Thursday, April 12, 2007


Continuing with my claim that Eurasians are the best looking and a perfect specimen of the human's another treat for you.

This is ARI WIBOWO, a Indonesian-German celebrity doing excellently in the Indonesian movie industry. Born on 26 December 1970 in Berlin, started as a model before he became one of Indonesia's biggest star. Ari is also a recording artist a Taekwondo master.

Mixed blood people are called "Indo" in Indonesia. Most advertising agencies use them to create a cosmopolitan image to local establishments. Ari is also well known and highly visible on television with soaps he starred in. Most Indonesians will say that he is much much better looking on screen than on pictures which is quite ironic as Ari started his career as a photo model. Anyway, there is no doubt he is indeed gorgeous!

Ladies...dinner is

Ari is currently active in advocating a Drug Free Indonesia, to save his country's youth. Truly a noble deed of him. One of Indonesia's top stars and absoloutely one of the most attractive & hottest man in SE Asia.

Who says a man who never take off his clothes for the camera can't be sexy? --You're wrong! Go to your room! LOL. And by the way, sorry girls, he just recently got married. :-(




He looks like KC Montero, a Fil-American who used to veejay for MTV Asia.

MischMensch said...

I want I want! :(

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