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For most of us, when we hear the word “stadium”, it only means one thing – the most beautiful game in the world – football! Most of our stadiums are home to our beloved football clubs. But our stadiums, of course, are not only used for football matches.

Southeast Asia’s stadiums are at par with the world. We got hundred thousand sitting capacity, state-of-the-art facilities and we proudly showcase them to boast that we are capable of hosting international meets. Needless to say, our stadiums are tokens of our national and regional pride.

Here are the largest stadiums in Southeast Asia:

1. Bukit Jalil National Stadium*
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Total Capacity: 100 200 / Built: 1998
Home of Malaysia National Football Team

2. Bung Karno Stadium**
Jakarta, Indonesia
Total Capacity: 100,000+/ Built: 1962

Sepang F1 Circuit

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Total Capacity: 80 000 / Built: 1999

4. Shah Alam Stadium
Shah Alam, Malaysia
Total Capacity: 69 372
Home of Selangor FA

5. Rajamangala Stadium
Bangkok, Thailand
Total Capacity: 65 000
Home of Thailand National Football Team

Stadium of Singapore
Total Capacity: 55 000 / Built: 1973

Phnom Penh National Olympic Stadium

Phnom Pehn, Cambodia
Total Capacity: 50 000
Home of Khemara FC

7. Lagaligo Stadium
Kota Palopo, Indonesia
Total Capacity: 50 000
Home of Gaspa Palopo


My Dinh National Stadium, Hanoi, Vietnam

Yangon Bogyoke Aung San Stadium, Rangoon, Burma

Hang Jebat Stadium, Malacca, Malaysia

Jakabaring Stadium, Palembang, Indonesia
Home of Sriwijaya FC

Negeri Pulau Pinang Stadium, Penang, Malaysia

Jalak Harupat Soreang Stadium, Bandung, Indonesia
Home of Persikab

Sarawak Stadium, Kuching, Malaysia
Home of Sarawak FA

Medan Teladan Stadium, Medan Jaya, Indonesia

Stadium Merdeka, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

DBI Stadium, Perak, Malaysia
Home of Perak FA

The largest stadium in Brunei is the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in Bandar Seri Begawan, total capacity is 30 000 spectators. The largest in the Philippines is the José Rizal Memorial Stadium in Manila, built in 1934 and can accommodate 30 000 people. The Vientiane National Stadium with a total capacity of 18 000 is the largest in Laos. The largest stadium in East Timor is Dili National Stadium which can accommodate 5 000 people.

****Bukit Jalil Stadium has different capacity figures in different sources. Upon contacting their office, it is verified at 100 200 sitting capacity. **Bung Karno Stadium has the “unofficial” title as the largest in SE Asia. But upon contacting their office, they are not able to verify the exact figure.



markymd said...

In the Philipines, the Jose Rizal Memorial Stadium is our NATIONAL Stadium and part of the Jose Rizal Memorial Sports Complex. It was renovated in 1954 for the Manila staging of the Asiad. It was the largest and the most modern stadium in South East Asia in the 1950s!!!! Philippines was one of the richest countries in Asia then, second to Japan.

I must admit, we Filipinos are a big bunch of losers in this category... we dont even have a stadium we could be proud of for the hosting of the 2005 SEA Games... Imagine, we held the opening and closing ceremonies at the Quirino GRANDSTAND!!! Embarassing! Hopefully, by its hosting of the SEA Games in 2019, we can boast a national stadium of international standards... But for now, we could only settle for the pitiful Ninoy Aquino Stadium if not the the Araneta Coliseum!

mahirap maging pinoy

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Markymd...I feel for you dude. I would've expected the largest stadiums from the Philippines because you guys LUUUUUVVVV concerts and everything. But these days, stadiums are statments of football clubs, which the Philippines isn't a big fan of. Basketball in a HUGE stadium is just too lame, isn't it? LOL

Q The Conqueror said...

Lol. We've been warned about that, people keep on telling us again and again "Basketball isn't for you! You're SHORT. Most of you guys don't even reach 5'10 for goodness sake! Go play something where they need people who are fast and small, like... soccer! YEah!" But of course, no one listens and they just import TALL basketball players with skills instead. Hahaha.

markymd said...

i really don't understand why Filipinos keep on dreaming of being great in Basketball... this is not the sport where we will excell... we send our Philippine Team to FIBA and the ABC dreaming of getting an Olympic qualification but we always end as sour losers... that with a funding enough to send gymnasts, boxers, jins, and swimmers to international training. Oh, and imagine, 90% of the basketball players are not even pure Filipinos! talk about national pride! now back to stadium talk... I just hope we will have a new national stadium soon... and win the bid to host the 2018 ASIAD and for the hosting of the 2019 SEA GAMES...


EoNe said...

well..doesn't mean you have good stadiums you will have good team. The facilities are great, but we the ASEANs are not there yet..look at Iraq. Despites all in-country problem, they won the recent conluded Asian Cup ! Most importantly is the mindset and attitude of the people towards sport :)

conan_cat said...

ooo, i never know that bukit jalil is the biggest in SE asia haha... i guess that's something to be proud of? ^^" it was originally built to host the 1998 commenwealth games, now it's the house for a lot of concerts by many superstars :D

aries said...

...and you really called up offices. i salute u for the effort.


Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Q...yeah, but what can we say? Filipinos love basketball. Can't do anything much about it. So eveybody would continue building small courts instead of statement stadiums.

@ Markymd...I would personally suggest Cebu for the ASIAD. Only one city, enough of the multiple city games! LOL

@ Eone...I would most definitely agree with your view on our peoples attitude towards sports. But hey, the countries on the top 7 have the best football team in our region.

@ Conan...yeah, I know how big it is! I practice swimming there too when I'm in KL.

@ Aries...yeas, princess. We always call national offices whenever we put a listing here. How do you think we knew about the Tallest Mountains in SE Asia? -- We called all geological survey offices! It took us 3 weeks to complete the list!

Sanne Dee said...

What an unexpected subject to compare! :) For your info, the National Stadium in Singapore is going to be demolished and will be making way for a Sports Hub which comprises the stadium, a swimming pool and some other arenas.


Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hello's the start of football season so what better way to welcome it? Plus -- KEDAH won the Malaysian Cup! My favorite team in M'sia! Wooohoooo!

Yeah, I heard of the plans to completely refurbish the whole S'pore complex. I would so love to try a new swimming pool!!!!

Sanne Dee said...

It's kinda sad to see it go because I had raced on that track before and it's a piece of Singaporean history! :(

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