Wednesday, March 28, 2007

PERFECT SPECIMEN: Christopher Friel

The first who made it to the featured bi-racial dudes and babes series!

CHRISTOPHER FRIEL is a Filipino-American doing excellently in the modeling scene in the Philippines and Los Angeles. Won a handful of male pageants (*eyes rolling) and getting really visible in the advertising industry.

Now tell me he's not hot and I say f*** you! LOL. Just kiddin'. Tell me what do you think of him on the comment section and don't just pass by in and out my blog without saying hi. :-)HERE'S MORE OF HIS PICS...

You know the on image for a larger...uhmmm...pic! :-)

There is going to be a series of posts here featuring "bi-racial" dudes and babes (yes! Girls included!) in Southeast Asia. Keep checking my blog for more of these HOT HOT dudes and babes!...Enjoy (as I did!)

You want to come back for more. I know.


Take that!


Kit said...

oh my he is hot. i like him more in the subsequent pics you have of him. he looks a bit chunky which translates to just my type. grrr.. hot. anymore pics of him? think i need a cold shower now. ha ha

AJ said...

Eurasian are, hands-down, the hottest men on earth! yummy yummy !

Anonymous said...

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