Thursday, October 25, 2007


BISEAN’S Ode to one of the best recording artists
that ever came out of Southeast Asia.

Mutya was born Rosa Isabel Mutya Buena in London, England on 21 May 1985. Her father is a Filipino (Bicolano) and her mother is Irish-Chinese-Spanish. She quickly rose to fame as a member of the British award-winning, world music phenomenon – Sugababes.

Mutya is a songwriter too. After leaving Sugababes in December 2005, she launched a solo career. She also set up a MySpace profile to kick start it and she used to chat and corresponds with her MySpace friends. *including me!* I used to send her digital postcards that say: “Thailand loves Mutya” and I didn’t stop until she noticed it. LOL. I was very upset when my favorite song “Addiction” didn’t make it to her first solo album last June. *sigh*

Mutya’s latest works are collaborations with MC Viper, the diva George Michael *pun intended*, Amy Winehouse, the legendary Groove Armada and some other cool artists. “Real Girl” is the title of her first solo album and reached The UK Album Chart at No.10 and remained in the Top 40 for 3 weeks. Her new single "Just a Little Bit" was released 3 days ago!

This gorgeous, talented lady came from our region. She has penetrated the tough world of Western recording through her own talents.

"Song 4 Mutya" video by Groove Armada

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*start rant* WHAT??? No support from Southeast Asian bloggers? I never saw her on any Filipino blog at all! Are we just waiting for her to get really famous and ride on her credit? -- Like saying: “Oh she’s from here! She’s from here! She is this and that! We are proud of her!” --- Pfft!

Support Mutya as early as now! Feature her on your blog and don’t just stand there!*end of rant*

Mutya’s Official Website
Mutya’s MySpace

Some of Mutya's pics here...

Eurasians are the hottest people on Earth.



carl said...

The links to Mutya's website and myspace profile don't work....

Anonymous said...

err,hehehe, yes she is one great pinoy int'l singer in d likes of EPol (black eyed peas), billy crawford, and lead singer of pussycat dolls.

Go go go Mutya (translation a Fair Maiden of a place, eg Mutya ng Pasig)

Fable Frog said...

OH! i have been a fan of them since overload and i love Mutya's solo efforts... but i never knew she was half Pinoy~!! hehe guess i didn't dig deep into their background!

eyron said...

she's been featured on abs-cbn togethe with other pinoy blood, making noise in their respective field.

The Zen Bitch said...

i've been a sugababes fan since they came up with 'overload', more so when i learned of hey pinoy lineage. sugababes is like the reincarnation of bananarama. i love them! i also love her solo record. the first single, referencing lenny kravitz's "it ain't over till it's over" is so funky. will write about mutya in the future, the way i did for another favorite, amy winehouse.

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

Oh no, Pisanu. She's actually popular here in the Philippines.

Reyville of Simply Manila said...

But u know, thousands of musicians exist here.

Frank Winehouse said... - unoficial

MischMensch said...

She should be Mutya Bueno! *gg*

Jase said...

I've been loving her music since they first released overload. And loved her more when she went solo. I even posted her demo tracks on my blog when it was leaked. Hehehe

I would die to see the original Sugababes together again, Mutya, Siobhan & Keisha. Maybe even release a single? hihi How I wish!

Mutya is Love :)

Anonymous said...

Mutya Buena will be on Big Brother UK! Read more here.

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