Monday, October 01, 2007


If you're a Eurasian, Biracial or Hapas and you got a blog -- we are looking for you. It's time for us to unite, be known, share experiences and most of all, PARTY TOGETHER! One big Eurasian Blogger's Convention in Bali, Indonesia on 15 November 2007.

Please contact us through email [bisean at gmail dot com] and we'll give you the details.

Fly to Bali, we'll take care of your 1 week accomodation in a 5-star hotel and a chance to visit the ASEAN Headquarters (pending permission) in Jakarta.

We'll be waiting.

We are only given 30 rooms, so hurry!


***UPDATE 04 Oct: 12 slots left. Flights might be sponsored by a major airline and/or my mom and dad! Just sign up!

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travelphilippines said...

what about Amerasians?

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Travel...Amerasians belong to biracials dude -- they have 2 race. Or if their bloodline is European, then it's Eurasian.

Mark said...

@Pisanu...Lol, if he understand the meaning of the word "biracial" then you dont need to explain.

@Travel...I know its just a slip of memory, chill dude.

Its my first ever comment here. A wonderful blog for SE Asian & the World. Keep it coming!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

Hey Mark! Thanks for the first comment. We appreciate it dude. It's always welcome. Only a few dares to leave comments here, I don't know why. But we got more than 1,200 visitors a day. Funny isn't it?

Are you a blogger too?

mark said...

Thanks for the acknowledgement Pisanu, somewhat a personal touch, few bloggers do that.

Fortunately and unfortunately I am not a blogger like you guys, damn it is a lot of work to keep it interesting and I dont have the time and patience lol...

Well I dont know about that, as long as you have that many visits a day it should be fine, guess some just wants to take a peek on whats happening to all your life, I'm a culprit myself I can say mate lol... but only a few blogs like yours fancy my attention.

Btw do you guys ever work? you seem to be all over the place all the time?

Preyanka said...

Sounds fun:) I'll be partying it up in Hanoi though!

Pisanu for BISEAN said...

@ Mark...nope, I don't work. Read this post:

Sofia part time as a model in Europe although she try so hard to keep it a secret from us. Morgan is a bum -- sucking up all the blood from his mom and dad. The rest of the group don't want to graduate yet because the thought of "working" horrifies them... and me. LOL

@ Preya...hello beautiful. We missed you. How's school going? 3 months to go, yeah? Wooohooo! Master's degree under your belt! =)

diwata said...

I wish I could go. Am busy-busy-busy...

Erick Lau said...

How about half German half Shepherd like me? Nyahahahah! Kidding only lah!

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