Tuesday, April 17, 2007

ROAD TO CLOUD 9: The Attempt

Surfing is something I do for.....uhmm....for, uhmm....ok, it's just something that I do! There. Take that! We got quite a few places to go surfing here in Southeast Asia artificially or natural. But there's a place that's making news around the world that is right at our own backyard!

Siargao Island *harps on cue*... that tiny little island off the coast of Mindanao in the Philippines. It's supposedly a secret place for the best and the mundane surfer community of the world but hey, all secrets would be uncovered eventually thanks to our human nature -- being such a big mouth ass***** as we all are. It's also a treat to Southeast Asian surfers because we don't need a fu***** visa to go there! (Eat your heart out Laos!).

I heard about this place like around 3 years ago from a friend of a friend of a friend. News buzzed through the Thai hip community who are used to taking a trip to far, far away Hawaii and the news lingered. I didn’t paid much seriousness to it because when I was living in the Philippines 8 years ago, I didn’t hear anything about this place.

Anyways, this is a picture taken by the great Kage Goyun that made me decide to embark into this great adventure:

You wouldn’t think this is just around the corner, would you? Awesome!

This is our village map. Here's the plan….

I WON'T be booking anything with a travel agent. I would attempt to go there on my own wits; with just my tanning oil, a backpack, my laptop and my ever trusty American Express card (huh! As if!), and just in case I got bored, I'll bring along my GameBoy. There. Take that!...Ah! of course, my Billabong Surfboard! Jeez! How can I forget that?!

I just thought I have to endure suffering and reward myself by reaching this place.

Come and join my quest for paradise…..



I'll be picking up my hooligan friends along the, I have to pass by 2 other cities before crossing the seas.

COMING UP: Picking up the Hoodlums in KL


AJ said...

have fun in siargao!

Morgan Heritier said...

You've finally fucken announced it. It's kinda gay. So fucken gay! Meet up at the airport. Tommy and hot Sofia coming along.

honey buns said...

While in Manila, it would be best not to wave around your mobile fones guys. It would surely be snatched from you! Beware!!!!!!!!!

Kuku said...

Oh this would be cool!!!! Count me in. I'll definitely monitor this little adventure of yours. Have fun and bring a lot of condoms. lol.

Ea said...

when you get to Manila, don't forget to drop by Absinthe, Prince of Jaipur or Embassy @ The Fort.. for beaches, nothing beats Boracay & diving spots at Apo Reef. enjoy our island!!

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