Monday, April 30, 2007


I don't know about you, but I don't like jumping into the bandwagon. But bloggers from China to Chile, Nauru to Ghana, Curacao to Vanuatu are all posting LEANDRO?!

Why is everybody featuring him almost all at the same time? Even Tiggahtigz, who never post any other person on his blog except himself and Pooh didn't spare the chance! Is this some kind of a PLU-wide posting to show "unity"? Did I miss something here?!

Anyway, instead of posting the same Leandro photos that came out of The Boy website last February which everybody's posting... here's my ode to him. A photoshoot taken by my friend Amit Nitimpark for IMAGE Magazine in Bangkok. Yes, Leandro worked here in Bangkok circa 2005. And his name was "Leandro Bulhoes" then.

(Click the photos to enlarge)

This Japanese-Brazilian model has certainly catched everybody's fancy, eh? Well, what can I say -- Eurasians and Biracials are the hottest people on Earth! Need I say more?

There! Take that!


Sunday, April 29, 2007

BEST CLUBS in SE ASIA: Narcissus Club Bangkok

This place used to be the most exclusive club in the whole of Bangkok. I’m NOT talking about being expensive and all...

Narcissus Club is absolutely one of the best happening places in all of Southeast Asia. Located in the posh area of Sukhumvit 23, this place is NOT for the party poopers, party crashers, old aunties and uncles, balding yuppies, 80-year-old hookers, paddy field maidens, t-shirt wearing goat herders, blue-jeans wearing social climbers and alike. No, these kinds are courteously referred to another club down the road.

Narcissus is grand, flamboyant, and ostentatious where everybody is hands down GORGEOUS! The best place to display yourself and be seen.

I was just here last night. The place is grander, sleazier with a lot of ugh! But the crowd, sad to say has changed.

You see, long ago... this place used to have “Uglies No Entry” policy. Think Studio 54, where Ryan Philippe has to take off his shirt to prove he’s one hot dude to get in! That’s the policy, if the floor manager don’t think you’re hot enough – “move over please dahlin’”.

I used to bring people that I don’t like to Narcissus. People from school or some friends of a friend of a friend who "thinks" they are so hot; they raise their noses so high. I would conspicuously invite and subject them to the door keeper’s cruel scrutiny… most of the time, they get left out. Opted to go back home humiliated; LOL. You're not too hot as you think you are huh! LOL. Those were the days.

The main sound here is Techno-Trance to cater to pill poppers, mushroom chewers and powder sniffers. When the confetti’s starts pouring, and the laser lights beam in full blast; this is the time everybody goes fucken wild! Ledge dancers, cage vixens (and occasional go-go boys) will gyrate like hell prompting everybody to do just about anything on the floor.

One can cruise to the upper levels of the club. Narcissus is designed like a huge mansion and an opera theater put together. This is where I got my first ever kissing orgy. Every single person in the club is so fucken gorgeous that night, I french kissed them all! I ended up bringing home 3 babes and 4 dudes and had the best sex party at my place! Oh, it gets painful just remembering that night.

But sad to say the crowd has changed. The uglies can get in and the old aunties can hang around and order drinks at the bar (displaying themselves for what?) Ha!

And also nowadays, Narcissus has become a tourist destinationfor crying out loud! Japanese, Korean, Chinese tourists in knee-pants and Giordano shirts can get in and roam the club as they please. Somebody kill the tourist guides please! I beg you! And add the beer-drinking white trash tagging along their latest bitch from Soi Cowboy! Ugh!

I used to come here once week, but now the crowd has turned fuglies, I limit it to once in every three months. THOSE WERE THE DAYS. But Narcissus is still the best!

There! Take that!

(under construction)


Post Note: I hope you guys are not assuming I took these pictures last night! What do you think I am? A fucking TOURIST? Ha!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

WHASSUP: Fuck Modesty! My Blog is One Month Old!

This is NOT a day for modesty. No, siree! I will toot my own horn as loud as I want, lift my own chair as high as I could and I'm not gonna show even a hint of humility because this is a special day!

Exactly 30 days ago on the 28th of March...this River blogged like hell. I posted like more than 5 entries on that crazy day and did a very aggressive "Hey-dude!-I-checked-out-your-blog-so-fucken'-check-me-out-too!" campaign. It seems like just last week. Has it been really a month already? Whew!

Anyway, these are my 10 THINGS TO SHOW OFF after a month of blogging. The very firsts and the very best...and a little revelation, so look at the pics closely…

Don't ask me where I got these numbers because I ain't got any clue.

But there it is! A whopping 9,945 hits in 30 days! Fucken out!

Did they really pass by here? Where are the comments? Shikes!

I feel like I'm being raped everyday...they come and go, ravage my articles, peek on my life and leave without even saying hi. HA!

My most visited entry that came from Google are these two articles. The Tallest Buildings in SE Asia and Summer in Paradise which I wrote on the very first day.

From Google? Must be those kids doing their homework! Ha! Promise, I would NEVER turn this blog into a pornographic site! Take that!

Wait a sec, why didn't those kids leave any comments? Oh those ingrates! Most visited but no comments? Ha!

The very first comment ever, came from the man himself! Coach Patrick Ribbsaeter! Yahooo! I kept waiting and waiting for the first comment till dark and then it came on the very first day! Cool!

Thanks Coach for the daily inspirations...well, let's put it "weekly" because you don't update your blog much lately. Busy?

Long live the Eurasians!
Universal Player forever!

The very first shout out came 4 days later on 1 April from Bjarne!

I can't reiterate enough to all you readers out there the importance of a little hi when you come to a blog!

You want more? Say hi! Or were you guys just here for the fucken eye candies?

Hei! Venn Bjarne! Hva skjer? Du er veldig snill. Ser deg senare!

Skol for Norway!

My very first blog to blog link up is from a blog in the Philippines called Misterhubs. It's authored by a cool dude called...well...Misterhubs! Haha!

This blog got lots of things I enjoy reading. Photos not too vulgar. A real thinking blogger. But enough about him, this is my special day! LOL

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

And my very first non-blog link came on 8 April with my bro' in Morocco --DJ Jocker!

It's my blogs North African debut too and I gathered a lot of French speaking friends through the process.

DJ Jocker -- you rock!

Vive Maroc!

Now, this is interesting!

My very first indecent proposal came on 13 April from a girl in the Philippines!

I thought she was just being friendly but this first letter and the succeeding letters is a classic!

And of course my very first indecent proposal from a dude! LOL. I somehow saw it coming too.

This came on 17 April and it did'nt stop here. More came and all I can do is just ignore most of them.

Hey! You think I'm that easy? Send me a photo first and then we'll talk. And oh by the way...I fuck on the first date. I hope you don't mind. Hahaha! Seriously.

I guess these proposals started on the day I posted my naked pics here! Yeah, maybe that's it! I was playing around with my blog and thought of posting my not so decent photos, which I did, to up my numbers. I gues you all missed it except for some. I took it down after an hour! Boo-hoo!

My blog's South American debut was on 20 April. And I landed straight to No.6 in the whole of Peru!
This is also connected to all the Spanish speaking countries in Latin America.

Hello to all my friends in Peru, Argentina and the Potuguese-speaking friends in Brasil!

Se lo agradable mucho!

And of course, how can I forget the blog who referred 263 visitors to me on 24 April?

I got 945 hits that day and the referral helped lot!

So there guys! My secret is out. I pimp myself all over the Internet! LOL.

Thank you Dave for that day! And as I said... I consider you as the true high priest of Philippine Gay Blogging. I visit everyday and I get a lot of input on blogging. You are original, witty and cool.

Ok, enough sucking up! LOL

So, did you see the revelation? If you did, email me. If not, go back.

So there you go guys! My blog's achievements in 1 month and I did most of the fucken work! There! Take that!

Seriously, I would normally thank all the guys who has been with me on my blog in the past 30 days. Yeah, I should thank you here right here, right now....


I'm off to Narcissus to party, it's already 11pm and I'm late! I need sex!

I'll see you all later.



A preview on what's coming with Bi.S.E.A.N. posted on, metacafe, dailymotion, youtube and many others.



Friday, April 27, 2007

WHASSUP: Another Eurasian In the Making?

POSTING FROM THAILAND AGAIN! I was a little out of touch for the past days and I know this is a bit of a late reaction --there, I admit it! Get off me! Anyway, here's what I have to say about Paradorn's announcement last Tuesday...and oh this is juicy!

I'm sure you have seen my statements: "Eurasians are the perfect specimen of the human race."; "Eurasians are the most beautiful people in the world." blah blah blah over and over again. I'm not saying that if you're not are...let's just say not as hot as we are. There! Take that! Just keep it real and a little surgical enhancements will do you just fine. LOL! Or you can ask Xiaxue how to be gorgeous with just a small brush and a little color!

Anyways, the announcement of Thai tennis superhero Paradorn Srichaphan and Miss Universe 2005's engagement last Tuesday came as a shock! Wha'????? It was even announced on national fucken television!

Wha'???! * face muscles getting really numb with all these faces I'm making* Fucken whyyyyyy???

I told you it's a bit of a shock to me and at the same time NOT really. Let me tell you why...

That Russian-Immigrant Canadian woman goes in and out of Thailand since she won the Miss Universe crown here in Bangkok. Working here and there and all. So I know something's up. Why do other Miss Universes can become a superstar in their own country and she can't? No work in Canada for you baby? Huh?

And here's the kicker; the Srichaphan family "showered" the bitch with diamonds totalling 16 fucken carats! *Hmm...things are getting clearer to me now.*

Paradorn gave her a 3-carat diamond engagement ring! And the rest of the 13 carats went to her new earrings and necklace. What does she want on her fucken wedding day --her own country?!

It's really annoying to see her totally inexpressive face splattered on Thai television and all! Ha! Can't she be a little exclusive? Wha'? A Miss Universe doing instant noodles commercials? Whadda'?!

She's been flashing the Thai "wai" for years and up to now she can't do it properly! It's a Thai Wai for christssake, not an Indian Namaste! I totally don't like her --Kurara Chibana should've won! *Uhhh wait -- I think that was a different year.*

Anyway, why don't anybody say anything about her totally botoxed face? Ha! Not that botox is wrong..but I want it exposed! Have you noticed her blank face?No expression at all! -- Can you do a little frown for me baby? Try for me...pleeeeaaase! *eyelashes batting rapidly up and down*

They also said Paradorn proposed last Friday *13 April -- that's a Friday for chrissake! I know where this marriage is going haha!* while they were holidaying in Bali. They have been dating for 8 months -- too fucken long time! What were you guys thinking? Wasn't really that sure? Ha!

Nevertheless, for however it is, it's another Eurasian in the making. Another beautiful creature to roam the earth. There! Take that!

I wonder how's my darling TATA Young is feeling right now?...*sigh*


Thursday, April 26, 2007

ROAD TO CLOUD 9: Journey Abandoned

It's official. We are abandoning our quest for paradise. Tommy and Michael would not leave without me and Farah, Chris and Morgan are already back to Bangkok. This would be my last post from the Philippines. It's sad. Definitely not cool. And absoloutely not sweet. I didn't come this far to give up my quest for paradise but we have to leave the Philippines as soon as we can for reasons I cannot disclose...

Goodbye Philippines...

Across these waters is the paradise that I seek.

A place where my soul could fly freely.

I may not have found it but I'll leave my heart on this very sand...

to watch over for the paradise that I lost.



ROAD TO CLOUD 9: Butuan City

Woulda, coulda, shoulda.

It is a very sad day today.
The group decided to abort the quest for paradise. If you have been following our trip on this blog; you know that we have come this far. We have seen so many things on this beautiful island of Mindanao on our way to paradise. But some things are not meant to happen no matter what…

Farah, Chris and Morgan took a flight to Manila earlier today. They would fly back to Bangkok tomorrow. Now it’s just me, Tommy and Michael who decided to stay a night or two here in Butuan City. I feel bad. I feel I turned them down since I’m the mastermind of this trip. We should’ve taken the short cut. We should’ve made travel arrangements. We should’ve planned it better. We shouldn’t have to be this bold to travel on our own to places we never been.

Tommy and Michael are in their room now. They wouldn’t talk much after what happened on the way here from Camiguin Island. They refuse to go out of the hotel and I can't blame them. So many things that we should’ve done to avoid troubles but we were too care free.

This city would be the 2nd to the last stop before we reach paradise – Siargao Island. And I don’t know if Tommy and Michael would still come with me to continue the quest. I wish they would speak to me. They are obviously very shaken.

I can almost see the big waves of Cloud 9 coming right at me. Looking right through it… all muscles relaxed… perfect body alignment… full concentration… ready to stand on the board and ride that perfect wave. I can see it coming now…I’m gonna have the surf of my life…

But for now, I just have to keep on dreaming...

Special thanks to Sofia for posting the Perfect Specimen Series. Thank you Sofia, I’ll see you soon babe. And thanks also to T-Boy for listening even it’s just through email.

Shall I continue on my own?


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

OUR TREASURES: San Miguel Beer

A National Icon. San Miguel beer has become one of the national icons of the Philippines. Just like our Singha here in Thailand, Tiger in Singapore, BeerLao in Laos or 333 in Vietnam. Filipinos would howl high and low when they see this national symbol abroad, as my friends do in HongKong, Singapore, Australia and especially Europe – where the true origin of this beer is being disputed.

The internet is full of forums discussing the true origin of this beer. Europeans and Latinos would be under fire if they say that San Miguel is indeed a Spanish beer. Filipinos would diligently counter-attack the statement saying otherwise. You would see how far they would go with their vigilance to protect their national icon! I've seen my Filipino friends point and get excited at the sight of a truck delivering San Miguel in European cities! LOL.

The first time I saw San Miguel mass marketed in Thailand was on Songkran 2006. I'm used to seeing this beer only in hotels & expensive clubs. I wanted to take advantage of the mass price, I bought loads of it in cans! Didn’t put much attention on the new label either because I'm used to the red and green fonts. Now it’s white-blue-silver. Who cares? What the heck!

Where is its true origin? Let’s investigate... I lived for years in Spain and as far as I know, just like everybody else – it’s a Spanish beer. Spain is Europe’s 3rd largest beer producer next only to Germany and the UK and San Miguel is Spain’s biggest beer export! I always knew that this beer is produced in Malaga – that beautiful coastal city in Andalusia.

Anyway, there's a lot of versions relating to the origin of this beer. One says that the very first Philippine San Miguel beer was produced in Manila in 1890 by Spanish monks using traditional methods in a district called San Miguel according to records. Another version says it was first brewed by a German Brew Master using traditional Bavarian methods under a royal Spanish grant.

And the very first Spanish San Miguel beer was produced by San Miguel Fabricas de Cerveza y Malta S.A. in Malaga in 1957 (but why does it say 1516 on it's label?).

So there! You got your answer BUT!....there’s a big BUT here….

Notice the logos on these two San Miguel beers.

See the difference? They got similar (but different) fonts. And notice the icons? The first one got a coat of arms and the other got a sailing galleon! See?

These San Miguel beers are obviously two different beers! And that’s the truth! Let’s not lie to ourselves. These beers are produced by two companies that doesn’t have anything to do with each other! Face it! Goddammit!

San Miguel beers in Europe, Mexico and Latin America would most likely be a Spanish San Miguel. So next time, don’t attack anyone who says that the San Miguel on their hand is a Spanish beer. Look at the label first before indulging into a looooong fucken useless discussion! I’m blogging this because I'm upset! There was a ridiculously patriotic dude earlier at the bar. I don't wanna be called stupid! -- There! Who's stupid now?


I’m out of here! Take that!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

ROAD TO CLOUD 9: Camiguin Island

The "Politician" insisted that we take one of his mini-coach. He wanted to give my group a couple of escorts on our way to Camiguin Island. We already declined his kind offer but just so we don’t get into trouble (because we wouldn’t want to insult him); we opted to take one of his mini-coach providing he won’t let us drive with escorts. He agreed.

From Cagayan de Oro City, we drove eastward to Balingonan Port. This is what our Lonely Planet guide book told us to do, so we did. It’s a 2 hour drive and reached the port just before lunch time. But it was supposed to be an hour and a half drive only, but Michael is such a pussy driving veeeeeeerrrrrryyyy slowly! *sigh*

The Port to the other side. We paid 1,900 Pesos (US$ 40/ 1,200 Baht/ RM 120) to the ferry boat to take our car across the bay to Camiguin Island. The ferry boat is obviously Japanese and when it got old, sold it here to be operated again. But it was still in good condition and everything. There’s a passenger deck on the upper level and the view leaving the main island of Mindanao is spectacular! Sweet.

The ferry trip only took roughly 30 minutes. We reached Benoni Port sticking our neck out not knowing what to expect! (Or so I did…I don’t know about them). All I know is I got a Fil-American car jockey – hahahaha! Yes, he drives left hand so he’s the designated jockey. Next stop is to find accommodation, freshen up, do 300 push ups, 200 sit ups and eat my burgers. But Morgan had a better idea…

Old World Charm. We drove around the main town called Mambajao /’mam-‘ba-‘hao/ -- old colonial houses with dates etched on them... 1921, 1933, 1935 --antique houses anyone?! These houses are old and whitewashed. The vintage charm is enchanting. Very Iberian. Very….uhm…just enchanting-- what do you want from me?!

We drove further to find the Ardent Hot Spring (30 Pesos on entry) had lunch – don’t ask me about the food there, I just wanted my burgers – and swam around the small pond with lukewarm water in it. This must’ve been a public bath because some good people are using shampoo and body soap on the pool! Waaaaaaahhhhh! My eyes are stinking! Goddamit!

We got to visit Katibawasan Falls (I’m good with spelling, so there! Take that!)a 250-ft water falls. Looks awesome to someone who never been to Niagara or Venezuela. You need to pay 10 Pesos to get in the compound. A baby monkey will greet you at the gate (I'm not kidding! Don't laugh!). We stayed for like full 3 minutes….

Soaked caskets, anyone? Morgan is on a roll yakking his way through all of us. He wanted to go somewhere else before finding accommodation! Such a genius (read as moron)! We drove straight to the Sunken Cemetery and it’s already almost half past 5! The old Spanish cemetery is now underwater after a volcano (apparently the Big Vulcan) erupted in the 1800s or some era like that.

You won’t see anything except this huge concrete cross in the middle of the water and you can actually hire somebody to paddle you to it. We just opted to have a little chit-chat with the boatman to know the itsy-bitsy details about the place. He said we can snorkel and see the underwater cemetery – who is he kidding? Why would I wanna do that? If I wanna see cemeteries, I’d see a Stephen King movie! Take that!

A Tale of the Vanishing People.
Past 6pm and still driving around the island’s coastal road, we were like entering the twilight zone

Where are the people that we saw earlier merrily walking about? Where are the cow herders? What happened to the old folks carrying the day’s harvest? Why are the shops closing already? Where is that small internet shop we saw earlier?.... Where are the 75,000 inhabitants of this island -- or are they just lying to me? The streets are deserted! Did we miss something? Are they going to bed this early? It’s just fucken 6 in the evening, for christssake!

We gotta find Paras Beach Resort fast! Forget about the clubbing I was dreaming about. We drove westward, found the sign and there it was! It turned out that this place is adjacent to the white sand beach that we saw on the flyers….we checked in, freshen up, yellow mango shake and all…and we’re ready for a night skinny dipping on the beach…a few minutes later, we fell asleep. Thank god for good air-conditioning!

Got up early in the morning… pushing on the plan of skinny dipping that didn't materialize last night on white sand beach…stormed out of the hotel room….and there it is… black rocks on deep brown sand! What a bugger! As it turned out, we had to take a 10 minute boat ride, pay 400 pesos to the middle of the sea! And finally there it is the most spectacular view of Camiguin Island!

An Island of 7 Volcanoes? Morning sun clearing the mountains dominating the horizon – think Lost World – a better description of the spectacular view I’ve seen. (Or just fucken look at the picture on the left, gosh!)

Speaking of volcanoeswhere the hell is it?—a local man pointed each and every volcano on the horizon stating their respective names and all. He also added that only one of ‘em is still active – Mount Hibok-Hibok.

It got me all excited….So, what now? How active is it, really? Can somebody fucken prove it to me? – I wanna see lava flows, I wanna see burning rocks, I wanna see people running for their lives, ashes and all! – where is it? Hey! We don’t have volcanoes in Thailand. Show me why it’s called a volcano and don’t just stand there! PLEASE, somebody! Dammit! --No matter how hard I tried to provoke the locals…they weren’t able to prove that all those mounds that look like ordinary mountains to me are actually-- a volcano! Pffft!

The White Sand Bar. No, it’s not a club or a gogo bar. It’s actually what they were referring to as the white beach on the flyers! I felt I was cheated. Didn’t they say it’s white sand “beach”? Why are we 2 km away from the shore?*eyes rolling*

Anyway, this sand bar is actually an atoll obviously. No coconut trees, no blue grass, no nothing. Just as we all wanted – pure white sand, tons of it. Bugger! But I enjoyed my 4 hour soaking there. Me and my buddies have to go to the farthest part of the sand bar so we can sun bathe “naked”. We didn’t wanna offened the locals. Tourists come and go. Lots of small motor-boats bring the people back and forth. Most of them won’t stay more than 30 minutes – as I observed, they hated the sunshine. They don't wanna get dark and all? They all come with towels covering themselves head to foot! Huge sunglasses and all. Hilarious! Why are they afraid of the sun? I really don’t understand.

Somebody said to me that we should've come on November for the Lanzones (Long Kong in Thai) Festival...huh? We're already here what do you want from us?

Camiguin Island....Born of Fire.
Yeah whatever, we're out of here tomorrow.


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