Friday, July 13, 2007


BISEAN has recently posted an article on the new blog United SEA. It was created by a sensible blogger from the Philippines wanting to do his little contribution of cleaning up and rid of the networking shit the blogosphere has become.

Khalel, of the inspirational Khalelian Blog “Hush and Listen
is the brainchild of this project. He also sensibly included the move to unite Southeast Asian bloggers and in turn create a blogging bloc that we can truly call our own. This is on noble grounds so BISEAN is all out to support it.

Isn’t it about time to unite our region’s sensible and responsible bloggers? Under one umbrella: Southeast Asia.

The youths of Thailand, Laos and Cambodia is getting more Japanese. The Philippines is still too American. Singapore and Malaysia, whether they admit it or not, are still very Commonwealth-y. Indonesians tend to look more westernized in views. We all look to other non-SE Asians for inspirations and style.

Isn’t it time to be the other way around?



Arunny Chantou said...

this is a very good project. i visited the new blog already.

Tongkat Ali said...

Pisanu, readers without blog cannot leave a comment there. So I'll comment on your article here.

Yes, our region is very fragile. Our ancient animosities can easily surface anytime with just one bad move by one country. And it's very scary.

Are you familiar with these animosities?

Dan Gabriel said...

a very admirable effort. i sincerely hope much will come of it. here's to all the better bloggers of the world (of which there seems to be so few).

khalel said...

river, thanks. It feels good that you are with me in this.... I Know together with the rest of the SEA blogger somehow we cantake that little step forward.

Cheer to all SEA Bloggers!

tongkat, ill attend to that. Thanks!

aries said...

ooohh i like, i like! ;)

aries said...

oooohh i like, i like! ;)

*i like the idea.

laine said...

thanks for posting the link...yup too bad no space for readers like us...muahhh

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

*** Guys...let me introduce, LAINE -- our little sister in the Philippines....Say hi Laine, don't be shy.***

@ Khalel...good thing you put rules on the new blog. I was actually a bit embarrassed posting mine first before the rules. Hahahaha.

Anyway, I got lots of ideas to post there. I plan to post eeveryday BUT I can't do that, can I. I don't want it to look like a BISEAN 2 Blog. Oh my! No!

I'll wait for other's (and you) to post your stuff first. :-)

laine said...

hei pisanu..thanks a lot muahh to you
hi to everyone...also thanks to you khalel...we need people like you nowadays to remind the world out there that sea is kicking hott hehehe muahh to you too

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