Wednesday, June 20, 2007

BLOGGING: The New MySpace?

Exactly 55 days ago on the 26th of April, Misterhubs (my premiere blogmate) “tagged” this blog with "Four Play"– a perfunctory chain mail meant to reveal personal infos about a blogger. I politely declined and Misterhubs was graceful enough to understand.

And just today, another “tag” came from one of our closest links – Kit of The Asian Exhibit with his “Eight is Enough". It has the same mechanics but this time it has more requirements –8!

I just thought that this chain mail thing is sooo MySpace and would expose much information about the blogger in one posting. Isn't it that the main essence of a blog is to discover and reveal these infos through the course of the journal? You get my point?

So, anyway-- to show that I’m a good sport AND before another “tagging” comes with more “exposing” questions, I decided to complete the cycle and end it right here, if you don’t mind.

You really wanna know intimate details about me?

Four Jobs I've Had:
1. I never worked in my entire life.
2. I don’t have to work.
3. I don’t like to work.
4. I think you got the point already.

Four Movies I've watched Over and Over:
1. Centro do Brasil (Central Station)
2. Bishonen
3. Fight Club
4. The Talented Mr. Ripley

Four Places I've Lived:
1. Brussels (born)
2. Madrid (educated and raised)
3. Paris
4. 9 cities in Asia in the last 10 years

Four TV Shows I Like To Watch:
2. The Amazing Race
3. Dexter’s Lab on Cartoon Network
4. Sorpresa, Sorpresa on Television Espanola.

Four Places I've Been On Vacation in the past 60 days;
1. Mindanao, Philippines
2. Phuket
3. Kuala Lumpur
4. Saigon

Four Places I Would Rather Be Right Now:
1. On a plane to Kathmandu.
2. Our house in Fuenlabrada, Madrid.
3. With my friends in Kuala Lumpur.
4. Siargao Island, Philippines

Four People Who I would like to know more about;
1. Matt of The Lost Boy
2. Oboids
3. Sanne
4. Wendy

From Kit of the Asian Exhibit, 20th June 2007 --List 8 things about yourself. At the end of the post, tag and link to 8 other people. Leave a comment at those sites, letting them know they’ve been tagged, and asking them to come read the post so they know what to do. – I’m gonna go through with it BUT will not pass it on, ok?

8 Things You Don't Know About Me:

1. My main sports are Muay Thai and sprint swimming.

2. The names of all my exes (girlfriends & boyfriends) are all tattooed on the right side of my back – to remind me of how foolish and stupid I was. Argh!

3. I puke whenever I see a glass of milk.

4. I fancy a girl with a boyfriend – the thought stealing them from their boyfriends excites me. Success rate: 98%

5. I fancy a boy with a girlfriend – seducing them away from their girlfriends challenges me. Success rate: 85%

6. I have hazel-green eyes. I put on dark brown contact lenses to conceal the real color of my eyes to look more MACHO! Haha!

7. I never wear underwear all my life.

8. Measurements: 190cm (6’3”), 48.4 (14), 24cm (9.5”) Ha! Take that!

There, infos you might wanna know about the primary author of this blog – ME!
I feel naked nowso get off me and I’ll see you tomorrow.

Take that!



Baklang AJ said...

Commando eh? Number 8...Interesting facts there... hmmmm. hahahaha. Okay, okay we'll get off you! hahaha

And about tagging, I've been a "victim" and a perpetrator of this tagging thing for more than 2 years now...not on Myspace or Friendster but on my personal blog. But I try to avoid answering tags on my bakla blog, as much as I can.

Sanne Dee said...

Wooooo! Me eh, really?

Anyway, you've made a very good point there about knowing a person through reading what they write.
These tagging thingy makes it look like a speed dating criteria, doesn't it?

I've also noticed that everytime I visit your blog, the stats are soaring tremendously! You should make a killing out from those online ads.

Have an awesome time in Vietnam!

Anonymous said...

Just Wicked! and as for the 9.5" you made my eyes water and I have not even met you "YET"

aries said...



9.5"! Pisanu, you're gonna get a lot of fanmail for this. Hehe.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@AJ...yeah, Misterhubs said the Fourplay came from you! lol. What commando?

@Sanne...yup! You sound clever and interesting in your blog. Yeah, we got a lot of attention nowadays -- and I'm loving it. And about the ads, nope, we don't have those yet.

@Steve, Aries and Misterhubs...hmmm, I knew one way or the other the last part of this post would ruin the whole entry. Or maybe not.

Women I dated seems to be delighted with my (y'know). But with men, some of them are a little turned off...because they are NOT men enough to take it. LOL

frostfire said...

Just gotta ask. if the 6'3 is the height and the 9.5 is the lenght of the yknowhat, what's the 14 ? the diameter?

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

my shoe size

frostfire said...

Hmmm.... then I suppose it's true what they say about guys that have big shoes. That's why Ronald McDonald is so happy, Thanks for clearing it up. lol

laine said...

waah i cnt help but laught at those comments...makes me think n wonder of something hehehe

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