Friday, November 30, 2007

PRIDE MARCH 2007: Flying Our Colors in Manila

A lot of readers of BISEAN noticed that although we are doing a great job promoting our paradise *lower those eye brows please, goddammit!*, we are slowly neglecting the 3rd objective of this blog – which is to make the world aware of the existence of bisexuality.

No -- I won’t be ranting about the marginalization of bisexual people in the GLBT community. And I won’t be ranting about those people who made “disproving bisexuality” their sole purpose in life either.

This post is to call on real bi-men and bi-women to fly the colors of the BI FLAG in the coming Pride March in Manila on 08 December 2007.

Now, I really don’t know if there are bi organizations that exist in the Philippines. All I know is that when somebody ‘learns’ that a particular man is bisexual, they would encourage him to choose either side – which is preposterous! Being bi is already a choice and taking either side of the fence won’t make us any happier. Period.

BISEAN calls for bi support organizations around this planet. Help us fly our colors in Manila and let the world know we exist. Eradicate ignorance and everything will fall on its place.


*Thanks to Pau Fontanos of the Task Force Pride, Manila

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If you’re into real serious people watchin’ and you think you’re the best dancer in the whole of Southeast Asia, well – have I got a place for you.

If you like hot babes and gorgeous dudes pass in front of you by the hundreds or you like sweaty strutters rubbing their skin against you, well – this is your lucky day (I mean night!)

Think 50cents, Timbaland, Timberlake, ABBA, Gypsie Kings, Armand Van Helden, Timo Maas, Paul Van Dyk play under one roof...

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls…this is MOS Singapore. The “other” hottest night spot in the Lion City and one of the best in Southeast Asia! *those who disagree can go to hell. Ha!*

Ministry of Sound is divided into sections that plays different music genres. There’s the main dancefloor, the R&B room, Pure, Phuture and a lot more to whatever shakes your booty. And this place is HUGE! I mean HUUUGE! Even the “powder rooms” *ok, toilets* are effin’ huge!

If you ever went to a club and there are no people around, they are most likely at the MOS. Even hump days (Wed & Thu) this place is packed with clubbers! Please be warned that there are days that you can’t even walk around. *Wow! Just imagine how much “rubbin” and “friskin” are involved on your way to the bar! Woohoo!*

FABULOUS MUSIC in all capital letters! MOS resident and guest DJs rules! I wanna shake their hands and I really don’t know if they realized that they are the best in town. Well, if any of them is reading this – “Dudes! You rock! Hail MOS DJs!”

MOS is the best of Singapore clubbing. It has already passed the stage of “curious” clubbers. This is already an institution! So obviously, people would come here, right? So don’t be a big baby whining how the place is so crowded and all. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. The best has a price baby.

MOS is located at Block C, The Cannery, along River Valley Road at Clark Quay. It’s just at the end of Canning Lane.

*These photos are courtesy of the MoS website Don't tell me y'all expectingme all dressed up carrying a f*cken camera? You gotta be f*ckin' me, right? Just murder me on the dancefloor!


Here’s the MOS official website

Thursday, November 29, 2007

OUR TREASURES: The Esplanade

Arguably Southeast Asia’s most magnificent arts complex and I'm definitely not arguing. Singapore’s Esplanade is one of the best architecture I have ever seen and one of the most beautiful buildings on Earth.

Locals endearingly call itThe Durian”. But contrary to popular belief, the original design didn’t intend to look like the smelly *and hellish!* fruit. It just so happen it looks like one. And others call it “the fly’s eyes” anyway, meaning, it’s all subject to personal interpretation.

30 years in the making – this performing arts complex was worth the wait. It has put Singapore on the international cultural map. World-class performers can’t wait to caboodle the state-of-the-art acoustics and stage of this “classy” venue. Some of Asia’s largest productions is on stage here.

Esplanade formally opened on 12 October 2002 and the government even issued commemorative stamps to mark the occasion. Located in 6 hectares (15 acres) of uber-prime land and was built to the tune of…hold your breath…US$400 million. Whew! Get a load of that!

The Esplanade was purposely built to be the centre of the performing arts of the Republic of Singapore. There is a 1,600 seat concert hall and a 2,000-seat theatre for the performing arts. There are outdoors venues as well in a 300-meter-long waterfront facing Marina Bay.

What do you make of those triangular aluminium that covers the building? Are those petals? Fish scales? Thorny spikes? What? Those are especially designed to cover the building from direct sunlight. It also allows a fantastic view of the skyline from the inside. Since Singapore is about 83 miles south of the equator, the sun’s path is constant all year round.

How do you know when a building is in Singapore? Well, a good give-away is that it is connected to a shopping mall. Yup! An architectural wonder as the Esplanade is connected to a shopping mall with its namesake. There’s a courtyard where you can people watch, relax and bask in the sun. Wonderful, wonderful place.

How to get there? Take the subway and get off City Hall MRT Station and its just 10 mins walk from there. If you’re the bus-riding kind; take 36, 56, 75, 70, 77, 97, 106, NR1, NR2, NR5 and a lot more. Taking the tube is probably the better option, or better yet...those nice cabs.

Singapore's Esplanade --
Treasure of Southeast Asia.


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Wednesday, November 28, 2007


BISEAN was invited to be one of the judges for this year’s hottest competition on the blogosphere – “ExpressMen of the YEAR”. This is the battle of hotness of male models and visionary photographers featured on the brilliant blog ExpressMen and its partner site Next Model Men.

The theme of the competition is “Catching Dreams”. Which I think is right-on-the-money as it features new and aspiring models and photographers. Thank god for blogs like ExpressMen for promotion positive careers of these new but enormously talented people.

To be a competition judge, we were asked a question: “How do you catch dreams?” And my answer is quite simple…

“Catching dreams is like a tiger hunting its prey – the intense focus, the persistent stalking and a well-executed plan of attack. Be like a tiger when catching your dreams – focus like it is the only thing in the world, persevere like your life depended on it and always be prepared.”

BISEAN supports this project as we promote new and aspiring talents and giving them the platform to show their brilliance.

So, what is it for you, my dear readers? Well, aside from the eye candies (mind you), you will be part of making somebody’s dream come true. Isn’t that great? IT IS GREAT! And oh! Oh! Here’s the bonus kicker – you get to win fabulous prizes too! Visit ExpressMen, support the model you fancy and leave comments. ExpressMen will choose the “BEST COMMENT EVER” and it could be you! *no, there are no prizes for the nastiest comment. So zip it!*

So what are you waiting for?

Go to ExpressMen Model blog and come back here afterwards, y’hear?

Now, GO! And send 'em some lovin' baby. =)

ExpressMEN of the Year

The search is on!


*Organized by the brilliant Jason Patric.

OUR CULINARY GEMS: Tauhu Goreng | Fried Stuffed Tofu in Peanut Sauce

Singaporean cuisine is similar to Malaysian cuisine. There are 3 dominant style of cooking – Chinese, Malay and Indian. Although there are dishes that falls directly on these three styles, there are a lot that infuse 2 or all of these dominant styles which make it distinctly "original".

Tauhu Goreng is a sweet and flavorful Singaporean dish with tofu (tauhu in Malay), veggies and peanuts making this a healthy dish. “Goreng” means fried in Malay and the combination of smooth, crispy and creamy textures will drive anyone wild. This will impress you friends in presentation alone – guaranteed.

Wanna try it? Here’s the recipe…

Preparation Time 15 mins
Cooking Time 10 mins
Serves 3


4 tofu cakes / bean curd
1 cup bean sprouts, blanched
3 cucumber shredded
vegetable oil

For the sauce
2 each green chili peppers
2 each red chili peppers
2 each garlic cloves crushed
1 1/2 tablespoons soy sauce
1 1/2 tablespoons vinegar
2 cups peanuts pounded and blended OR ½ cup peanut butter
3/4 cup water
2 tablespoons cilantro leaves chopped


1. Deep-fry the tofu cakes/bean curd until slightly brown. Let it cool.

2. Cut the tofu in half and make a deep slit across the center to form a pouch. Set aside.

3. In a bowl, mix the bean sprouts and cucumber in a bowl and season well with salt.

4. Fill the tofu pouches with the veggies.

For the sauce

1. Pound the chilies and garlic together in a mortar & pestel OR blend in on a food processor.

2. Add the soy sauce, vinegar and salt.

3. Throw in the ground peanuts (or peanut butter substitute) and add water a little at a time. Keep stirring to make a smooth coating sauce.

Serve the tofu pouches and the sauce separately.


Photo credit: Jenz Home Kitchen

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Monday, November 26, 2007

The MERLION: Male or Female?

Did you know that “Merlion” is actually a word combination of a mermaid and a lion? So, if it's a must be female. could be a combination of a lion and a mer-man, right? So it could be a male! And it's head has long hair like a male lion, so it MUST be a male!

The Merlion has become an almost visual cliché to Singapore as the Eiffel Tower is to Paris. This symbol has become well-known and has come to be identified with no other country in the world but Singapore.

If you would look at it closely, the Merlion, aside from its obvious lion-headed-with-fish-like-body features – it is actually riding a wave! *a surfer's icon? Whoa!* This is as important as the other parts of the symbol as it represents the ancient city of Temasek (the Javanese name of the island before it was named “Singapura”). Singapore adapted the Merlion as its symbol exclusively for the Singapore Tourism Board in 1972.

The original statue of the Merlion is 8.6 metres tall and weighs more than 70 tons! It was sculpted by a Singaporean craftsman named Lim Nang Seng as commissioned by the great Lee Kuan Yew. It cost over $165,000 to build in 1971! The statue was installed at the mouth of the Singapore River to welcome all visitors to this brilliant city.

Exactly 30 years after its installation in 15 September 1972, the original Merlion was moved to an area overlooking Marina Bay on 15 September 2002. Marina Bay is a now the cultural center of Singapore and the home of the future Singapore F1 Circuit.

As we all know, the Merlion has to be the most photographed structure in Singapore. You never been to Singapore if you don’t have any picture next to it. Please bear in mind that the Merlion (and much taller) in Sentosa is a copy-cat *I mean copy-mermaid or copy-merman, whatever*. Its head is twisted to the right and sprouts light. Ha! The original sprouts water, thank you very much.

Whatever you do, no matter how the guidebooks says Merlion Park is in Marina Bay -- never get off Marina Bay MRT Station no matter how you insist the Merlion is there and piss your friends. *this goes for me :p* Just follow the directions below. Take the MRT to Raffles Place and take exit H. Follow the signs to One Fullerton where it is just 5 mins walk to it. The Asian Civilizations Museum and the Esplanade are also just a stone-throw away.

Oh by the way...just a few metres behind the Merlion is a cub! Here's a photo.
So! The Merlion was a female all along! And a mom! Take that!


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Sunday, November 25, 2007


What is a Homosexualist? -- It is to mean those active homosexuals who are trying to make it compulsory for all. But who are the Stuck-Up Homosexualists? --They are the ones who still think that gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people are still living in absolute discrimination.

Stuck-Up Homosexualists are the ones who isolate themselves from the world and claim injustices for dramatic purposes only. They would hide behind the GLBT causes just to draw attention to themselves – denying the fact that the world judges them by character and not by their sexual preference any longer.

Ever heard of the popular TV character Daffyd Thomas of the BBC series
Little Britain”? He is so absorbed to being a homosexualist that he still thinks people are discriminating his sexuality, even if they’re not! -- blinding him of the fact that the world has opened up and gotten more accepting – but he does not (or would not) acknowledge it.

The GLBT Community leaders have accomplished so much throughout the yearslet’s give them credit, for christssake! The world is aware of our existence and many laws were passed to make sure our rights are equal with just about everyone else. We still have some problems, of course and more laws to lobby. But we have to give credit to our predecessors. They did their best and mind you, they did a fabulous job!

Stuck-Up Homosexualists are still living in the dark ages. They thought the world is still on its toes to get them and the witch hunt is still on. They discredit what our GLBT leaders had accomplished and fails to appreciate the changes we owe to them. Pause and think for a while.


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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Firmly anchored to the ground.

Ann Thongprasom (แอน ทองประสม) is an award-winning actress in Thailand. She is also a model, a producer and a telly star. Ann was born on 01 November 1976 in Bangkok to a Swedish-Arabian father and a Thai mother.

Since she started her showbiz career at 13, she had won numerous acting awards in film and telly. Anne was raised by her Thai grandmother which explains her fondness to Thai culture and traditions – she has become one of Thailand’s most beloved personality.

More of Anne here...

Eurasians are the perfect specimen of the human race.


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Friday, November 23, 2007



Jason is Filipino-British model that has graced magazine spreads from Singapore to the Philippines and Thailand to Hong Kong. Just like many of our biracial or Eurasian models, he prefers to keep his private life undisclosed.

More of Jason here...

Eurasians are the hottest people on Earth.


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