Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Perfect Specimens featured from 11 Sept 07 to date.

Alec van Dierendonck
Andre Nielsen
Andrew Puricelli
Ann Thongprasom
Araya A. Hargate

Daniel Henney
Daniel Kenji Matsunaga
Denise Keller
Devon Aoki
Dome Pakorn Lum

Eunice Olsen

Gerald Anderson

Jason Pennings
John Hall

Katreeya English
Kirby Anne Basken
Kristin Kreuk

Marc Nelson
Mark Paul Gooselaar
Maya Karin
Michael Corp Dyrendal
Michelle Branch
Mutya Buena

Nadine Chandrawinata

Petra Verkaik

Raquel Gibson

Sharon Leal
Shirota Yuu
Sririta Jensen

Tata Young
Taya Rogers

Vince Cañizares

William DeVaughn
Willy McIntosh

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Jake Tornado said...

But why is it that I am "grouped" with the Hispanics rather than with Asians everytime I'm in the US? My very "Asian looks" notwithstanding. Oh well, no fool-proof rule applies for all.

curbside_puppet said...

i thought filipinos are classified as "pacific islanders" in the US? sorry for making a mountain out of this anthill!

MischMensch said...

@ Jake Hmmm I think they group Filipinos as Hispanics cos Philippines was a Spanish colony. It might be a possibility

fuzz said...

i just wanna know if they are labeled (thai-american, filipino-french, british-malaysian..bla bla bla) according to their race, parentage or nationality?

Sofia for BiSEAN said...

They are "labeled" (although we don't use that word) as they claim they are.

Fuzz said...

okay... it is just that when you say korean-american it is still unclear to me because "american" is not a race and can be anything. we have all kind of americans here... and so is "malaysian" ... and canadian... and singaporean... coz those are nationalities... not really races..

but sure.. i can see that is is safe to "label" them for what they claim themselves to be, so that it is in relevance with their prerogative to their own identity.

and yeah 'labeled' was not really the ideal word to use but it carries the semantic i was going for...

Sofia for BISEAN said...

I think everybody knows that American is not a race. Listen sweetie, I know you're educated...and so we are. No need to educate us.

You won't believe how much BISEAN knows. We speak a combined 19 languages in the linguistics field alone.

But thanks for the comment, sweetie. Twas nice.

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Bitchin' around again, Sofia? Hahaha! Hello, Fuzz.

Fuzz said...

oh, dear sofia...

i have no intention nor the audacity to educate the people here.... if anything i respect you guys... you guys have a dignified and respectful purpose here.. i absolutely revere the kind of intelligence i see in this blog... i don't doubt it you guys can speak many different languages.. really i don't... This blog is hella rad... no doubt...

i am sorry if my docile comments are easily misconstrued.. my bad then..
i asked for clarification not to educate you but to make sure i myself don't start judging you guys for things i myself misconstrue...

hello, Pisanu.

MischMensch said...

Hmmm I was just wondering what do most Eurasians fill up the "race" column in forms cos I know me and my friends has never written Eurasian or mixed blah blah cos our parents thought us to write something else rather than ticking the "others" column. Now I felt it is a mistake cos it feels that we are neglecting something important

Anonymous said...

i've read somewhere that akihiro sato is your friend and that you would not post anything about him. hope you would change your mind! =)we love akihiro sato!

Schroedinger said...

I suggest you add David Usher to this list...

asher said...

anyway, why not try KAT ALANO. She's Anglo-Filipino model, actress and television presenter. She was educated at Gresham's School, Norfolk, England and at the German Swiss International School, Hong Kong. She lived in Birmingham, England, then in Hong Kong and now in the Philippines where she's having her work. Currently, she is an MTV Philippines' VJ.

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