Tuesday, September 25, 2007


This one's for Manami. :-)

Too beautiful to be true -- but he is real!

Daniel Phillip Henney is a famous model and actor in Korea. He was born to an American of British descent father and a Korean mother on 28 November 1979 in Carson City, Michigan.

Daniel attended college on scholarship through his talents in basketball but eventually gave it up to venture into the lucrative modeling industry in 2001. He got his first modeling job in Korea then Taiwan, Hong Kong, Italy and France.

He was already an established supermodel before making his acting debut in 2005. He also won an acting award on the same year.

More of Daniel's photos here...

Eurasians are the hottest people on Earth.


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Oh, hubby's gonna love this one.

Yñaki said...

ai, diomio! que simpatico. no?

재미 said...

aww how nice. ^^

Actually i aint that big a fan of his though i think he's very goodlooking. I can think up some other Eurasians like

- Tsuchiya Anna
- Wentz Eiji
- angela aki
- Kim Isak
- Amerie

uhh yeah..

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Misterhubs...I think you kinda look like him!...Uhm...I'll retract that...people would be emailing me again asking how you look like. LOL

@ Manami...thanks. I'll look at 'em soon.

@ Ynaki...joder tio! Como esta? Dime un email! Tengo una "scoop"!

mark said...

He is gorgeous and the die for (i'm in heaven and back).

@Pisanu...Why many Korean guys are so adorable, likable and handsome in a cute manly way? Oh Japanese guys too... hahaha

I will be a total serial monogamous guy if he commits to me. Lol... (my dirty imagination is working now) hmmm.

ohmski said...

he did well in Kim Sam Soon

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