Sunday, May 27, 2007

SHOW ME THE MONEY! Miss Universe 2007

It's betting season again! Miss Universe this time. Any big event is a money making opportunity for me and my friends. A few weeks ago I won a couple of hundreds when I bet on Serbia at the Eurovision 2007. Was it sweet or what?

Pisanu, Morgan, Tommy and me pooled our monies together for fun and reached $2,000 ($500 each). This is the amount we are prepared to lose and we have just put it all in at and here's our bet;

SERBIA: We just thought a blonde would win this year and she's the best of them all. We placed $300 on her. Odds: 25 (I know, I know it's not too good)

KOREA: We're not pageant experts but we know beautiful when we see one. We placed $300 on her. Odds: 15.

According to a source, Miss Universe almost always pick the one with lots of character. Well, it's GREECE for us and we placed $300 on her. Odds: 9.

It's our money and we're gonna bet on whoever we like. We placed $300 on THAILAND because we know something you don't.

We're pretty sure VENEZUELA would be on the finals so she got better chances than most of them. Her and Korea got the best bodies so we placed $350 on her, just to be safe. Odds: 6.

Although we know a booby girl would have slim chances, we thought her age and personality would push her to the finals -- duh! Who are we kidding?-- the real reason is...somebody gave us a tip on BRAZIL. We place $450 on her too. Odds 11.

So, there it is. Our Miss Universe 2007 BETS (real betting, mind you) on Tuesday.
And don't give us those "why is she not there?" or "why is she in there?" non-sense.

It's our money.


--by Sofia


Adriana said...

You should have bet all your money to Miss Philippines and Miss Malaysia! Sure win!

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