Sunday, May 11, 2008


No, it ain’t Christmas sweetie and it ain’t Hari Raya either. I’m not talking holidays when all of us go downright crazy shopping our beautiful as*es out. No…I’m not talking about those, sweetie…uh-uh.

It’s the time of year….

To cast your votes again and show us some lovin’ sweeties… dang right it is!

The Lost Boy (Matt), Thailand’s Top Foreign Blogger in all his fabulous divinity, is at it again! Ever creative, ever genius…

He compiled Thailand’s Top 100 Blogs. I luuuuurrrrrv it more than my MiuMiu collection! Thanks Matt... you make me blush. *giggles*

BISEAN is currently No.8the eternal number. The number of beauty and goodluck…but of course I want the No.1 slot…do I need to elaborate, sweetie?

So all you beautiful people of Southeast Asia…yes, YOU!...I’m talking to you!...Don’t be modest because YOU KNOW you are b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l…

Vote here for BISEAN and show us some lovin’ sweetie.

P.S. Those who won’t vote can drop dead right this instance. Haha! Just kidding sweetie...but who knows? LOL

-- Love, Sofia

And to make my point crystal clear, like a bottle of Evian...

Wednesday, May 07, 2008


The Emerald Buddha is one topic I didn’t plan to post on this blog. The topic is “sensitive” and its history is written in different versions. A lot of people don’t know its significance and the controversy it created between a dozen kingdoms and countries throughout its 2,000 year history.

This goes to show how fragile our region actually is. Ancient animosities can still arise and if we are not prepared to open our minds and compromise, everything we worked for would crumble down in shambles.

How can I present the Emerald Buddha as objective as I can? Perhaps I can account its 2,000 year journey to its present home – Thailand… but it would be too long and I would write it a way that would serve my country. So, may be not…

Before we get accused of misleading information… the Emerald Buddha is not actually an emerald but a single block of the finest jade. It is a figure of the sitting/meditating Buddha and legend has it that it was carved in India in 46 BC. It is 2ft 2in tall and 1ft 7in across the lap.

The Emerald Buddha’s present home is Thailand -- Where it is housed in an impressive temple (Wat Phra Kaew) within the walls of the Grand Palace complex in Bangkok.

It is also interesting to note that the Emerald Buddha is adorned in pure gold and changed 3 times a year. It is dressed in 3 different sets of gold clothing corresponding to Thailand’s seasons – hot, rainy and cold seasons (March, July and November).

ONLY the King of Thailand can change the gold clothing in a very solemn ceremony. The 2 other gold clothing which are not in use at any given time are displayed on the Pavilion of Regalia nearby.

The Emerald Buddha is the palladium of modern Siam. It is the most revered and treasured possession of the Kingdom. See it on your next visit to Thailand and feel its inexplicable power over those who revere it or over those who merely stare.

The Emerald Buddha can be found within the Grand Palace in Bangkok.

The Emerald Buddha - Southeast Asia's Most Priceless Treasure.


Monday, May 05, 2008


The barometer of our national economies. The place where they exchange..errm...stocks *obviously* and my main source of money.

The heaven-sent, adrenalin-inducing, blood pressure rollercoaster money making hobby... a lame excuse of gambling disguised as "trading". And I'm lovin' it!

Here are our region's primary Stock Exchanges...

The Jakarta Stock Exchange
Local Name: Bursa Efek Jakarta
Established: 1912, 1977
Listed Companies: 335
Website: ,

Malaysia Exchange
Local Name: Bursa Malaysia*
Established: 1930
*Formerly Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE)

Myanmar Securities Exchange Center (Burma)
Trading Floor: 21/25 Sule Pagoda Road, Kyauktada, Yangon
Established: June 1996

The Philippine Stock Exchange
Local Name: Pamilihang Sapi ng Pilipinas
Trading Floors: [2] Pasig City, Makati City
Established: 1927
Listed Companies: 241

The Singapore Exchange
Established: 1 December 1999*
* following the merger of Stock Exchange of Singapore (SES) and the Singapore International Monetary Exchange (SIMEX)

The Stock Trading Center of Vietnam (STC)
Local Name: Tâm Giao Dịch Chứng Khoán Việt Nam
Trading Floors: [2] Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi*
Established: July 2000, March 2005
*They have a combined market cap of 14 billion USD, or 22.7% the GDP of Vietnam.

Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)
Local Name: ตลาดหลักทรัพย์แห่งประเทศไทย
Trading Floor: Bangkok
Established: 30 April 1975


Brunei’s International Brunei Exchange was established in 2002 and currently not functioning. Laos, Cambodia and Timor Leste doesn’t have any.

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