Wednesday, May 09, 2007

PERFECT SPECIMEN: Christina Aguilar คริสติน่า อากีล่าร์

This lovely and talented woman perfectly fits the category. Eurasians are the perfect specimen of the human race. Thailand’s one and only Dance Diva…

Christina Aguilar (no, there’s no “e” on the last name) is the only female in Thai music history to surpass the 1 million sold albums mark. She’s also a model for top designers in the country. Christina is aptly called the only "Dance Diva of Thailand".

Christina can fill a stadium with tens of thousands of Thais and she’s not even Thai or half-Thai herself. Christina is Filipino-French. Virtually unknown in her native Philippines, Christina is one of Thailand’s biggest superstars. See her perform in one of her sold out concerts… 

Tina, as her fans fondly calls her, was born on 31 October and spent much of her growing years in France. Her private life is not usually open to the public. This is how Thais respect people with such great talent.

I went to dinner in a posh pub down Ladprao Road with my friends. After dinner, down at the parking lot, I saw Toby (my Filipino-American friend) talking to a tall, gorgeous lady so I hovered in to investigate. As I came closer, it struck me right there! I was like ugh! Unable to move, speechfuckenless! The tall, gorgeous lady said goodbye, looked at me, smiled and left.

Toby was like “…duh! River! What the fu** happened to you, dude?!”

I was like “huh?...dude! I can’t feel a thing. Am I dead?”

He was like “…fu** you! Let’s get outta here, man! Where’s the car?”

And I was like “…dude! dude! Do you have any idea who you just talked with?”

And he was like “whadda fu**?!...nope! Just being friendly...what?”

And I was like “fu** you dude! That was Christina Aguilar! OMFG BIGTIME!”

And Toby was like “…yeah, whatever. Let’s go.
This dude didn’t have a clue that he just made it to heaven and back.



conan_cat said...

well i'm malaysian and i don't know about her though... but she sure does look hot :P

and ur friend sure is a bit slow XD lmfao... talked to a star and he didn't even know it.

newayz i'm impressed at your command of languages, i scrolled down and i see you posting in english, french and... japanese??? whoa! you're real cool man! :D

nice blog!! i'm gonna stick here a lot soon :P

River for BiSEAN said...

Thanks for dropping by Conan Cat. Malaysia is my third home but if I retire when I'm old...I'll choose KL -- the City of Chic People.

I was checking your profile. You run 3 blogs? That's cool!

Somchai-yo! said...

I also heard she is super rich! Wow! Too bad that pirates are killing the careers of talented people. So please, don't buy pirated CD. Keep our music industry alive.

travelphilippines said...

what is she doin in thailand send em back to the philippines hehehe. she is soo hot...

nikki said...

omg! i didnt know she's actually filipino...

well, i might as browse her from now in YT... :-)

i gotta spread this in filipino forum... :D

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