Friday, May 11, 2007


Max Loong is a former VJ with MTV Asia. He joined the music TV channel which is known to hire only beautiful and gorgeous Eurasians & biracial, in March 2006. Before joining them, Max used to be the ONLY VJ in Switzerland with VIVA. He was on a holiday in Singapore when MTV Asia audaciously pirated his "services".

Max was born on 8 March 1980. He is Swiss-Malaysian. When Max was 3 years old... his Swiss father and Malaysian mother moved to Zurich and brought him along (of course, what do you think? He was just 3, for christssake!). He started his tv career at 19 in Switzerland and is currently pursuing a career in the movies over there. He recently did a Swiss movie called “Breakout”. See the trailer of this movie here -- but don't expect to see him in there (but I swear he is in that movie!)

Met this guy once in a club in Singapore sometime last year. He was with another lady VJ from MTV Asia. I was with my fu**buddy, a girl named Lindsey (not her real name for obvious reasons). Lindsey fancied the lady VJ and doing all her best to lure her to bed with us for a night of steaming hot 3-some. I kinda fancied her too. And I was hoping that that lady VJ would bring along Max for a more twisted hot night!

Exchanged small talks and a couple of vodka bottles later… we lost the couple with a group of over zealous fans. How did they get in anyway? Huh! It must’ve been a great chance to write about it and brag, brag, brag on the Internet! Dang those fans!

See him action in his VJing days here, here, here, and here.

Another Eurasian. Another perfect specimen of the human kind.
I'm outta here. Take that!



Ea said...

i have the same birthday as Max's.. :) sweet!!

Anonymous said...

Blessed with exotic looks, Max was born in Malaysia to a Swiss mum and a Chinese-Malaysian dad, hence the Chinese surname!

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