Monday, October 08, 2007


Who says one should take off his shirt to be sexy?

Willy is a very well known Thai actor. He was born Reungrit McIntosh on 4 April 1970 to a Thai mother (Yupaporn) and a Scotsman father (William). He is the older brother (and the only sibling) of Kathaleeya, another Thai superstar previously featured on BISEAN’s Perfect Specimen series.

Willy went to the University of Michigan and graduated in 1993 as an Aerospace Engineer. Why he never became a pilot is a story nobody knows. Today, Willy is one of Thailand’s most recognizable faces – the man with the perfect complexion.

As he is one of Thailand's pioneer Eurasian superstars, he was featured on Time Magazine's The Great Eurasian Invasion article.

More of his pics here...

Eurasians and Biracials are the perfect specimen of the human kind.


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Tore said...

Yummy too! Pretty face huh?! He would come very nice with the Tom Yum post. Let me try him too. Tonight, if possible please.

MischMensch said...

Oh baby, can I rip that shirt off? You got me all weird all over LOL

Anonymous said...

UGH.. He looks like a raving homo in those photos. Probably is!

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