Friday, June 08, 2007

WHASSUP: The Colors of Malaysia 2007

Colours of Malaysia is a celebration of the sights, sounds and colours of Malaysia. This will end my 10 days visit to this wonderful country because they promise that this will be a truly memorable party.

The event will take place in the new city of Putrajaya with the stunning Palace of Justice as its backdrop celebrating the architecture and progress that has propelled Malaysia into the 21st Century.

The theme for this year’s celebration is ‘Millions of Colours, Millions of Smiles’. The large-scale performance will bring together thousands of performers, musicians, puppeteers and dancers from all over Malaysia. Sounds fun, isn't it?

The spectacular celebration will showcase the wonderful diversity of Malaysian life and culture through traditional and contemporary dance, puppetry, live music, state-of-the-art lighting sound and PIGI projection.

The theatrical presentation in front of the Palace of Justice will be combined with a vibrant colourful parade along the central boulevard of Putrajaya. This wonderful celebration will culminate in a spectacular fireworks display. -- This is what I really came for here (aside from the casinos in Genting). I'm a sucker for fireworks!

You still have 2 days to catch this celebration. This is when Air Asia, Cebu Pacific and Tiger Air come in handy, doesn't it?

Wanna come? Book your flights here: Tiger Air, Air Asia, Cebu Pacific




Sanne Dee said...

I've been living so near to Malaysia (& my mum was a Malaysian) yet I haven't been to many of its cities. I should make a visit to this gem soon. I'm sure it won't disappoint! :)

By the way, I realised that the Chinese characters on your background actually means "Do not stand on ceremony". It's a reply when someone thank you. :)

Have a fantabulous weekend, guys!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@Sanne, you too Sanne. Have a great weekend.

We checked the Chinese characters already. Yeah, for some reason, it roughly says "welcome" or somethin' like that. We changed it to She-she ni! :-)

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