Sunday, May 13, 2007


Hello everybody! Sofia again for Bi.S.E.A.N.
This blogging thing is fokkin trouble! I really don't understand why people even bother to do it. But since I'm doin this for my baby Pisanu, ok let's go along with it. Faen.

I was out shopping today for a new pair of shoes to commemorate Serbia's Eurovision triumph. And while I was out, I see myself thinking and scouting for anything interesting to post on this blog. Are all bloggers experiencing this? Even if we're not even sure if anyone or anything care about what we write here? I hate myself to even care and worry what things to blog here! Fede pis!

If this is the case, well, I think I'm going to turn this blog into a shopping blog. Because that's what I do best! And if my baby Pisanu isn't back in time to save this blog from me, it's his problem. As somebody commented, I am doing a great job messing this blog. Ja!

That's enough intro already...

This is Gaysorn Plaza, where the Republic of Eurasia (our group) mostly hang around and meet for afternoon teas. If you have been to Bangkok, I'm sure you've seen this one. If not, better get your ass over here and check it out.

Gaysorn Plaza is not for the office workers, sales people (unless they work here), call center moonies or alike. This is where you find the top of the line shops like Aigner, LOUIS VUITTON!, Gaultier, Zegna etc. This is also where top Thai designers showcase their fabulous creations!

Anybody who shows up with cash is frowned upon and people who ask the price is discreetly laughed at.

Gaysorn Plaza is located in Bangkok's posh shopping area called Rachaprasong. Where you can also find Central World Plaza, Siam Paragon, Siam Discovery, Erawan Plaza, etc. This is also where Thailand do it's New Year countdown like Times Square in New York.

And when you're here, don't forget to check out Bar Italia. Superb pasta dishes! Superb wine and this is where me and my group meet all the time. So if you wanna catch us, this is where you go and say hello.

I think this is enough for today. See you all later!

And by the way, for that girl who was asking if Pisanu is my boyfriend, YES! You got a problem with that bitch? Knep dig selv.


Anonymous said...

but...but...Sofia, River is gay. Oh well.


Sofia for BiSEAN said...

But we are NOT faggots like YOU, Miki -- how do you feel to be judged now? Huh? I call you a faggot, Miki. But I don't know you. Bad, isn't it?

The problem with fugly people like you Miki is you think everybody is gay. Because your a lonely, miserable soul. It's people like you who try to deny the existence of bisexuality. I am bisexual myself. And I am proud of it.

If you are a man, oh well, of course you're not...if you're not a coward, you would leave a link to get back to you.

No respect to people like you, sorry to say. You may claim to yourself that you are happy. But you go home every night...lonely. Hahahahahahaha. Poor you.

Pietrie said...

Good one Sofia. LOL. I am almost certain where that first comment came from. LOL. Pathetic little sould indeed. I want to judge Miki too. But well, we are not as low as him. He could hide whoever he is, but that's what a bottom-feeder do! LOL.

morgan heritier said...

thats if his name is really mikki...check your'll find out! these people. fokken closed minded ignorants!

hey sofia! any hot eurasians posted here yet?

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

No worries. I already know who he is. But if he think I'm going to go to his blog, never mind. I won't make his hits advance to 5!

Hej Morgan, one Eurasian coming up! From River's drafts.Jajajajaja!

googoosh said...

This string is hilarious! That Miki must be one of those call center moonies who has a blog. I am very sure. lol. i can't stop laughing! god!

MischMensch said...

Lol what does shopping has to do with River being gay? Whoops I said it. Desolee! Nice LV shoes!

MischMensch said...

OMG Sof how vulgar! She was just asking, not fokking him

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