquettes and shits. No need to lecture me on that!

Oh! I GOT AN IDEA! -- Why don't you just put us smokers all in one island and nuke us to smitherines? Huh? Huh?!!

YOU WON'T? -- It's a violation of human rights you say?--and not allowing us to smoke isn't? %*@# you! Argh!

There. Take that!

--by Pisanu

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


It's shopping season in our paradise and we would like to invite you all to our annual regional sale!

The Great Singapore Sale 2007
25 May to 22 July

When Singapore says they are on sale, it means THEY ARE ON SALE! 40-70% off on whatever they are selling. Our region's undisputed electronics shopping hub. Shoppers-at-large can look forward to the biggest annual sale event in Singapore to indulge in some major retail therapy. From fashion apparel, accessories, jewellery, watches, electronic goods, cosmetics and fragrances, children toys to Singapore souvenirs, every visitor will be spoilt for choice with numerous special offers, discounted prices and exclusive promotions.

The Amazing Thailand Grand Sale 2007
1 June - 31 August

Thailand's shopping extravaganza offers world-class shopping, a diverse selection of quality products and services, special discounts of up to 50% and promotional offers being extended by participating department stores and retail outlets along designated 'Shopping Streets' in Bangkok and the popular tourist destinations of Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Phuket, Hat Yai and Songkhla. Check out the special promotions offered by retail and service outlets displaying the 'Amazing Thailand Grand Sale' decal.

Malaysia MEGA Sale Carnival
15 June - 2 September 2007

2007 is Visit Malaysia Year so, what are you waiting for? Get your asses over to Malaysia and shop, shop, shop! Choices are seriously unlimited, and the prices will never damage your wallets. The street bazaars are brightly lit with bargains, and the huge, modern malls offer a myriad of must-haves. We just hope you actually brought with you an empty suitcase.

Jakarta GREAT Sale 2007!
15 Jun 2007 - 15 Jul 2007

A real shopper’s paradise, the annual Jakarta Great Sale takes place in the malls and department stores across the city with many offering special discounts and deals. If the shopping all gets too much, don’t despair as there are plenty of other events to distract shoppers ranging from competitions to live entertainment. The month-long Jakarta Great Sale is part of the Jakarta Anniversary celebrations.

Other ASEAN cities like Manila, Bandar, Vientiane, Saigon and Yangon don't have to be on sale because their prices are cheap already! If you fancy visiting them too, please do so! But don't forget, in the spirit of regional cooperation --
2007 is Visit Malaysia Year, ok?!

There you are! Shopping marathons no other region in the world can challenge. Book your flights here!:

Thai Airways
Malaysia Airlines
Singapore Airlines
Garuda Indonesia
Tiger Air
Air Asia
Cebu Pacific



Taking advantage of the Japanese mania since Riyo Mori's triumph yesterday,
here's another perfect specimen who shares the same blood formula as
Leandro Okabe...

Not much imformation pertaining to him on the net.Fabio has graced fashion mags, catwalks and telly adverts around SE Asia.

Fabio Ide: Biracial. Perfect specimen of the human kind.


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

お祝い RIYO MORI ( 森 理世 ) それに値する



なお、ミスコリアのイ・ハニは4位に入った。ミスコリアがミス・ユニバース世界大会で受賞したのは2人目。88年、チャン・ユンジョンがソウルで行われたミス・ユニバース世界大会で2位に入った。 今大会では、2位にミス・ブラジルのナタリー・グィマレス、3位にはミス・ベネズエラのリー・ロナティスが選ばれ、5位にはミス・アメリカのレイチェル・スミスが入った。さらにミス・フォトジェニックはミス・フィリピンのアンナ・テレサ・リカロス、ミス・フレンドシップにはミス中国のニンニン・チャンが選ばれた。

Pageants like Miss Universe serve as a beacon of hope for millions of young women all over the world dreaming to better their lives and actually be somebody.

Hope -- is the only thing that most of these women can hold on to in this seemingly "hopeless" world. Dreams are made, shattered and came true. And to most of these women, pageants like this is the only bridge to the other side.

Feminists, purists and other cause-bearing advocates cannot offer the same hope to these millions of women. Or can they?

--by Pisanu


PERFECT SPECIMEN: Sirinya Winsiri | Cindy Burbridge | สิรินยา วินศิริ

The most controversial Miss Thailand World...

How can a Eurasian truly represent a country like Thailand?--
Her heart is Thai. Her values are Thai. Her principles are Thai.
It just so happens she got blue eyes. That's all.

Click To Play

Sirinya Winsiri Burbridge
Thai Supermodel


Monday, May 28, 2007



Bed Supperclub’s monthly Rehab party with live gigs by Gene and Bee plus special guests. First 50 paying guests get a free a sampler CD of their new album "Pain Killer". Entrance 700 baht (US$22) with 2 drinks. 20 + I.D. Required.
@Bed Supperclub - Sukhumvit Soi 11 Wednesday, 30 May 2007 22:00 - 02:00 Entrance: 700 baht (US$22) [Remember: Wednesday is Model’s Night too! – Yummy people all over!]

Q Bar, Solid Steel, and Bombay present DJ Food and DK for a showcase of their latest album release, "Now List Again". @ Q Bar - Sukhumvit Soi 11 Wednesday, 30 May 2007 22:00 - 02:00 500 baht for ladies, 700 baht (US$22) for gents gets 2 drinks!


Playback pres. Sensuous @ La Queen
Wed May 30

16 Jln. Sultan Ismail (corner of Jln. P. Ramlee), KL. T: 2161 6666
As Nouvo reshapes itself into the sexier, more seductive La Queen, Playback brings forth Sensuous, a night of swaying groovy house presented by vinyl casanovas Junior Garces and Unn. Come on down and feel the heat. 10pm. Ladies free, men RM25 inc. 1 drink. There's a 1-for-1 drink promo all night! For info, call William at 019-392 7887 or e-mail

Invasia Tour @ KL Jam Asia [RECOMMENDED!!!]
Wed May 30
19-1 Jln. 22A/70A, Plaza Crystalville, Desa Sri Hartamas, KL.
The bands of SE Asia unite for a round-the-region tour. From Manila to Bangkok, KL and Singapore, our very own Love Me Butch are joined by fellow SE Asian bands Furcurve, Brand New Sunset, A Vacant Affair, Chicosci and Faspitch and here in KL, locals Cassandra and They WIll Kill Us All are also set to hit the stage. That sounds like music to our ears. 7pm. RM15. For info, log onto

Global: X-Party with Bass Agents & Fono @ Zouk KL Fri o1Jun
113 Jln. Ampang, KL. T: 2171 1997
Bass Agents team up with Fono for a bigger night of thumping bass when they drop another one of their signature hardcore tech-trance sets. Let the boys mesmerize you with another special night as they take you to another level where the bass is all that matters. Ladies free before12mn, RM30 inc. 1 drink aft; men RM35 inc. 1 drink. For info, call 2171 1997 or log onto


Ame & Dixon (Innervisions, Germany) @ Zouk Singapore
Fri 01 Jun
Berlin's Dixon has always followed his own musical path, regardless of hype or fashion - a global house ambassador whose name is a byword for quality electronic dance music. Joining him is Ame, co-founders of their label Innervisions. Zouk/Phuture admission on 01Jun for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, $23/$28 after


Sunday, May 27, 2007

Southeast Asia's License Plates

Have you ever wondered how our neighboring villages'
license plates look like?

Here they are.

From top to bottom: Myanmar, Laos, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam,
Malaysia, Thailand, East Timor, Brunei, Cambodia and Indonesia.

I wanted to know the first ever license plates issued in each "villages" (country) so I sent emails to all National Transportation Offices (except East Timor) and up to now, no reply from them yet. Seems they don't know it too. Well, I can't wait for their replies so I'm posting this already


SHOW ME THE MONEY! Miss Universe 2007

It's betting season again! Miss Universe this time. Any big event is a money making opportunity for me and my friends. A few weeks ago I won a couple of hundreds when I bet on Serbia at the Eurovision 2007. Was it sweet or what?

Pisanu, Morgan, Tommy and me pooled our monies together for fun and reached $2,000 ($500 each). This is the amount we are prepared to lose and we have just put it all in at and here's our bet;

SERBIA: We just thought a blonde would win this year and she's the best of them all. We placed $300 on her. Odds: 25 (I know, I know it's not too good)

KOREA: We're not pageant experts but we know beautiful when we see one. We placed $300 on her. Odds: 15.

According to a source, Miss Universe almost always pick the one with lots of character. Well, it's GREECE for us and we placed $300 on her. Odds: 9.

It's our money and we're gonna bet on whoever we like. We placed $300 on THAILAND because we know something you don't.

We're pretty sure VENEZUELA would be on the finals so she got better chances than most of them. Her and Korea got the best bodies so we placed $350 on her, just to be safe. Odds: 6.

Although we know a booby girl would have slim chances, we thought her age and personality would push her to the finals -- duh! Who are we kidding?-- the real reason is...somebody gave us a tip on BRAZIL. We place $450 on her too. Odds 11.

So, there it is. Our Miss Universe 2007 BETS (real betting, mind you) on Tuesday.
And don't give us those "why is she not there?" or "why is she in there?" non-sense.

It's our money.


--by Sofia

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