Thursday, June 21, 2007


It's raining outside and I'm trapped here in my hotel room with my dates last night -- the Vietnam Airlines stewardess and the male model we met at QBar. They are dosing as of press time, so I ordered room service and thought of adding this entry for the day.

When I was a little kid, we used to draw a big sun with a big smile on the ground when it’s a cloudy day. My grandparents said it would make the rain go away and what do you know? – It always works! Unbelievable, but it does!

Now, I can’t draw a big sun with a big smile in the middle of Le Lai Street, can I? The concierge down the lobby said there’s a possibility of a rainy weekend so what am I to do? – throw a party up here in my hotel room? There's so much things to do outside and I didn't come here for the lay (me, lying to my teeth) I wanna see culture, smell spices in the streets of Saigon and meet strangers -- ooops! Done that!

Nevertheless, once these two beautiful creatures wake up – I’m heading to Ben Thanh Market and let’s see what (or who haha!) I can bring home tonight. *sigh* Rainy days and Thursdays always gets me down (--eat your heart out Karen! LOL) Wish me luck.

--Pisanu in Saigon


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