Monday, August 20, 2007


Aside from the usual weekend parties and brutal hang-overs, I spent my spare time reading and replying emails from our readers. We got a record of 26 emails last Sunday alone, all reacting to one issue. This gotta be the most-reacted-upon (hated?) BISEAN post.

I said it and I’m gonna say it again:The Tallest Mountain in Southeast Asia is NOT Mt. Kinabalu.” – it’s Hkakabo Razi in Burma. I hate to burst your bubbles, but this is the truth. There. Take that!

I think it doesn’t take a genius to tell if 5,881 meters is HIGHER than 4,094 meters. Even if we convert it in “feet”the result is still the same. Unless the Education Minister in your country got other ideas. Mt. Kinabalu is not even the 2nd tallest, nor the 3rd, nor the 4th! It's the 5th tallest and there would be other mountains joining the list after this years' survey in Burma and Indonesia. I don't think Mt. Kinabalu could still hang on to No. 5.

One reader is challenging this blog to produce references pertaining to these measurements. *Well dude, if you are an internet-savvy blogger as you claim you are, I think you are familiar with “Google search”? Ha!* Now that I have given you pointers to research, 10 minutes of your precious time would be well worth it instead of blogging idiotic accusations and making yourself sound foolish.

Now, if this is not enough; email me again and I will forward you the numbers of ALL Geological Survey Offices including the Chief Officers' names of ALL ASEAN countries for you to call. Tell them Pisanu sent youhow’s that?

The tallest mountain in Southeast Asia is Hkakabo Razi in Burma.

It's 1,787 meters higher than the tallest mountain we THOUGHT all along.

There! Take that!


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travelphilippines said...

nothing wrong with it... just be proud we are all from southeast asia wether thats in burma or in malaysia cnsider that as ours.

Anonymous said...

yea, we are proud. still the highest or tallest mountain in the world is Mt. Everest. in Tibet. still its Asian.

Anonymous said...

Have you climbed those mountain? Please go climb and take many photos. Appreciated that.

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